He Smiled And All I Could Think Of Was `OH SHIT`

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26 September 2014 / By / 36 Comments

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anamorodan comI am wearing a PNK Casual dress and skirt, Brazilets lucky wish bracelets, Mono and Me and Societe Cerebrossa bracelets – all available at Societe Cerebrossa.comThe Edgy Lady heels from Ana Morodan @  Smiling Shoes Summer Capsule Collection and Cartier Love bracelet

Gucci, Dior, Prada and Tom Ford eyeglasses – all available at Optiblu

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev in Milan



It was a gloomy Autumn morning, just like today. Rain was pouring down on our windows and leaves were slowly falling on the sidewalk. I still remember how I was lying in bed, tucked under the poofy blanket. I could still feel his touch on my hand from the other night. And it came – the idiotic, I`m in love smile. You know, the uncontrollable grin that makes your face look like Joker`s. 


Months had passed and another Autumn morning came. This time we were both lying in bed, the rain was yet again pouring down the windows, the leaves were covering the street in a yellow carpet and crows (did I mention that crows are among my favorite birds?) were everywhere. What a perfect gothic vibe, I said to myself. And then, out of nowhere, Serban turns to me and makes me look besides the window table where a huge arrangement of white flowers were waiting for me. And there, in the middle of these beautiful lilies there was something. Something which I could not succeed in seeing…

The tension was growing, Serban seemed to be waiting for something and I couldn`t see what it was…

That was the moment I realized I need eyeglasses. Yes, a pair of fancy eyeglasses, would have been useful right now. My eyes were definitely tired and weakened from all this laptop steering and now, because of that I couldn`t see the big surprise…Pfff…Que maledeta situacion….

Of course eventually I got out of bed and got near the window table and there it was – the most perfect piece of jewelry – custom made just for me – one of a kind in the whole wide world – the perfectly cut emerald – the art nouveau monture – the ring with which Serban promised me that he will always carry my heart in his heart. And suddenly and finally, I understood. He looked at me, smiled and all I could think of was `oh shit – this is how love feels like`


The next day I was in front of an Optiblu store to pick the pair of eyeglasses – for nothing in the world I will not let another event like this pass by because of my foggy vision. Cat eye, tortoise, Gucci , eyeglasses. Mine. Mine. Mine. Now I see you. I see everything. I am Lucy #haha






Anetta Eyeglassetta

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  1. Lorena says:

    what a romantic gesture and a lovely memory!

  2. Edna says:

    Un pic de sirop pe vremea asta e minune! Melting Ice Queen 🙂

  3. denisa says:

    Superba tinuta! Si ochelarii albi sunt preferatii mei

  4. fifi says:

    lovely story 🙂

  5. daniela pop says:

    Aaaa, momentul ala in care iti dai seama ca iti TREBUIE ochelari, nu ca ar fi cool sa ai o pereche 🙂

  6. Marina says:

    Love the glasses! All of them!

  7. zena says:

    Sexy outfit for such a gloomy day!

  8. Ce povestioara frumoasa 🙂 Imi place la nebunie cum scrii 🙂


  9. Soos Cristina says:

    ❤ imi place de Serban…este foarte romantic ❤
    Sa fiti fericiti ❤

  10. BiancaM says:

    Foxy little countess! Lovely story, you deserve the best!

  11. anamariastanciu says:

    esti altcineva cu ramele transparente! Imi plac la nebunie! Le voi proba si eu

  12. OANA FLOREA says:

    titlul e magic! parca te vad in momentul cu pricina 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. maya says:

    it took a few minutes to realize it, but you have that awesome skirt over the sexy dress! cool stuff!

  14. adela says:

    imi place mult PNK, i-am urmarit crescand si ma bucur sa vad ca fac lucruri atat de frumoase

  15. M.I.A says:

    love the story, truly funny! and loved LUCY! one of the best movies this year

  16. Szabo Ioana says:

    Optiblu e pentru mine unul dintre acele locuri “de evitat” :)) port ochelari de cand ma stiu si am cel putin 3 perechi pe care le schimb tot timpul.

    iti imaginezi ce mi se intampla cand intru la ei 😀

  17. carmen says:

    tom ford eyeglasses= forever love!

  18. Carla says:

    si cand te gandesti ca atunci cand eram mica mi-era rusine ca sunt “ochelarista” 🙂

  19. yoko says:

    you look very cool with the white ones. mad men lady

  20. cristiana pop says:

    am o pereche gucci de la optiblu de cateva luni deja si inca mai primesc complimente. o pereche de ochelari potrivita te poate schimba in…foarte bine 🙂

  21. alexandra says:

    i used to wear contacts because i was sick of glasses, but i think a change is about to happen. a cat eye one!

  22. maxy says:

    cute bracelets

  23. Ariana says:

    ce aparitie, wow! nu stiu care pereche imi place mai mult, cred ca esti o ANa diferita cu fiecare dintre ele

  24. dana says:

    I miss the idiotic “I’m in love” smile… I really do!

  25. agapia says:

    ce poveste frumoasa! ador sa aud povesti despre gesturi atat de romantice

  26. Ana Radu says:

    eyeglasses are one of my favorite accesoriez!

  27. dora says:

    foarte frumoasa!

  28. Vanina says:

    What a romantic story!You look perfect!;)


  29. martha says:

    Dior forever! I love them!

  30. rodica botea says:

    am vazut Lucy recent, e foarte bun! sa mergi sa-l vezi daca nu ai facut-o deja

  31. Ana Micu says:

    acum inteleg de ce prietena mea sta in jur de doua ore la Optiblu 🙂

  32. desiree says:

    cute post and really cute story

    you look sexy with eyeglasses, don’t be ashamed to wear them!

  33. Janine says:

    the “oh, shit!” moment we all had at least once :))

  34. dDhalia says:

    i love lucky bracelets! bring them all to meeeeee!

  35. corina z says:

    de cateva luni ma uit la sandalele astea…sa le iau? sa nu le iau?

    LE IAU! GATA! 🙂

  36. VICKY says:

    corset si transparenta si fusta pix! wow!

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