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FITS2014_10 iunie_CABARETUL CUVINTELORSebastian Marcovici10062014 (2)


FITS2014_DAY 1_ARTIFICII©Sebastian Marcovici06062014 (1)


FITS2014_DAY 1_TRAPEZIȘTII _ LES PEPONES©Sebastian Marcovici06062014 (5)

fits 2014

FITS2014_13iunie_PAI DESPRE CE VORBIM NOI AICI DOMNULESebastian Marcovici13062014 (8)


FITS2014_10 iunie_CABARETUL CUVINTELORSebastian Marcovici10062014 (1)

anamorodan com

ana bananaI wore an Aviatorilor 41 dress, a vintage reticule, a Cartier bracelet and The Red Queen heels from Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes summer capsule collection

© Serban Cristea



Hello people of Narnia  Internet,

I have been a little country trotter lately, today I am writing you from the beautiful Cluj –  I am here since Saturday, for the UAD Gala (more news and my impressions on the matter, soon) – and the subject of my virtual letter is another beautiful city from the country, Sibiu.

You know I was the official blogger for the International Theater Festival, which took place two weeks ago at Sibiu. However, what was left pending is the pictured evidence of my second day and my Gala outfit. Well, have no fear, this is the proof post.


My purpose there was to experiment the city vibe during this festival, to explore their lifestyle, the fashionable crowd, the youthful gatherings. And on this matter I have only one firm impression – theater and culture have become something hip and cool for the young generations.


The Awards Gala was an unexpected experience for me. I got to hear the speeches of so many talented people who are working in the theater or entertaining business. I`ve discovered people I didn`t know about and who`s works fascinate me.


My whole experience at the International Theater Festival was an experience that I can`t  wait to experiment again next year. The city and its special places, the bistros with a panoramic view over the center of Sibiu, the common sensed people, the youthful vibe that makes you think that they will be the change we want to see in the world and art in one of its purest forms – theater.



Ana's Lifestyle Pill



Stop by Pardon Bistro by Romania Film. It`s such a positive vibed location and the design is pretty awesome. The food is delicious but you have to wait a littler longer  than in Bucharest for it. Well, this is a characteristic of the people from this part of the country, they have more time #asinsuntcuvremegen










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  1. Ashley says:

    You are stunning. Thank you for your true beauty and constant inspiration.

  2. Georgy Girl says:

    Aha! You came back on the subject! You akways keep your promises dear!

  3. Fusta Bunicii says:

    Extraordinara tinuta, ma uimesti! Sandalele cred ca sunt preferatele mele din colectia ta pentru smiling shoes

  4. Nancy the Cat says:

    Haha i am just on my way to Sibiu although the festival is over (maybe i can go next year), but i surely going to this slow beautiful bistro! I need slow!

  5. Janina cea Dulce says:

    Gata m-ai convins iubita mea! Ma duc si eu la Aviatorilor 41 ca prea frumoase sunt lucrurile pe care ni le arati! Te pup!

  6. Vasilache says:

    Esti foarte cool!

  7. Style of the Day says:

    Wish i were in Cluj i am crazy about that city!

  8. Liana says:

    Perfect gala outfit!

  9. Yummy Fashion says:

    Amazing look! Loooove it dear! You made miss the theatre soft spot here <3

  10. Skinny Mary says:

    ahhh! theatre is the love of my life, and for me FITS is just a must! you look beautiful!

  11. bianca says:

    draga mea, sa stii ca ne-ai transmis cele mai frumoase sentimente si imagini de la festivalul de teatru, nu degeaba ai fost aleasa lor blogerita! te admir si te respect forever1

  12. question everything says:

    wow the place looks like a fairytale! and you are its fairy!

  13. Tania says:

    stunning dress!

  14. Eugene Marie says:

    i bet this was such an experienece for you, i will never forget this festival, and i also can’t wait for the next one, i feel lucky i got to be there! 🙂

  15. Simina says:

    Ai fost la Cabaretul Cuvintelor? Ti-a placut?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Simina, nope, n-am ajuns la el. Tie ti-a placut?

      • Simina says:

        La nebunie! Am fost de două ori. Când mă întorc în ţară voi merge, probabil, din nou! Replică genială: “Dumnezeul meu este mai puternic ca Dumnezeul tău!” Recomand!

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