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Hello to all of you people who don’t have simple lives,

We’ve finally managed to finish filming Fly Project‘s new video yesterday. I haven’t slept more than five hours per night since Sunday.

Well, it was all worth it, the boys are extremely well mannered and funny, we were a great team and we laughed a lot. Even after 18 hours of constant filming and staying in the sun.

Ok, let’s move on from my professional adventures to what was expecting me when I got home.

Ok, ok, I got it that you got itthat flower crown you see me wearing. Serban made me a surprise. I cried (yes, even evil queens cry).

I’ve worn it on and off yesterday. From the time I woke up – immortalized here – till evening, when I bought groceries from the supermarket with it and the sales lady told her colleague that I must be taken to a mental hospital (I probably should).

Today we have to speak about a “snobbish advice” – btw, I’m so happy you loved my “Movie Fashion Fixette” column. I’m gonna take into consideration your movie suggestions. I think I forgot to mention – Movie Fashion Fixette will be published twice a month not weekly like “The Snobbish Advice”

Wait, let’s focus, so I was saying, my “Snobbish Advice” for today was inspired by what Serban did.

What if we show the people near us or better yet, to our life partner, who much we love him every now and then.

I know that everybody is running out of time lately and I know that we will always spend our money on those Sergio Rossi black stilettos. But what if we take into consideration those small details that can brighten your partner’s day?

For example, guys, you can buy your girlfriend a Kinder Bueno. aa?
So that she can send the code she finds on the back of the wrappingby SMS  at 1718 and she can enter the Kinder Bueno’s 100 bags campaign.

She will wear a designer bag every week and when the 12 weeks will be over she will get to keep the last bag she receives.

This week I wore this out of this world  Prada.




There’s no pr shit in my voice when I tell you that I had a great time and felt special  carrying it this week.

Can’t wait to see the bag I will get next week.

See how things work and who is already in the contest here

I’m gonna start thinking about what small “snobbish” surprise I’m gonna make for Serban. Maybe you can try thinking at doing this for your loved one too?!

It’s September people, the perfect time to visit the sea – there’s only a few people there, everything is deserted and peaceful, fallen leaves are taken to the beach by the wind. Dress-up comfy and feminine and make a picnic.

I think I’m gonna do that. What about you? What are you going to do that will make you feel like a novel character this weekend?

You know? Our lives are really amazing, we just don’t have to forget to live and appreciate to the fullest the small moments. 

I think that is the greatest lesson I’ve learned from the “flower crown” surprise.


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  1. Anaivilo says:

    That flower crown is so beautiful!! I need one too O.O And the Prada bag..delicious!

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