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1 October 2012 / By / 7 Comments
© Serban Cristea
Yep, I’ve found it! My perfect dress of the season. My perfect dress for eternity actually.
Baroque, black, dark chic. It has to be mine. It’s my corespondent when it comes to clothes.
Raluca Mihalceanu is a new Molecule F discovery and I don’t know about you but my heart is already won.
 “Dear Raluca Mihalceanu dress,

My maid will put you in my favorite spot of my wardrobe and you will come with me to all the most glamorous parties. I will treasure you and promise to wear you ten years from now.

With infinite adoration,
Oh, wait, wait, I cannot go, I forgot to braggggg.

The   GQ Magazine pictorial I teamed up with Ovidiu Buta in making was published on Fashionography

Cool huh? It’s so rewarding when you stand out through your work not only through Facebook don’t you think?

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  1. Dorina says:

    Superba rochie!

  2. stilistele says:

    congrats for the shoot! love the dress :X

  3. MADeea says:

    Perfect dress indeed… and you look absolutely gorgeous in it 🙂

  4. Emanuel I. says:

    Morodanco, esti divina.
    Daca-s avea acu’ banii aia, i-as cumpara numaidecat rochia Ancai.
    E dementiala.
    Te pupaces si te felicit pentru treaba cu GQ. Esti mare, ce sa mai!?!

  5. Irina-Alina says:

    Amazing as always!

  6. Irina-Alina says:

    Amazing as always!

  7. Anonymous says:

    F tari pozele tale; dar cred ca ti-ar sta mai bine fara breton 🙂

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