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Ana Morodan







a3I am wearing a Marks & Spencer full outfit and Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



Fashion, Fashion, Fashion. It rules many worlds. And trends, well, they set the tone for every season. And they are many. So many that sometimes I start to panic a little and begin to curate them.

Well, for this season`s best way to talk about trends and also select the ones we consider awesome, I`ve planned a little 5 o`clock tea talk with Marks & Spencer.


I spied with my little eye some of the Marks &Spencer S/S trends which hit directly to my style core:

UNIFORMITY – the monochrome, simple lines of this trend just hit TOP on my list

INTO THE BLUE – The Jeans are back but with a more feminine cut. LIKE

SUMMER OF LOVE – flower prints and sunset tones – romantic vibes and unforgettable memories

THE ORIENT – The modern reinterpretation of textures and specific prints made this trend one that I adore. And that`s BIG because you know I`m not a print kind of girl

COLOR – Because black may be our everything but color is our secret agent.

My outfit today is a mixture between Uniformity and Color. I find it quite ME, don`t you agree?


And because every Spring comes with all kinds of gifts, leaves for trees, bloomed flowers for gardens and fashionable items for chic ladies, Marks & Spencer prepared a cool giveaway for you.

You have to tell me in a comment which M&S trend you liked best and why.

The best comment will WIN a 600 lei voucher and two of the second best comments will WIN a 300 lei voucher each.

And you can spend them on 26 of March at 5 PM at our TREND TEA TALK with M&S. Or if you cannot make it then, whenever you like. If you somehow make it you`ll also have me as your shopping adviser and personal comic midget.



Now, please give me a big shout out for summarizing and curating in such a succinct manner some of the S/S trends and also for bringing you gifts of appreciation.

Oh, you have until 25th of March to enroll in the giveaway.


Good luck and goodbye my little heroines. The week has just began, set the tone and be a fashionable winner.




Marks & Spencer loved the following answers which also WON 🙂

1. Carmen – number 109

2. Ela  – number 14

3. MarieJeanne Rizea – number 51


Congratulations ladiesss










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  1. Laura says:

    I also like a lot the uniformity trend. The calm, pastel colors make me feel serene during this spring. 🙂

  2. Alina Danciu says:

    I like UNIFORMITY best, because you can wear it at the office, and in everyday life without being worried that you have to change outfits. It’s simple for a shopping day, and quite exquisite for a lunch out. Simple lines and good fabrics always bring the best in style and fashion.

  3. Gina Ion says:

    Color because I love color and I think a colorful outfit can make a day better

  4. Mirela says:

    Orientul ma fascineaza iar imprimeurile mi se par superbe si ageless

  5. High Heels says:

    I would say blue cause there’s nothing more challenging than reinventing an outfit with jeans 🙂

  6. eliza says:

    tinutele simple, fara imprimeu mi se pare ca au o doza de eleganta si rafinament iar tinuta ta de astazi spune exact acelasi lucru

  7. elsa says:

    Flower prints for ever and ever, I simply adooore them

  8. Elena Maria says:

    Cu siguranta as spune ca trendul meu preferat e culoare de sus pana jos 🙂 abia astept sa ne vedem la Marks&Spencer, unul din magazinele mele preferate 🙂

  9. beatrice says:

    Fascinating orient 🙂

  10. greta says:

    Un trend pe sufletul meu este cel monocrom pentru ca simplitatea ma caracterizeaza

  11. julie says:

    summer prints romantic vibes because love in the summer is the moste wonderful feeling

  12. Carina Dumitrescu says:

    Jeans pentru ca sunt piese atemporale 🙂

  13. LAura says:

    Abia astept sa te intalnesc, ador imprimeurile florale

  14. Ela says:

    I proudely choose Into the blue, because denim matches a lot of people’s life and also my life, so I can truly identify with it instantly. Wearing denim I suddenly have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity and this is all I hope for in my clothes! Marks & Spencer new trend looks familiar and comfortable, yet fresh and distinct. I am impressed with their cool over chic way of thinking denim and I am looking forward to let myself be taken at the height of fashion this season.

  15. Magda says:

    SUMMER OF LOVE , because 1967 did it best!

