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18 November 2015 / By / 17 Comments

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I`ve just realized that caught in the latest events and in my daily hectic routine, I forgot to show you these pictures I took while my friends and I were  visiting Cip in Barcelona. The sunny Autumn day, this red dress, our laughter and the icing on the cake: those cute white pigeons (they look so royal, no?)…I remember the moment I saw them…it felt like a petite magic trick.


And while we`re at it, the little moments of happiness that is,  the other day I was asked  which moment of happiness I would put on repeat and live over and over again. 



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Ana Morodan 8Clara Rotescu dress – vintage bag – Laura 8 earrings – Louboutin heels 

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu 




Pffff, I don`t have just one moment like that. I have a whole amount of moments like that. So after weighing carefully, I`ve (logically – ocd idiot) made a list:


  • When I was part of something like this


  • I would like to live these Autumn vibes over and over again. Actually, I would like each weekend to be Autumn. You, other seasons lovers,  can have the week days.


  • When my fiance told me for the first time that he loves me. #chessy I know, leave me be. I`m a romantic prick.


  • When I opened my showroom and I was in my pajamas and the first customers arrived. It was memorable (I`m live super close to my office and showroom so yes, I have days when I go in my pajamas, be prepared in case you stop by1b )


  • Well, I would like the moments when I eat a Pavlova cake to repeat themselves every day. And not to get fat because of them #nothappening


  • Those moments when I meet people who tell me they are inspired by what I do and that they find on this blog  the drive they need to fight for their dreams. That`s overwhelming and awesome and I want those moments forever.



Right now, when I remember these little moments of happiness and when I realize that they are part of a bigger picture: my life. My cool life. So yeah, I think it`s actually true what they say: Focus on the details, they make the design.  6b


Thank you Danone Cremoso for asking about my happiness moments. It was a cool exercise.

If you think about one of these moments share it below. Besides getting some positive vibes while thinking about it, you`ll have the chance to enter and to WIN one of these shopping vouchers. 





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  1. Tatiana says:

    rochia iti vine perfect si pozele cu porumbei sunt geniale 😉

  2. Jana Ionescu says:

    cred ca momentul in care am aflat ca sunt insarcinata a fost unul dintre cele mai frumoase din viata mea

  3. lavinia says:

    Barcelona, my love <3

  4. laura_love says:

    I have a ton of these moments, Pavlova involved as well 🙂 I’ll have to count my Chanel bag too #shallow :))))))

  5. Nora says:

    Poza cu picioarele parca e o reclama, e geniala

  6. liliana kitty says:

    :))))))))) gif-ul e dementaaaaa

  7. Anne says:

    You look French in Spain 😉 love the look

  8. Iuliana Cristina says:

    Eu as vrea sa fie vara in fiecare weekend. 25 de grade, ceva superb

  9. alexutza says:

    vaaaaaai, cum e momentul cu lampioane, magic. MA GIC <3 <3 <3

  10. Daciana says:

    Momentul in care am fost ceruta in casatorie claaaaar 🙂 romantica incurabila

  11. dia says:

    Autumns in Barcelona are the best ❤️

  12. mariana mincu says:

    superba. si as pune pe repeat prima mea vacanta la barcelona 😉

  13. Olivia says:

    last Christmas 😉 it was spectacular

  14. doina popa says:

    primul “te iubesc” claaar 🙂 au trecut 10 ani de atunci :))

  15. Denise says:

    My visit to Paris, it was out of this world

  16. corina tudoran says:

    hmmmm, New York, Tokyo, Londra, Mexic. toate pe repeat, ador sa calatoresc,sper sa inventeze meseria de turist pretty soon :))))

  17. bianca says:

    prima zi de scoala :)))) I mean PRIMA

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