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it’s Tuesday. My head is spinning and cliche or not, I’ve come to the point when I desperately dream of those weekend days.

Despite this minor fact I want to tell you something else today.

I’m sure you have noticed, especially the ones of you who are good at this, that I use the same lipstick color and blush, and a little mascara in 90 per cent of my pics. Well, those of you who get to see me live on a daily basis know that this is the real make up that I use.

I use it because I like this natural vibe with only a touch of wildness (the red lipstick, duhh). I think I like this  because it reflects my natural way of being. I like to think of myself that no matter how cynical or crazy other people might think I am (and they are totally right), I’m also down to earth, not that bitchy (in my good days – four/month) and pretty sensible (ok, I post pictures with my aristocratic like universe – I have delusions of grandeur and I’m also sensitive to this shit, and also to many other shits).

Now that the moment of bragging passed here’s the deal, summarized cause I know I bore you.

I’m a mess when it comes to make-up. I don’t posses any kind of talent. God knows I’m not lying, just pay attention to my pics. I don’t know who to apply a mascara and my lipstick is always spread up to my ears.

It’s my limit, I admit it.

But, God always has mercy upon my soul and last month sent me to check out the new make-up line in town – Emotional Brilliance by Lush

Now, here’s my arguments why I loved it and stated using this new make-up line (you know, I’m not promoting stuff I don’t believe in on High Street Cardigans):

  • it’s made 100% from natural ingredients
  •  it’s handmade in Lush’s laboratories after without aromatic oils and with the most fresh ingredients
  • they use bee wax and different oils for moisturizing the skin
  • they last a hell of a time on your eyes and lips
  • I found exactly the red color perfect fitted for my lips
  • They are natural and the risk of giving  you wrinkles over time is minimal.

Above you can see the products I tested.
You should really try them out.

Ohh and I forgot to tell you, they last a hell of a lot of time. 

My fav eye make-up from the line

Translucent powder and foundation cream

Black Mascara

And my personal loveRed Lipstick in my fav overtones – I use it daily



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