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16 July 2012 / By / 8 Comments
I case you are wondering, I don’t know, ok? I don’t know why I hold my lips like that. I was making stupid faces in the mirror listening to Irene Cara and feeling like Flashdance’s Jennifer Beals so let’s avoid “the drama!” Ok?
I always loved the 80’s, with the over sized…everything, with all the 80’s disco pop stars like Irene Cara, Berlin, Modern Talking, Sandra, Depeche Mode and so on.
Cheesy but it’s a fact, I love them, let me be.
And here’s the icing on the cake: On Sundays, when I need a dose of positivity and movement (yes, this is the only time when I make some sort of dynamics, I’m still a sedentary person) I press Play on My Father is a Rockstar Ipod list and the show is set on motion.
It lasts…a while, until my neighbor bangs the pipes to let me know that I’m overreacting.
For more details on this matter and on my 80’s disco pop obsession read my article on Molecule F’s BLOG

I’m raving over this Lena Criveanu beige body! It’s so feminine and delicate.

As I said, I hear Irene in the background singing “I wanna live foreverrrr…I this body from Lena Criveanuuuu.

Serban loved it too. So this means that Lena’s body is both feminine and sexyyy (great property I might add)

   Shop this Lena Criveanu body at Molecule F’s showroom (Dumbrava Rosie street, nr. 2) 

Before I go and start another busy week. Yes, I know, we all are, busy that is. I just love to make a little “drama” out of it.

I got scolded because I did not publish the sequel of “A Series of Really Strange Events“. I’m sorry guys, I just had lots of..other things to tell you ?!?! Ok, ok, I will do it this week. I just stopped because some of the characters were beginning to make fuss about it. So stay toned these next days, ok?

Au revoir, kittens!


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  1. Anna says:

    you’re so very hot! and beautiful!!

  2. I like your BIG B00Bs 🙂
    Imi place si ca ii pui in evidenta! 😉

  3. Emanuel I. says:

    Aceste poze, mai presus de oricare altele din ultimul timp, sunt foarte HOT…

  4. alexandra bolba says:

    get naked doll! we wanna see you! <3

  5. Ioana says:

    Wow! Very very sexy.

  6. Lainey says:

    Wow, have you lost weight? You look amazing! Love the bra and knickers.

  7. incredible!!!

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