  16. dana says:

    My favourite trend from Marks & Spencer is the summer of love. I love the flower print and it gives me a lot of positivity especially during the hard busy working days. My favourite flower prints are the ones applied on midi full skirts and the ruffle dresses . 😉

  17. Sonia says:

    UNIFORMITY without a doubt would be my favorite trend, not only from M&S but in general. I am a firm believer in the “Less is more” saying, and I can always count on simple lines and cuts to get me out of every “fashion situation” 🙂

  18. Catalina M. says:

    Dintre toaaaate articolele Marks&Spencer cel mai si cel mai mult iubesc jachetele! Poate este doar o pasa trecatoare pentru ca a venit primavara si am aruncat in fundul dulapului gecile imblanite si parka-urile. Jachetele din piele sau poncho-urile din materiale ce mangaie pielea sunt must-have-urile primaverii. La Marks&Spencer in afara de jacheta pe care o porti tu in fotografii, am mai vazut si o muuuultime de bluze pe care le-as purta in fel de fel de combinatii. Stilul care ni se recomanda este perfect pentru orice fel de femeie, indiferent daca vorbim despre o bussiness woman, bloggerita, profesoara sau pictorita.
    Daca as castiga acel voucher, in afara de fericirea pe care as avea-o achizitionand tot ce imi trece prin minte, te-as avea pe tine alaturi sa ma sfatuiesti. Si oho, cata nevoie am de sfaturi!

    Te pup, draga Ana,

    Catalina M.

  19. Uniformity – clean & crisp, la o personalitate “flamboianta” merge un trend care sa puna in valoare modelul si ideile modelului (si accesoriile bien sur) 🙂

  20. Ioana R says:

    I would have normally said that Summer of Love will be the trend that I choose for the next (hopefully) warmer months. I’m a bit over 30 and I’m finally enjoying being a girl. And step by step, a woman. So a few romantic prints and colors, as well as some feminine cuts, would surely be spot on.
    But then – oh then – I discovered these cheeky jeans ( They made me smile instantly – just by thinking they could be mine in the near future. They’re playful and versatile and I’m sure I could accessorize time all the way from fun and youthful to feminine and cool. So, yeap, my new favourite trend for the summer must be INTO THE BLUE!

  21. andreea c says:

    ador culorile, mai ales cele prafuite, desi sunt o mare consumatoare de negru. cred ca voi incerca sa port mai multa culoare sezonul acesta

  22. Mirela Dobre says:

    Buna Ana, imi plac toate dar cred ca Uniformity se potriveste cel mai mult cu stilul meu, liniile simple si croielile clasice never go out of fashion si sunt un pariu sigur daca vrei o aparitie classy si stylish. 🙂

  23. Clara Moise says:

    orientul m-a fascinat intotdeauna. arome, culori, mirosuri si gusturi total diferite de ale noastre. imprimeurile orientale au fost si vor fi printre preferatele mele

  24. Oana says:

    I love Uniformity Trend because “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”- Coco Chanel

  25. Oana C. says:

    I love the SUMMER OF LOVE trend from M&S – I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and I love dresses , soft delicate colors and floral extravaganza. I can’t wait for the warmer days when I can start to were all my beautiful floral dresses and blouses to the office.

  26. andreea dina says:

    into the blue- I love jeans and blue is my favorite color

  27. Paula Maria says:

    cred ca as alege cate o piesa din fiecare trend prezentat de Marks & Spencer pentru ca sunt convinsa ca poti avea piese atemporale din noutatile fiecarui sezon.

  28. adele says:

    love the dusty pink and your shades

  29. Cristea Alina says:

    Cred ca sezonul acesta voi indrazni sa port imprimeu floral. Imi plac tare mult hainele inflorate, dar n-am avut niciodata curaj sa imbrac o astfel de piesa 🙂

  30. camelia says:

    sunt adepta croielilor si imprimeurilor simple,deci monochrome e un trend perfect pentru mine.

  31. Dinulescu Mioara says:

    Abia astept sa te intalnesc 🙂

  32. Catalina Stoian says:

    Wow, chiar super hainute in aceasta colectie:)Ma regasesc in trend-ul INTO THE BLUE pentru ca oricand o pereche de jeans evidentiaza ce tip de femeie esti, in functie de croiala aleasa si de cum o combini. In jeans poti fii femeia copil, femeia rebela, femeia cuminte sau femeia fatala.

