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Off topic – these last days I had to wake up at 6 AM regularly! I think I’m gonna faint! And guess what?!? Tomorrow morning I have to wake up at 5AM!!! I can’t do this, I’m gonna psychically break down.I mean, don’t think that I can’t work hard or bare stress. Au contraire mes amis, I am a long runner but that long run has to start at 11 AM not at 6 AM. It is too much to ask?!?1

Anyways, let’s go back  to our topic today. Here’s a habitual secret – I have all sorts of folders in my laptop. Folders that shelter fashion inspiration pictures, Art Nouveau pictures, food pics with recipes that I will never make, inspirational women (no men, I’m a little feminist) and cartolines with quotes that I considered inspiring the day I found them. But the most dear ones to my heart are my Decoration Inspo folders. Each time I look on those pictures I feel such a positive vibe combined with an urge of working harder so I can have a castle sooner. I mean, don’t get me wrong, living in a little Chateau is magical indeed but a castle is a castle, I can have a butler not only a maid, I can play tennis in the ball room and drink tea in the pool dressed in my new Oscar de la Renta/Galliano.

Yes, this is a good Snobbish AdviceGather what inspires you to fight for your dreams  in one place and scroll (no, not screw) it over regularly. It will motivate you to focus better on your goals.




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Ana, The Inspirational Folder




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  1. Mary M. says:

    I have a lot of secret folders as well, they just make me so happy and they’re so perfect when daydreaming! Such an amazing selection, I actually saved couple of photos from the first collage from Tumblr. Ah, Tumblr & Pinterest- gotta love them!

    Have an amazing day!
    Mary x

  2. pinkanca says:

    Us girls and our folders 🙂

  3. therosemarybabe says:

    love your happy optimistic mood ! I of course have my folders, too 🙂

  4. lunaticstylishgirl says:

    Oh God I adore my inspirational pics! They make me so dreamy and they motivate me as well, so I agree with the countess

  5. trendyallthetime says:

    I especially like to look through them when I feel down, it’s a must to have these folders girls !

  6. queenofstyle says:

    my darling, how you speak the truth! Inspiration time, cause you put me in the mood

  7. highheels says:

    just saved your inspirational collage 🙂 love it

  8. truelady says:

    i adore the interiors, and love love love the velvet sofa!

  9. pearlsanddiamonds says:

    OHHHH I want a dressing like that!

  10. Stefania says:

    I loved this post, it’s so naturally chic and without inspiration and the sources you gather inspiration from I don’t think your blog would exist. Even though I must admit that your post about the charade in front of the tents at paris fashion week is sooooo good, this one is closer to what’s behind a true lady.

  11. Mihaela G. says:

    Great sources of inspiration are the basic foundation of a good blog. They make the difference between a superficial-pretty-pictures blog and a real one. It is also what makes the difference between today’s numerous fashion projects. Your post reminded me of that.

    Also – love the fact that you always take the time to write. Not just a fancy quote and some random, empty interjections – but about personal experiences and ideas.

  12. Luiza M says:

    Mi-a placut mult acest post pentru ca sunt fascinata de designul interior, mai ales stilul shabby chic si chiar am strans 1001 de poze cu idei anul trecut cand ne-am mobilat “our beautiful home”.
    Pentru multe din cititoarele acestui blog, printre care ma numar si eu, TU esti o inepuizabila sursa de inspiratie. Multumesc!

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