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4 April 2013 / By / 13 Comments

Ana  the little countess from High Street Cardigans


.One thing among others that I love about my life are the small adventures  Serban takes me to. No, no this is not a juicy post, breathe people, breathe.

On Monday I was in the city, having some meetings and running  some errands I had to do,  when Serban called and told me that in the evening we’ll leave for two days to a beautiful manor in the country. Serenity, quiet, birds singing, silence, a chic mental hospital vibe like.

I am always  both “yey” and “ney” when I hear this kind of news, “yey” because I love to disconnect and “ney” because I don’t wanna leave the city cause I have so many things to do (I am secretly turning into a workaholic, I can feel it)

Disconnecting from the city madness made me think of how much time we spend being focused, working, meeting people, doing this and that and how much time we spend listening or doing other stuff – like…gardening. Yes, I’ve seen some people there doing this and got me thinking:

When did we forgot about these relaxation activities?

Maybe when the social media appeared…


mai buna .

Remember how your parents spent their free time and be inspired.

Going to your grandparents and working in the garden, going to the open air cinema or theatre. Sharing a cake, going hiking, reading  the books you had in mind since ages to read (on a bench, in a park), going to the library and borrow books. Do some open air sports.

Find those things that can help you disconnect from the city madness. If only for a couple of hours or days, it depends on how brain damaged you are (#smile)





There is an article about personal shopping and me in the printed issue if  THE ONE Magazine this month so check it out if you want.

Thank you Elenaaaa.

Ana is in The One Magazine




Don’t forget the Stephan Pelger tee you can win! (#cool, #smile, #heart)






Ana de Morodan



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  1. Anaivilo says:

    I get your feeling..it’s both good and bad to leave the city for good relaxing time (Serban is very lovely with his surprises!)
    Congrats for the article!!:D

  2. creme de la creme says:

    nice mood today, dear 🙂 we love the city, but boy, oh boy, do we need to unplug from it sometimes, even if we are taken by force!

  3. ancapink says:

    UUU exciting news, must go buy that magazine!

  4. cool babe says:

    You are so lucky with Serban! good for you, girl! Love the article in The One

  5. glam and glam says:

    What a glamourous way to disconect dear! It’s like you’re living a fairytale :*

  6. high heels says:

    Well, I agree about the social media, it kinda made us forget about all those nice ways to
    relax. Good point!

  7. i love fashion says:

    Is that you introspecting? 🙂 Like a true lady!

  8. miruna says:

    I adore gardening, I inhereted the skill from my grandmother, and I miss it. Thanks for reminding me dear 😉

  9. princess or something like that says:

    The One is the best, and so are you! Congratulatins on thearticle, can’t wait to read it

  10. charlene says:

    Love the skirt in the article!

  11. charlene says:

    And the shirt!

  12. Georgiana says:

    Eu locuiesc in mediul rural, aproape de Bucuresti si daca vreau sa ma relaxez sau sa lucrez in gradina, trebuie doar sa ies in curte.

  13. Interesting article … finally I bought the magazine.

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