    I hope I win this, you are quite inspirational for me, Ana! 🙂

  33. dana marin says:

    pantalonii albi sunt superbi, ador piesele albe si cred ca sezonul acesta isi vor gasi mai mult loc in garderoba mea

  34. Adelina Oancea says:

    Imprimeurile m-au fascinat intotdeauna, iar cele orientale sunt printre preferatele mele. Ma bucur mult ca le pot purta in aceasta primavara

  35. Buna Ana. Summer of Love is the best. De ce? In primul rand pentru ca vara este anotimpul meu preferat si love… Ce pot sa zic eu despre dragoste? Ca este cel mai nobil sentiment? De-abia astept sa vina vara si sa port sandalute, rochii lungi, culori pastelate, iar seara sa beau o limonada la terasa cu prietenii si sa vorbim despre visurile noastre cele mai indraznete. 😉
    Love, love, love … and summer…
    Te pup…

  36. Sanchis Valetina Roxana says:

    Ah trends….i believe in doing what makes you happy, even if it’s not trendy or cool.But if a trends pops up then seems worth to try it and deserve more than a try,you will wear it!You never know what you’ll fall in love with, especially with fashion.Be naturally,heroine wear Marks & Spencer…Summer of Love!

  37. Ana-Maria says:

    SUMMER OF LOVE is my fav trend, beacause I found him so perfect for me! 🙂

  38. alina says:

    Imi place mult stilul ‘The Orient’. Imi plac foarte mult kimonourile si rochitele cu imprimeu si chiar imi doresc sa castig sa mi le pot achizitiona:D:D

  39. Roxana Avram says:

    OMG!!!! Clar SUMMER OF LOVE+ my personality= LOVE
    sooooooo pleeeeeeeaaaase pick me, choose me, love me!
    have a very nice day,
    love you

  40. Dana Dumitru says:

    Trendul meu preferat este “Summer of love” pentru ca in ultima vreme ma regasesc cel mai mult in stilul romantic si feminin, cu rochii vaporoase si inflorate care te binedispun indeferent de vremea de afara.

  41. Andreea says:

    I am deep into the blue mood. This is a must trend to embrace, from M&S. Why? Well, rocks a modern utilitarian vibe with dungarees and boyish loose fits. I don’t need more, is the style that suits me.

  42. Roxana says:

    I will definitely choose COLOR ! Because everywhere I see flowers, people who sell flowers, people who buy flowers, people carrying flowers, because the sun finally came out for more than a few minutes and these are the wonderful moments when I walk the streets with the sunshine in my eyes and because of the strong colors I wear my energy increases, I can smile at everyone and of course I like to draw all eyes when I wear RED, Fuchsia or Royal Blue.

    Kisses Ana, you are an inspiration!

  43. anda says:

    Uniformity este trendul meu preferat, mai ales ca 90% din tinutele mele sunt simple cu taieturi clasice

  44. Otilia Nasta says:

    Hey, I love the pastel colors for spring-summer time! This season white clothes are a must also.
    I’d love to wear a pair of flared trousers, with some denim and a suede jacket. I’m in love with floral prints also. A floral print shirt is the best match along denim and leather. I’m happy about the return of 70s and I think it’s a style that fits on most women. Congradulations for your style and for your sense of fashion! I’ll keep my eyes on your blog . 🙂

  45. pinky says:

    love the pink leather jacket, I think color is a major energy booster 😉

  46. carmen tanasescu says:

    ador imprimeurile de orice fel si daca pana acum aveam un major crush pe buline, cred ca imprimerul floral e top on my list sezonul acesta. sunt o romantica incurabila

  47. Irina Andrei says:

    Personalitatea mea este definita cu precadere de Uniformity S/S Trend by M&S, in principal pentru ca sunt miniona iar tinutele monocrome nu lipsesc din garderoba mea;de regula, ma joc cu texturi si nuante pentru a nu parea anosta.
    Iubesc croielile simple, clean cut si classy; acestea reprezinta apanajul sau, mai bine spus, “mulajul perfect” al personalitatii mele. Nu as putea fi altfel.

  48. Sanziana says:

    chiar ca ti se potriveste perfect aceasta tinuta

  49. johanna says:

    I have a major crush on prints and I think a mix between oriental and uniformity will be my style this spring

  50. Andreea says:

    Hi, I like most SUMMER OF LOVE because after the long winter we’ve had, now I feel the need to see flower prints around me, melted in girl’s dresses and blouses, to remind myself the long warm summer days are close.

