I’m still waiting for this anxiety crisis to be over

2 September 2010 / By / 25 Comments

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Topshop tights, Zara dress, DIY blazer, vintage necklaces and ring


Peopleeee I’m feeling better. I guess, if not then it means that I’m such a good liar that I can fool myself too :D.Anyway, here are some pics with one of my job outfits. Yes, yes I know I look so formal and reliable, relax it’s just an appearance, I’m a kid most of the time 🙂 (Anca will be so happy that I’ve just admitted this).

I was thinking about writing all my idiotic thoughts in some posts but I don’t think it’s such a good idea, though. Just imagine what aberrations a self absorbed little individual like me could think of 😀 .

What do you think? Should I write about what a 25 year old girl (OMG I will be 26 in several months, ohhhh:() passes through on the way of discovering counterpoise (don’t even know if this is the right word ) and inner peace?

OMG I think I’m still in that bad mood phase!!! Guess I couldn’t fool myself very well so how could I fool you? HELLLLPPPPPPPPPP

P.s. I’m going away at a spa this weekend so see U all on Monday and I promise no more whining 😉


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  1. janettaylor says:

    So chic, dearest Anna!

  2. nookie says:

    you should absolutely do that!
    when I write this kind of post I feel better afterwards:)

    I love how you dress for work, that’s how I will too;;)

  3. Andrejka says:

    You look perfect as usual! 🙂 I am thinking about stop repeating myself.. 😀 But you really look perfect every time! Love your style! 😉


  4. oh, anxiety… don’t we all know and fight that? sometimes, if it’s job related, making a priority list helps. if it’s about private life, oh, well… it takes time and a lot of work with yourself. every day. but go out, have some quality time and remember: you are young and beautiful, so you deserve to be anxiety-free 🙂

  5. This look it`s greate! you are really magnficent. I think you should write about your thoughts. Have a nice and relaxing weekend.

  6. Talia says:

    very nice classic dress.

  7. buffy says:

    wow..:)..I love it. I love the red colour and the blazer too.

  8. I hope you’ll feel better soon! You have to keep on moving …forward, of course!

  9. Annelie says:

    Looking very good 🙂

  10. purple says:

    please by all means you should write it…..for us,the readers,it gives a better ideea of who you are,besides if i recall well you said at the beginning that this blog is about your fashion/style experiments …it will be even more exciting with your personal experiences,ok not to personal,but general personal;)))…all this small speechy & not a word on this outfit…i’ve wanted a red blazer since 2 years now,but never found a model that i liked & suited me,guess i’ll be looking,my new mission ;)) have the bestest of times!!

  11. denise says:

    i would tell you to write everything you think and you have on your mind, i m sure someone will find him/herself in the same situation at a certain moment. enjoy the spa!

  12. Jasmin says:

    Looovvee the Blazer! =P

  13. Laura Tenshi says:

    Just came across your blog. Thought I should say hi fellow Romanian blogger. Tocmai ti-am rasfoit blogul, mi-au placut toate tinutele tale. Ai un stil grozav, really chic.
    Anyway, sorry to hear you are in a bad mood, hope you’ll feel better soon. I am sure a couple of days spent at a Spa will do the trick

  14. Marla Singer says:

    i love the pop of red blazer over the neutral shades! <33

  15. Angela says:

    Ana, this work outfit is gorgeous! Here are two things to cheer you up: I am turning 27 (!) in a month and I found a grey hair while I was at work today. 🙁 Cheer up!!

  16. Eszter says:

    love that blazer and your ring, you always accessorize so well. Have a relaxing weekend at the spa!

  17. Venn says:

    greatt blazer! 🙂


  18. Martwa Marta says:

    when i admit in public that i feel bad, immidiatelz my mood improves! terrific feminine look, my dear!
    and enjoy your staz at spa! you definitely deserve it!

  19. kittenhood says:

    that blazer is lovely! ++confidence to an office outfit 🙂

  20. Fleur-de-Lis says:

    Of course you should let it all out here 🙂 It’s your own space to do that** I really hope the spa helps you feeling better* Wish you all the best 🙂

  21. ioana says:

    First of all I want to say that i love your outfit! It’s perfect for a day at work and it looks very chic!

    I know very well that feeling…When you panick because you don’t know what to do with your life. I advise you to be calm, think of something else, do something you like, design clothes, get out with friens and HAVE FUN! This is the only way you can get over this emotional(or anxiety) crisis. So GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! NOW! Everybody has days like this! But they come..and go!

    And I’m sure you are already feeling better when you see so many comments and sooo many people who read your blog and admire your style!

    I hope you have a great and happy sunday!


  22. Bree says:

    really digging the red blazer! 😀

    awww Spa! lucky! 😀

    isn’t fashion great?!

    I’m following your awesome blog!

    follow me too!


  23. necas says:

    what a great look, love it 😀


  24. Sere says:

    very cute this outfit…love your blog…hope you can follow mine too…kisses from sere..xoxo

  25. Iulia says:

    Ft frumos taior-ul. Kisses :*!

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