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ana at casara





smiling ana

ana morodan





casara deco

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ana s window at casaraMalene Birger blazer, H&M jeans, Smiling Shoes heels, Celine bag

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




It is a known fact that I have this fascination with Casara Home & Deco. That’s why when they asked me if I want to decorate their Spring windows I said “yes” in an instant.

I must confess, it was easy-peasy!

How come?  You may ask…

First of all, I had the perfect props to work with. Tones of drapes from Designers Guild, shabby chic furniture – just say that the white chair my purse is laid on is not femininity at its highest furniture level – and most of all, tons of tea cups, tea kettles, beautiful flower decorated plates, dreamy pottery and that chess table that looks so Alice in Wonderland. I’ve made a small tea saloon in one window and a garden soiree decor on the other.

Sure, it was a bit tough to arrange and carry them all on high heels but you must understand noblesse oblige (#kidding #notserious #maybeunpoquito).

After a few hours of arranging and thinking stuff I was finally done…and wanted everything I picked to be delivered at my house prontoooo!!!

No, nope, can’t do that. Snap out of it you little idiot, the windows must look awesome, focus on that you damn shopaholic!

That was my mind talking. However, I did not leave empty handed, still found some pretty awesome stuff among Casara‘s new deco object that had but absolutely had to be brought home.


I named my visual decorator work  “Primavara Anei at Casara because my Spring is not about new beginnings but about keeping your own universe alive this season also.


 .Yoko Ono once said that

“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”


Build you own story, season after season. Don’t just start over.


Thank you Casara for allowing me once again to realize that!



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is





Casara Home&Design_CMYK_300dpi

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  1. Diana says:

    Felicitari, Ana, pentru inca un proiect reusit 🙂
    o primavara frumoasa 🙂

  2. lala says:

    what a warm and wellcoming place !

  3. lala says:

    what a warm and inviting place, very nice 🙂

  4. Die Style says:

    arata splendid Ana! felicitari din suflet!
    abia astept sa ajung acolo, am pus ochii pe cateva obiecte must must must have!

  5. Fete Fine says:

    foarte frumos, look-ul tau iti vine perfect, si pantofii sunt frumosi! beautiful place!

  6. ana banana says:

    este pur si simplu de vis! congrats, it looks wonderful dear!

  7. J.S. Luna says:

    oh wow those cute rabbits are so awesome :))))

  8. fiona hey says:

    hmmm hmmmm!!!! couldn’t help but nOtice THAT GORGEOUS CELINE BAG! aaahh…

  9. ralucutza says:

    mie una imi place masuta de sah, e superba <3 <3 felicitari, totul arata foarte frumos, si stiu asta fiindca am remarcat schimbarea minunata cand am trecut pe viu prin fata vitrinei 🙂 trec pe acolo in fiecrae zi in drum spre work

  10. TEO says:

    true wisdom Ana, we need to keep building what we have started & loved the quote

  11. Chic&Chic says:

    shabby chic makes just wanna scream!!!!! aaaa! 🙂
    like this place a whole lot! congratulations on the beautiful windows!

  12. zizi girl says:

    looking great in leoprard print shoes!

  13. Caludia Manea says:

    <3 <3 loving the pink tea cups <3 <3

  14. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    i am stunned, you can do so many things ana! and i love it, you have great taste the place looks great and so do you darling!

  15. Style Bomb says:

    the white desk with the oval mirror looks gorgeous! need it!

  16. Operatiunea Dulapul says:

    imi place la nebunie tunsoarea asta, iti vine foarte bine 🙂 toata tinuta este foarte misto, chic si relaxata, jeansii iti vin extraordinar (mie nu mi-ar veni atat de bine pentru ca nu am conformatia ta, dar arata foarte cool), iar geanta…oh…

  17. Passion for Style says:

    what a nice surprise, i must pay them a visit then <3 my favourite style advisor and blogger + my favourite deco place came together <3 yummy!

  18. hermina toma says:

    pantofii sunt criminali,
    mi i-am comandat 🙂

  19. sonia constantin marinescu says:

    eu tocmai m-am mutat intr-o casa superba, din care cam lipsesc scaunele, asa ca am pus ochii pe fotoliul rosu (e superb) si pe scaunele albe, scara o fi de vanzare? masutele albe foarte dragute, s-ar integra bine. Doamne, ajuta-ma! ma duc sa le fac o vizita sper sa nu-mi golesc complet contul!! 🙂

  20. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    🙂 “Primavara Anei” suna foarte dragutz, inspirata povestea

  21. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    i would so drink tea and play chess at that table all day! lovely, just lovely!

  22. Nobody's Wife says:

    tha blazer is so my style, i really like it!

  23. Andreea says:

    Everything is gorgeous,glamorous…you ,shoes,that chess table, the tea set…like,like,like…and that place…mmm that place is special if a discution about a book tell you something :)))

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