  51. Mariejeane Rizea says:

    Uniformity because it is a philosophy in itself. Apparently what I say could translate into a paradox, but in the end, how you perceive a state of things is what defines you. Uniformity is not about being conventional, not nearly about sticking to the rules and playing by the book, but mostly about creating your own story. I would choose Uniformity not because I lack courage, but because I understand the real courage it takes to create for yourself discipline and balance and to respect them as principles. And that’s what it’s all about for me, even fashion wise:)

  52. Irina Botea says:

    Favorite trend? Definitely “uniformity”. Why? Because it fits so well with a busy life style. Make sure to have some extra accessories at your office (or in your car), freshen up your make-up (transform the kitten eyes into smokey eyes for example), if needed change your shows and voila: you switched from business to cocktail in no time. Don’t know about you but all this time savings make wonders for me.

  53. Kirila Ioana says:

    I like uniformity, because I am anything but regular.

  54. Gabriela says:

    I also love the orient as a trend. I love patterrns, prints, colour, but sometimes I have my black times. It happens but it is ok. Everything is related with the mood. kisses

  55. Vaida Catalina says:

    Cel mai potrivit stil vestimentar pentru caracterul meu e Uniformity. Intotdeauna am adorat lucrurile simple si elegante, iar stilul vestimentar monocrom aduce cu sine rafinament, creand un look minimal, insa de un efect maxim. Este un look curat, cu culori simple si linii drepte, materiale de calitate si care se potriveste oricarei persoane in parte. Majoritatea timpului imi place sa ma limitez la texturile si culorile pe care le imbrac, iar, in ceea ce priveste culoarea, ma situez cumva intre doua extreme…all white/all black… Tinuta minimalista se poate accesoriza foarte usor, iar cand simti ca vrei putina nebunie, aplici o pata de culoare tinutei, care sa fie in contrast cu ea, dar care e de efect… Insa, de cele mai multe ori, singurul accesoriu fluorescent care da farmec tinutei este atitudinea!

  56. Cristina says:

    Into the Blue- pentru ca este un trend nemuritor- so diverse and desirable! Pentru orice stare a zilei exista o pereche de jeans, o fusta, o bluza sau o jacheta care te poate scoate din anonimat.

  57. I choose UNIFORMITY- because less is more and always a clean cut makes you elegant and sophisticated. kisses & hugs

  58. Stoica Daniela says:

    I fallen in love with the Modern Romance trend because it allows me to be, to act and to feel like a Cinderella in the big, noisy city. Wearing this timeless pieces, I make from the beginning a statement: I am confident enought to deal with all the work presure that the corporatist status inputs, but still be a romantic lady which I’m pretending to be.

  59. Bandit Queen says:

    Buna! Imi place trendul THE ORIENT deoarece confera un aer relaxat si exotic. Printurile hipnotice transforma orice zi obisnuita in vacanta si indeamna la visare. Acesoriile acestui stil dau o nota de distinctie si eleganta fara niciun efort, nimic nu pare fortat.

  60. Steluta Oprea says:

    Uniformity imi place si ma caracterizeza cel mai mult. Este stilul pe care il adopt adesea.

  61. Gabriela says:

    Into the blue- pentru sentimentul de libertate,confort si in acelasi timp sexy și în tendinte pe are îl oferă.

  62. Celia says:

    Color and oriental prints are my favorite trends this year. Color is joy and oriental prints make an outfit stand out and be special

  63. maria popa says:

    hainele cu taieturi simple, uni sunt cele care ma caracterizeaza

  64. sorina radu says:

    into the blue este preferatul meu.Ador jeansii si cred ca ii vor purta for ever 🙂

  65. Adelina says:

    Împlinesc 22 de ani și descopăr că, odată cu anișorii ăștia frumoși, mi se schimbă ușor-ușor gustul vestimentar. Îmi plac din ce în ce mai mult ținutele minimaliste, de aceea prefer Uniformity. Cred că mă pregătesc, inconștient, pentru munca de birou. haha Cu o ținută ca a ta, însă, ce zile frumoase de muncă ar mai fi!

