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13 February 2011 / By / 39 Comments

vintage dress, earrings



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  1. love this outfit. and the heels, from stradivarius? I think that I need to do a visit…

    I wish lot of luck in this new adventure



  2. Theo says:

    I’ll give a try because I’m totally in love with your style. about today… i hate mondays! I’m still trying to move my big ass from to bed because i have to go to work. Let’s just say i’m not in a really good mood…


  3. modniza says:

    sunt indragostita de toate rochiile tale!!!amazing photos!!!

  4. Diana says:

    ohh dear ANA …your way to modest about your ideas.
    You come with a blink every now and then that trully stops my thoughts 🙂

    How I feel today…ohh super relaxed and chill.I just finished with my exams and the civil procedure literally tortured my brains for days.
    I’m having lots of teas and right now I’m searching for a nice and cute craft to fill the day.

    Kisses and hugs !

  5. Taiga says:

    Love the little dress, not to mention the necklace! And the fruits – actually, I’m trying to go vegan so fruits and vegetables are my best friends right now! Going vegan turns out to be a little more frustrating than quitting smoking, but since I accomplished that, this should be a breeze.

    You know I love all your clothes and your style, I don’t have to tell you that 🙂

    You’re fabulous!

  6. Ramona says:

    How nice! Well, I must say that I am one of the persons trying to persuade you to sell your things. 🙂 Your idea of actually giving them to us has really made my day. Well, … about today I can say it would have been an ordinary day have I not seen your latest post 🙂 You look great in each one of your photos! I love your shoes, they’re divine! You look like a very attractive, yet elegant lady! Kisses from Ramona!

  7. Dear Ana,

    Today I`m more melancholic than usual and it`s not because of this silly comercial day.I miss my cat Zara which is in Arad too, I miss my boyfriend which is in Istanbul and also I miss Arad and its beatiful parks. Instead I love Mondays because you have become my hidden accomplice in the morning at the office, and none of my colleagues know what my smile actually means :p.

    Lots of melancholic hugs

  8. Liana Mitroi says:

    Nici nu stiu cum ma simt azi, poate ca intr-o zi normala de luni cand nu conteaza nimic,toate asezonate si cu multe pareri de rau si probleme care nu isi aveau rostul. Astazi am invatat sa nu mai cred in stele cazatoare.

  9. anaivecloset says:

    Astazi ma simt…hm… ciudat. E un amestec de tristete si melancolie, pe de o parte, caci abia am incheiat o vacanta, iar pe de alta parte un sentiment de liniste, de siguranta, pentru ca totul a revenit la normal.

  10. Ann Kristiin says:

    Today is a good day! I usually hate mondays’ but today is so sunny and I’m so happy 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s day to you!

  11. You look wonderful! I can only imagine how hard this moving to another city really is – I can vaguely remember doing that a few years ago and it takes some time to make a place your home. But I’m happy you’re here, I hope you’ll find a great place some, get Super to Bucharest, settle a little bit and than we can take Bucharest by storm. Kisses:):)

  12. Imi place foarte mult noul outfit postat. daca inainte te iubeam, acum te iubesc si mai mult :)) (referitor la faptul ca vei organiza giveaway-uri). Pentru mine azi a fost o zi destul de reusita: am inceput un nou semestru la facultate si incet incet, incep sa pun bazele pentru magazinul meu online. Asa ca azi ma simt super 🙂 Cred ca iti este tare dor de pisoiul tau. Si eu mi-as dori o pisica, insa prietenul meu nu este de acord cu animalele in casa.


  13. rebecca says:

    well, today is monday so i am feeling a little frazzled. it always takes me a day to get back on my game! but i am feeling good because it is so sunny and 40 degrees today!
    and good luck to you!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  14. ada90 says:

    Iti urmaresc blogul de mult timp, insa nu prea am comentat postarile.Prefer sa le admir.Marea majoritate sunt o inspiratie pentru mine, asa ca le salvez mereu intr-un folder special.
    Cum m-am simtit azi?A fost o zi lunga, am alergat dintr-o parte in alta a orasului,iar intr-un final am ajuns si acasa. M-am simtit fericita, pentru ca am admirat cerul albastru, oamenii de pe strada care pareau niste furnici.Dar si neputincioasa, in sensul ca nu pot opri timpul in loc.Din pacate, trece mult prea repede, iar noi nu il folosim cum trebuie:(
    Insa si maine e o noua zi:)

  15. Dear Ana,
    Somehow I can say I know you 🙂 At least I’m watching your blog from quite a time and I’m totally in love with youre style. What you do here is awesome 🙂
    Today I had a pretty busy day so I felt almost nothing 🙂 Which is good for a Monday 🙂
    All the best,

  16. Poofie says:

    Hey gorgeous!!
    Love the oufit!
    Cum simtit cum ma simt in continuare?Groaznic..dar incerc sa tin capul sus..Prietenul meu a plecat in am sarbatorit anul implinit de cand suntem impreuna..inainte de a pleca a avut bunatatea de a.mi transmite un microb de mi s.a inrosit gatuletul.Dar ma bucur ca am terminat am venit acasa sa petrec quality time cu ai mei dragi parinti!Uneori trebuie sa vedem jumatatea plina a paharului 🙂

    You have a great night sugga!

