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Lately, I find it harder and harder to spot that piece of clothing or accessory that can make me “woww”. I think it’s because I see so many pieces of clothing everyday so I became used to them .

I realized that having many clothes or branded clothes is not my  goal. Sure, I can be an arrogant midget and tell you that I always had many branded clothes but I’m not gonna say that so erase it from your minds, aaa, now.

I don’t think there’s something cool or fantastic in having tons of clothes. My goal now is gathering those IT items that can become evergreens and also have that special “chic factor”, that can turn my outfits from “ohh, yes, a new dress” to “ohhh wowwww, the simplest way of becoming unforgettable”

In this registry, allow me to show you one of my latest treasures – the traditional, Russian inspired scarf




Contesa de Morodan

Like a Russian Queen

She has the best eye when it comes to jewelry

Ana's beautiful scarf

Saturday morning with my beautiful Ana

Sleepy lady

She's a lady everywhere

Awesome, chic scarfSnobbish Breakfast dress, Vintage scarf & earrings, Idelier ring

Photos by Serban Cristea




Countess Ana Style Trick

You can find this kind of scarfs at the traditional clothing shops from your city or you can find them in your grandmother’s or in your mother’s wardrobe. I’m sure they have one, it used to be  fashionable back then, too.

Always be confident to wear something that others wouldn’t ,  feeling good in it it’s all that matters.

Wear it with something uni so that the scarf can stand out and  make the right impression.

Always wear a smile with it, it’s the best accessory.




Did you enter the giveaway, win the new t shirt by Stephan Pelger?

Now run into the parks, it’s sunny outside.





Ana, the Russian scarf  lover





5 MINUTE - curs de stil personal cu Ovidiu Buta si Ana Morodan

 .Draga mea, .

Te astept la primul curs “SPEEDCHANGE de stil personal din Romania”, sa petrecem impreuna 2 ore de moda si lifestyle chic.
Impreuna cu bunul meu prieten si mentor, Ovidiu Buta, vom redescoperi impreuna forta elegantei si cat de usor poate fi sa ai o garderoba minunat construita, sa intelegi care sunt piesele “dincolo de vremuri si tendinte” si cum sa deprinzi trucurile perfecte pentru o imagine remarcabila, eleganta, cu ” vino-ncoa’ “.
Totul relaxat, dragalas si atat de distractiv.

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  1. Cristina Soos says:

    I <3 pic 4 & 7 :)))
    Ma si duc azi la mama sa dau iama in dulapul ei, stiu sigur k are una ,mai mica nu asa mare k a ta 😉
    Un weekend minunat draga mea :*

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Stiuuuu, si eu am gasit la mama mai multe 🙂

      Si tie darling <3

  2. Cristina Soos says:

    Nu cantitatea e importanta ci calitatea 🙂

  3. MCM says:

    Hello! Very niceee! love it! asa cum a spus si userul anterior, se gasesc asa, dar in dimensiuni mici! tu de unde ti l-ai achizitionat?(baticutzul:d) E superb!!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Iti multumesc draga mea. L-am cumparat de la Vintage 🙂

  4. In prima poza zici ca esti fix o matrioska. Foarte interesanta esarfa!

  5. charlene says:

    I am simply amazed, this shooting is so clean and beutiful…

  6. ancapink says:

    the colours in that scarf go so extraordinarily well with those trees! LOVE IT

  7. glam and glam says:

    it’s such a pleasure to visit your blog, dear modern countess! you are beautiful! and I’m going to the forest 🙂

  8. high heels says:

    You are so right, dear, the style comes from within 🙂 God, you are right!

  9. just another ana says:

    I love it that you are always wearing your red lipstick. you look gorgeous, love the pictures and the mood

  10. Amanda says:

    Ador alegerea ta: rochie uni neagra si esarfa XXL, de inspiratie traditionala!!!

  11. princess or something like that says:

    that 4th picture is amazing dear, just beautiful 🙂

  12. miruna says:

    these images are so calming and stylish! truth is a long black minimalist dress like that is a must i think. and you look divine :*

  13. ribbons and candy says:

    thanks for the advice darling :* i have some items i didn’t dear to wear until now, but what the hell, i like them and i will wear them 🙂 right?

  14. Emanuel I. says:

    Hey… superba esarfa.
    Chiar imi aminteste puternic de origini.
    Love you dear.

  15. Mona says:

    Da, da, si mie imi plac esarfele astea de nu mai pot! Pacat ca mama mea a dat toate lucrurile ei, nici cu bunica nu am avut noroc, a pastrat doar cateva rochii.

    Tu arati grozav asa! Rochiile create de tine sunt minunate!

  16. Viviana B. says:

    Multumesc, Ana! Am cumparat una identica vara trecuta dintr-o piata din Moscova si de atunci ma tot uit la ea si nu prea stiu daca sa o scot in lume si cum.:))) Imi era frica sa nu o integrez gresit intr-o tinuta si sa ii stirbesc din frumusete. Acum m-am edificat :)))))

  17. miha says:

    ah, ce frumos! si eu am imprumutat de curand o esarfa cumparata pe vremuri din Rusia de la mama din dulap pt o postare 🙂

  18. Alexandra Botezatu says:

    Nu stiu de unde ai tu esarfa, dar eu o am de la mamaia. Avea doua, una o poarta cand se duce sa adune gastele de pe islaz, iar pe a doua o tinea ” de buna “. Avea doua, acum are doar una 😉

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