  66. Diana says:

    Summer of love…imi imaginez orașul însorit plin de veselie si dragoste. Eu merg fara griji pe asfaltul încălzit. Sunt plină de încredere datorită noii rochițe plină de flori de la M&S. Merge perfect cu sandalele mele de vara trecută si cu pistruii noi care se întrezăresc pe obrazul meu. Sunt toata numai un zâmbet. Ma întâlnesc cu el, care imi spune ca e ceva diferit la mine. Par mai fericita. Asa e oricine care adora vara, dragostea si rochițele înflorate. Deja tremur numai cu gândul la vara care trebuie sa vina 🙂

  67. Tobă Adelina says:

    My personality is pretty free spirited and that’s why I like SUMMER OF LOVE S/S Trend by M&S . My summer is about sun-kissed skin and skin-colored pieces. My summer is about chiffon dresses and pink roses. My summer is about mixing flower prints, lace, ethnic patterns ,crochet tops , lavander skirts , in modern shapes and fabrics. My summer is about love .

  68. Georgiana A says:

    As spune Uniformity. Am implinit 21 de ani si descopar cu incantare sentimentul de putere si atractia emanata de croielile elegante, ravisante tocmai prin simplitatea formei. Las deoparte fara tragere de inima nebunia taieturilor adolescentine si ma cufund cu placere in in sex-appel-ul dens, sporit tocmai de impresia de sobrietate.

  69. Iulia says:

    Imi place M&S Uniformity trend – monocromie si linii simple. Merg pe acest trend de obicei, mi se pare stylish si transmite ceea ce simt: echilibru si seninatate.
    As purta insa multe alte piese care se incadreaza in celelalte trenduri, conditia e sa ma avantajeze, pentru ca n-am silueta perfecta. Shopping-ul alaturi de tine chiar m-ar fascina, ador sa fiu in preajma oamenilor pe care ii admir si de la care am ce invata.

  70. Dana says:

    Odata cu copilul, in viata mea s-a produs o avalansa de schimbari, care, invariabil, au atins si conceptia mea despre stilul personal. Dupa o lunga perioada eclectica, de experimentari mai mult sau mai putin reusite, am inteles ca less is more. Marks&Spencer’s Uniformity este foarte aproape de noua mea abordare – linii clasice, curate, materiale usoare, croieli in tendinte, dar care nu se demodeaza in urmatorul sezon, piese versatile, care pot fi usor combinate in outfituri surprinzatoare. Un astfel de stil nu trebuie sa fie plictisitor, nici sa te piarda in multimea de uniforme, daca stii sa alegi si sa combini intelept. Dar poate spune povestea unei garderobe mature, in care statement si basic convietuiesc in armonie.

  71. Simone says:

    culoare culoare culoare 🙂 mai ales nuantele pastelate pe care le porti astazi

  72. Nadine F. says:

    I am forever in love with romantic prints ❤️ I love flowers and this is the it trend for me

  73. claudia says:

    Colectia noua M&S e minunata, iar into the blue e trendul care mi se potriveste 🙂

  74. Constantina Sterescu says:

    The only way to get rid of a temptation is to … shop at it. Mine would be Uniformity!

  75. Zina says:

    uniformity because i think real beauty lies in the simplest things

  76. Elena U says:

    Uniformity e trendul in care ma regasesc cel mai mult. Imi plac croielile simple, clasice care emana rafinament. Este stilul spre care tind avand in vedere ca ma apropii de magic number 30 si cred ca e momentul sa renunt (one step at a time) la jeans si Converse.
    Defapt Unformity imi place cel mai mult pentru ca nu e un trend in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, ci piesele sunt timeless.

  77. Anca Gruia says:

    cred ca sezonul de 2015 e cel care-mi place in totalitate. Pot sa combin toate trendurile fara probleme. Uniformoty e insa preferatul meu

  78. selena says:

    Orient is my favorite trend this
    Spring. I love prints, they make me feel special and I think a woman should have some statment printed pieces to mix whenever she feels in the mpod for a change. I’ve been wearing an amazing kimono for 5 years and I still love it

  79. nadia says:

    into the blue este trendul care mi se potriveste si l-as combina cu uniformity pentru o tinuta clasica si totusi relaxata

  80. Andra Leonte says:

    I would dare to say ORIENTAL is the SS 2015 trend created for me.It’s feminine and outstanding, and it also gives me the chance to mix it with basics for a soft appearance. I love your white pants though 😉

  81. Bogdana says:

    am 30 de ani si daca pana acum evitam imprimeurile de orice fel pentru ca mi se pareau batranicioase, acum le vad cu alti ochi. cred ca un imprimeu floral bine ales poate sa faca dintr-o tinuta banala una eleganta si romantica. am insa nevoie de maiestria ta ca sa aleg imprimeurile potrivite varstei mele, asa ca ne vedem pe 26 😉

  82. Ivona says:

    I’ve been wearing mostly all black outfits for a couple of months now and I certainly need a bit of COLOR in my life and my wardrobe

  83. marina says:

    am fost si voi si o consumatoare de tot ce inseamna minimal- de la decoratiuni la haine si accesorii. Uniformity va fi IT trend pentru mine mult ani de acum incolo.

