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24 September 2016 / By / 5 Comments



Stop talking about GIN while drinking gin. It’s confusing for God’s Sake. Also, please go home, now, with the launch of your new classes, you’re basically living at the office working and guess what? I can’t RELAX with you people here!

And by the way, please take note that Claudiu kept me starving for two days in a row while you were in Croatia. FIRE THE BASTARD!



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  1. adelina says:

    Ce cute e <3

  2. Marni says:

    It’s always a cat’s world, so you should obey him ahahaha

  3. kiki says:

    he’s so sweet 😀

  4. Lavinescu says:

    Abia astept sa inceapa GIN 😀

  5. MilkyWay says:

    Oh, Fitz! I missed him around here 😀

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