  17. lavinia says:

    Hello Ana, I have been following you for more than 6 months now, and I must say I like you very much.
    Today I was feeling kind of down, but my eyes sparkled at the sight of the necklace you are giving away.

    All the best to you and your cat. 🙂

  18. miruna says:

    I read your blog constantly although I don’t always comment your posts 😀 and I love your style and your ideas!

    Now me, well, even though I’m single, this Valentine’s day has been amazing to me, because I added a new friend to my short list of true friends. 🙂 So I feel very happy today !

    Have a nice day!

  19. margarita ts says:

    you look so elegant!lovely outfit!

  20. eatsleepwear says:

    these polka dot tights are TO DIE for with this dress!!! perfectly chic as usual my dear!! xo, Kim

  21. De Vero says:

    Oh those heels I love them! youlook gorgeous1 And i Like you and your blogg so much! My favorite 😉

  22. Anca says:

    I love the necklace! I’m happy. I have just finishes my exams.

  23. Diana T says:

    These giveaways sound like a lot of fun, Ana Maria. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago but I checked all your posts in a day:D.

    Now I’m in bed, sick and tired of a flu that has been hunting me in the past 9 days. I checked lots of fashion blogs and by the way, have you checked this video Be careful around 02:30, I thought I saw you.

    Have a great day and can’t wait to see your new post.


  24. babooshka says:

    Today I’m not so good. I broke one of my toes when I was doing my pole dancing routine. Yikes. Hope it heals soon enough. Maybe that necklace holds some kind of a secret healing power? Haha 🙂

  25. Orjen says:

    Today I feel more secure than I did yesterday because I got my salary. Bought an owl brooch. Your blog makes me feel better each time I visit. XO

  26. If you ever get bored of the cameos, send ’em my way 😛 or pearly or lacy stuff 😛 ;))

    Oh and good news: I’m gonna photograph at London Fashion Week ^^

  27. NinaG says:

    Azi imi incerc norocul! Am avut o zi foarte buna, dar cred ca eu mi le fac foarte bune in general trezindu-ma cu o atitudine pozitiva! Am inceput un nou semestru si sunt fericita ca am in fata mea oameni exceptionali carora le sunt recunoscatoare!
    Iti urez si tie o zi la fel de buna ca a mea!
    Hainele tale sunt superbe, iar atitudinea si mai si!

  28. Dee Dee says:

    You are amazing and I am proud of being so close to you now (or you being so close to me) 😀 I live in Ilfov 🙂

    I am tired, I’ve been working hard all day, teaching, and teaching, and teaching again. But no matter how tired I am, I always find reasons to smile when I’m around my kids!

  29. Adelina says:

    Pe langa faptul ca sunt super-excited de giveaways, mai sunt si invidioasa pe toate italiencele pe care care le vad in fiecare zi pe strada si care poarta LVs, Channels, etc. Sa mentionez ca am vazut si un catel cu zgarda LV? Dupa asta, mananc o inghetata si ma consolez – stylish pot fi si fara LV, right?!

  30. Zazuza says:

    >:D< lots of hugs, my dear!

  31. Malori says:

    The polka dot tights with the leopard print shoes make my heart happy. I lovee (and envy) they effortless way you mix patterns!

  32. first of all i want to wish you well on your new adventure. i don’t quite know where you moved but maybe i was just not paying enough attention. love your giveaway idea. it’s already wednesday and I feel tired, work is a bore and i kinda have this weird feeeling lately that nothing i do turns out the way i expect it. but i am hoping for better days!

  33. Chloe says:

    This outfit is absolutely ahhhmazing! I’m in love with those heels, they are beautiful!

    And how I feel today? Well…I only spilled my coffee on my chiffon creme’ blouse once, so I feel pretty lucky. Very lucky! :)))

    <3 your inspirations!

    chloe **

  34. becky says:

    good luck!

  35. skeptik says:

    this day was really busy but in the evening had a cup of coffee and everything felt right in its place:)

  36. Mizteach says:

    remember those days when you feel happy for no particular reason. It could be the sunny day, the fact that it’s the beginning of the weekend or a phone call that make your day, or it could be some other tiny detail. It doesn’t matter as long as the result is joy :). I wish I had a lot of days like this one because when I’m happy I want everybody to be happy as well.

  37. Hello 🙂 I’ve been feeling very ill lately due to a horrible glandular fever! But, I am starting to feel a little better and getting back into life. It’s quite exciting actually 🙂 Oh and LePunz says hi too 🙂 xoxo

  38. KellyAnn says:

    this dress is AMAZING!!!!!!!! i absolutely love the style and how your wear it! the leopard heels are such a chic and contemporary touch. the whole look is perfection!!!

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