    PS: tinuta ta e superba

  84. fashionvictim says:

    INTO THE BLUE beause jeans are and will be the must have item for eternity

  85. Polly says:

    I think that oriental prints are perfect for my character- adventurous and always surprising. I love prints and I think it takes a lot of couraje and attitude to wear them

  86. larisa ponor says:

    din pacate nu voi putea veni la ceai pe 26 🙁 si spun din pacate pentru ca am fost prezenta la astfel de evenimente gazduite de tine si sfaturile mi-au fost de mare ajutor

    in ce priveste tendintele de primavara-vara, culoarea e nelipsita din garderoba mea. sunt o fire optimista si tinutele colorate ma caracterizeaza

  87. Aura says:

    summer of love cu siguranta pentru ca sunt o visatoare, ador rochiile cu imprimeu floral si apusurile de vara si povestile de dragoste sunt my guilty pleasure 🙂

  88. Cecilia O. says:

    i’m a huge fan of Marks & Spencer. and a huge fan of Ana Morodan 🙂 can’t wait to meet you and have a my little personal shopper advice me on how to buy the ageless oriental prints pieces

  89. Ela M says:

    SUMMER OF LOVE because it will match to my artistic soul.

  90. Cristina Sece says:

    My favorite trend from Mark&Spencer is INTO THE BLUE. I always loved jeans because it can be worn in a multitude of outfits. I think every woman has a collection of jeans and as ever they will not be unfashionable.

  91. Sabina Stanciucu says:

    I’ve always been a “Less is more” and “Comfy over Impractical” kind of girl. Well, expect for the random times I feel like breaking my own rules and suffering for the sake of beauty just a bit.
    So I’m gonna go with UNIFORMITY. Because I like crisp, smart lines, androgynous accents and simple sophistication. When you tone down your outfit, it all feels fresh again. Like spring should feel like.

  92. Edna says:

    Uniformity and color are my ❤️ trends this season. I find it elegant and chic to wear monochrome and sparkle my outfits with some well chosen accesories and color really is pur secret weapon 😉

  93. Elena Stan says:

    Cu siguranta aleg culoarea pentru ca ma binedispune, imi scoate ochii in evidenta si imi da un plus de optimism

  94. darina says:

    Oriental is my print because it keeps me
    Closer to my roots

  95. Elisabeta Eli says:

    m am uitat atent pe tendintele de anul acesta si dupa ce am citit modul in care tu le-ai clasificat mi-a fost foarte clar ca Summer of love este favoritul meu. Sunt o visatoare si rochiile inflorate ma ajuta sa visez frumos

  96. Denisa M. says:

    Into the blue va ramane trendul meu preferat. Ador jeansii in toate croielile, texturile si interpretarile lor

  97. Ana-Maria says:

    La începutul anului am lăsat în spate freelance-ul pentru un desk job. Am lăsat locuitul boem și balconul cu priveliște superbă pe un apartament într-o zonă „corporatistă”. Am înlocuit tot ce înseamnă converse și streetwear, am învățat toate tendințele și am citit toate articolele „how to keep your style at the office”, „office style for fashionistas” etc. Surpriză, inconștientul meu a decis: little black dresses, pencil & A-line skirts, oxford shoes, chelsea boots, white shirts, jachete de lână naturală, cigarette trousers, ii simple, ballet flats. Și m-am trezit brusc într-un dressing negru, pe alocuri spart de nudes, alb sau chiar pentru zilele foarte curajoase și la fel de libere, metallics și poate chiar un accesoriu animal print. M-am uitat pe tot traseul meu corporatist acasă-metrou-muncă. Totul e o mare de negru. În parc, la fel. În club, de asemenea. Ca să nu mai spunem în mall. Negrul simplu, comod, extrem de stilat și…etern. E peste tot. Așa că, primăvara asta, îmi doresc linii simple în garderoba mea, să încerc să ajung la o simplitate și o eleganță ca în filmele cu Audrey și totuși să rămân la fel de androgină. Vreau și să integrez din nou jeanșii în garderoba mea (trebuie să recunoaștem, în timpul liber orice femeie se visează Farrah Fawcett cu buclele în vânt și blugii flared). Însă, trendul meu preferat este COLOR. Pentru că e timpul să scăpăm de negru, să înțelegem că piesele arată bine și pe alte culori și mai ales, că uneori e bine să exprimăm și bucuria prin stilul nostru. So please dear M&S, COLOR my spring!

