Sometimes wearing jeans and returning to a small city might just do the trick

9 May 2011 / By / 14 Comments
Stradivarius Shoes, Levi’s jeans, H&M bag, vintage blouse, vintage jewelry



It was nice to be in Arad, even if it was only for a few hours.

Do you guys remember this street or these buildings?

Here are some Iphone shoots from this short trip.

This is the building right across my apartment, I’m madly in love with it. I secretly dream to move there, but it’s in Arad, so nahhh, this one will remain just a dream. Look at the windows!

Adina will have a baby! So we had to eat lots of sweets ofc...


Andrei’s welcoming surprise

Andddd  because I’m such an idiot and I overslept, here are some glimpses from the train, which took 10 HOURS to arrive to Bucharest!

And these are my new fav earrings which I bought from the flea market! (yes, I was at the flea market, and I plan to go more often. Actually I’m  starting to develop a cult for everything second hand or vintage) maybe it will be just a phase but in the last few weeks I tell you, the prettiest skirts and dresses where not at Zara anymore…They are Snobbish Breakfast or vintage


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  1. I don’t rememeber ever seeing you wearing jeans before 🙂 You look great! You should wear it more often! Ana

  2. Lill says:

    Bine ai revenit in Arad! Huggs!

  3. Rox says:

    i just love your outfit! i don’t enjoy the 80s fashion but this one is lovely!!

  4. Sandra says:

    aww! you’re so cuute! I adore the shoes! <3

  5. Love the red shoes and the site looks awesome.


  6. colorsdiary says:

    i just cannot get used to you in jeans :d


  7. Thank God for small cities!

  8. Sara says:

    Lovely as always! The shoes are so cute and so are you! I think the Snobbish Breakfast’s site/blog looks great but if it’s also meant to be a virtual shop you should give price, fabric, measurements details for every dress, I bet this will help with the orders. Kisses:)

  9. De Vero says:

    Oh imi plac pantodii rosi la nebunie! Iti sta gorge!!

  10. LaReK says:

    Nice to see you in jeans, it’s different! And this one looks so comfortable! Oh, and nice earrings too!


  11. Mizteach says:

    hei ai locuit pe Closca? e una din strazile mele preferate…I would get married to live there…death is just too much :))

  12. Eszter says:

    love the jeans+red high heels combo. Fabulous!

  13. Andrei Iacob says:

    rolled-up jeans are so cool!
    u have a great style, and a pretty blog

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