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12 September 2012 / By / 6 Comments

You are all familiar by now with my delusions of grandeur and with my attraction for aristocracy and all the 19th century lifestyle.

Another thing I’m sure you are also familiar with are Mirela Diaconus designs.

If somehow you’ve missed it, below, you see me wearing the Mirela Diaconu designs I loved most last week. All in a short story that we absolutely adored on making.

Details of the story:

What if we were modern heiress, who lead extravagant lives. Like Peggy Guggenheim or Cleo de Merode, Nancy Cunard or Anna de Noailles.

How would our mornings look?

Well, pretty glam, I’d say.
Something like this maybe?!?

The first stop will be at the bank, naturally. You need you cards filled for the day.

After that, a pit stop to buy some art. Your entry lobby needs redecorating and you need some art for you garage too. The rest of the chateau is already filled.

You’re hosting a dinner party tonight. Half of this shop will be enough for all your five guests. Your chauffeur is carrying the bags to the car while you decide to buy the other half to the store. “It’s better to have leftovers than not to have enough”.


And finally, you spend you day with interesting people, talking about the difference between surrealism and abstract painting, asking yourself if Pluto is still a planet or if they (the scientists) decided otherwise and drinking numerous glasses of wine before noon.


 Mirela Diaconu dresses

© Serban Cristea

The End (?!?!)

Now, back to Mirela, who inspired this small play.

I found in her atelier many dresses that I would have loved to take home with me.


Because her clothes are made for the modern woman. Romantic, feminine, very comfortable and with that touch of extravagance that we all love.

You know, I have another standard when I start thinking about the impression people make on me.
It’s how they are as a person, how they speak about their clients and how they treat the people working in their atelier.

Mirela won my heart in this matter. She works side by side with her sewing ladies (I can certify that, I’ve seen her a million times). She constantly says that the people in her atelier are like her family.

And you know, I have never met a single woman dressed in Mirela Diaconu  and is not satisfied and in love with her item.

I for one, I felt like  a modern countess while wearing her designs. She totally won my heart by default because of that.

You should visit her atelier. She will wait for you with marmalade and cookies (how nice is that?!?) in Petre Cretu street, nr.64 A. Call for appointment first at 0721 930 026, 0746 116 256.

This fairytale ended but there are many more to come because Mirela is designing one for you every day. 




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  1. 1234 says:

    Wooow,you are so beautiful Ana-Maria (as all the time), specially on the first pic. This dress really fits with your photo novell.
    I have read you blong long ago and stil my favourite, reflects a life that I should live!

  2. Emanuel I. says:

    Geniala idee.
    Numai tu puteai fi.
    Rochiile sunt magnifice, diose (adica de zeite).
    Cat despre Serban, pozele lui sunt din ce in ce mai bune.

  3. just claudia says:

    Hey, Ana ! Fotografiile tale arata demential….ca intotdeauna 🙂 Cat despre Mirela si creatiile ei…superbe !

  4. blue roses says:

    wow, these designs are so sophisticated and whimsical…. a bygone era of elegance, yet, still modern with her choice of bold and soft hues interplaying, her lovely draping. what a fun photo shoot! you look absolutely stunning; the styling is perfection!

  5. Anaivilo says:

    I am crazy in love with your earrings! O.O Great dresses and great photos as always 😉

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