  98. Anda says:

    Intodeauna am avut o relatie neconventionala cu CULORILE, cateodata le aruncam pe toate pe mine dintr-un exces de zel greu (sau usor ) de inteles, alteori lipseau cu desavarsire, uniforma neagra gasindu-si locul atat de usor in garderoba mea.
    Este evidenta in acest caz alegerea mea, COLORS brings hapiness into your life- o deviza dupa care incerc sa merg in ziua de astazi.
    So, Ana, in cazul fericit in care voi fi aleasa, o sa am nevoie de sfaturile tale pretioase pentru a nu ajunge ca un pom plin cu globulete 😉

    Cu drag, Anda 🙂

  99. Aurelia Ionascu says:

    Uniformity cu siguranta. In primul rand job-ul ma obliga la tinute “curate” , chiar minimaliste iar in timpul liber mi se pare mult mai usor sa asortez piese simple si de efect

  100. Oana Alexandra says:

    Ador imprimeurile si n-as renunta niciodata la senatia pe care mi-o da o rochie inflorata sau un taior in culorile apusului:)

  101. pixie says:

    I love prints and I think they are the perfect fit for my personality

  102. Clara says:

    As spune Uniformity pentru cardiganurile din casmir M&S pe care le ador si pe care imi place sa le port cu rochii anii ’50 cu flori

  103. Sofia N. says:

    I am madly in love with prints and I am madly inove with flowers 🙂

  104. Valy says:

    Sunt indragostita de Orient si ador imprimeurile orientale

  105. Antonia Ivan says:

    Into the blue is my favorite trend this season because honestly I’ m finally in harmony with my body and I can wear my jeans with pride 🙂

  106. Luiza says:

    I think it’s a bit hard to choose just one. You can find in any trend some pieces that can fit in your wardrobe and fix and match, and be wow:D . Anyway if I want to be the lucky winner I need an answer. So, I choose SUMMER OF LOVE, and that awesome jacket you are wearing:))

  107. Renata Z. says:

    Culoare e cea mai importanta in viata mea, ador culorile si cred e important sa avem cateva in care ne simtim minunat. Ale mele sunt lila si galben pai 🙂

  108. Loredana says:

    Recunosc ca au fost momente in …garderoba mea cand am facut abuz de imprimeuri. Am invatat insa sa ma temperez si sa le aleg pe acelea care mi se potrivesc. Imprimeurile orientale vor ramane mereu aproape de sufletul meu

  109. Carmen says:

    For me, it’s the SUMMER OF LOVE collection that rocks my world. I love it because when I see those clothes I instantly think of a trip with a cute vintage yellow van around Romania, exploring, taking pictures and simply enjoying life. I also think of friends and lovely sunsets and a lot of laughter and pure carelessness. For every day of that trip there’s something awesome to wear from this collection, be it the super cute 70’s jeans, or the flowered dresses. It’s just a matter of inspiration.

  110. Felicia says:

    SUMMER OF LOVE – for sure. I’m a summer girl. Born in middle August, in love with the sun and the sea and for ever a romantic. I will always wish for an eternal summer in my closet, in my home and in my head.

  111. Anastasia says:

    Oriental – I just came back from the Orient and I am still fascinated

  112. Anca Ivanescu says:

    Cred ca uniformity cu un touch de color. Forma corpului nu mi permite sa port imprimeuri, asa ca prefer tinutele simple, in culori in general inchise cu un pic de culoare

  113. Antonia says:

    Hello, madame!
    Mie imi incanta simturile THE ORIENT. Ce poate fi mai frumos decat o combinatie intre neconventional si modern? Moda inseamna reimprospatare, reabilitare si imbinarea unor elemente diversificate pentru a crea un intreg armonios.
    Orice mix de texturi si de culori va capta privirile celor din jur, mai ales acum ca primavara este la usa si abia asteptam sa iesim pe stradute sau la o terasa, sa savuram o cafea si un croissant.

  114. aurelia says:

    culoarea e cu siguranta trendul meu preferat 🙂 ador nuantele fondante si cred ca tinuta ta e de-a dreptul delicioasa

  115. corina nedelcu says:

    n-am fost niciodata o fana a imprimeurilor. sunt de parere ca o tinuta bine aleasa, in nunate care se completeaza perfect, te scoate din anonimat. uniformity este, asadar, trendul care ma caracterizeaza

  116. Katia says:

    uniformity and color,in the perfect mix. I love these trend even though sometimes I may wear a printed outfet

  117. Alina Enache says:

    ador imprimeurile de orice fel si cred abia astept sa vad cum se vor transforma outfiturile mele cu cateva piese cu imprimeu oriental

  118. livia says:

    summer of love because summer is all about love and lovely prints 🙂

  119. maria gherghe says:

    sunt profund indragostita de imprimeuri, cred ca cel oriental va fi pe gustul meu, insa recunosc ca nu voi renunta niciodata la animal print 🙂

  120. Kitty says:

    amazing prints- oriental ones.if you use them wisely you can be unforgettable.

    well…if your are not that wise you will be unforgettable as well :)))

  121. Adina says:

    Imi plac piese din toate trendurile propuse de Marks and Spencer, dar voi alege THE ORIENT pentru ca sunt atrasa si fascinata de tot ceea ce inseamna Orient si am fost placut surprinsa cand am descoperit interpretarea creativa si moderna a unor motive atemporale din colectia de primavara pe aceasta tema. Pot spune ca o parte consistenta din estetica mea generala, care se aplica si asupra stilului vestimentar este inspirata de Orient, de la peisaje si arhitectura, pana la variatele imprimeuri, nuante si tesaturi. Imi place sa combin piese simple si versatile cu imprimeuri si texturi opulente, bogate, si sa adaug accesorii care contribuie la acea magie conferita de ceea ce reprezinta lumea noastra vizuala. Aceasta inspiratie orientala poate uneori insemna doar placerea de a cunoaste istoria unui model de cercei care este o mica parte dintr-un pasaj pe care il citesc intr-o carte si pe care ii port cu incantare sau aceea de a purta o camasa voluptuoasa, cu un imprimeu pretios in nuante de sofran, care ma face sa ma simt ca in relatarile de calatorie despre Egipt ale lui Flaubert…
    Cand am vazut piesele M&S, m-am dus cu gandul la pictura lui Charles Gleyre, Oriental Lady si de acolo spre kimonoul Ditei von Teese ( ca mai apoi sa revin cu privirea asupra rochiei Aristo Floral Scuba Bodycon, una din favoritele mele din colectie, alaturi de alte piese delicioase, precum Floral Jacquard A-Line Skirt si Oriental Floral Kimono Tunic Dress.
    Cred in ideea ca lucrurile care ne pasioneaaza si fac parte din lumea noastra se reflecta asupra exteriorului, mai specific, in modul in care noi intelegem sa conferim o poveste si o valoare unica si personala pieselor pe care le purtam, si pentru mine, aceasta zona de inspiratie este foarte ofertanta si e o delectare sa o explorez.

  122. catalina says:

    i like items from all trends, but I think I am most fond of the Into the blue trend. The reasons for this is that all of their pieces from this section are timeless and versatile.
    – We have the jeans. You can always find a pair that suits you. Wearing them you can feel classy, modern, boho, edgy, rockish, etc… whatever you like.
    – We have the blue stripe shirt (you can wear it to office, you can wear it with your boyfriend jeans), the bomber jacket (goes well with jeans, classy cut trousers, skirts), the black heels, the camel trench, the denim jacket, a classy turtle-neck sweater, the black messenger bag, the black boots, the statement bracelet, and not to mention the white shirt (there’s no need for listing reasons here).
    All of these are perfect in my book. They remind me of Audrey Hepburn. Beautiful.
    However, I need to mention that I also like the colorful pieces (we always need a little bit of color in our lives, that are so grey sometimes). That blue lace skirt is just gorgeous.
    I like some of the printed items- just to make our outfits pop. Very nice jacquard jacket here.
    The uniformity pieces are also functional, versatile and classic . I like the kaki jacket there, the A line and pencil skirts.
    I should stop listing all the things I like…
    Bottom line is that I think what really gets to me is the versatility, the timeless items and the colors and prints.
    What a nice why to start the spring season 🙂

    btw, i am a regular reader of your blog since the beginning 🙂 and i really love your quirkiness and way of seeing things. keep up the good work.

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