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24 October 2015 / By / 5 Comments

Ana Morodan 3Pnk Casual dress – Gabriela Dumitran hat – Calvin Klein sunglasses 




I hope my aunts who called me a lazy bones while growing-up (you know which one of you I`m pointing too, not you aunt Eva), see this. Well dear tarty aunts, I`ve become a super multitasker #EatYourHeartOut



*Do you think it`s visible that I use Liquify in this pic!!?! Nooooooo 2b










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  1. Cristina says:

    Geniala poza, asa ma visez si eu, sorbind din doua smoothies in timp ce altcineva imi face parul :)))

  2. larisa says:

    the hat is to die for

  3. Ivonne says:

    Multi task is the future 😉

  4. carla says:

    that dress, e perfecta, e pe wishlistul em <3

  5. Andrada Nitu says:

    da, da, mi-e atat de cunoscuta aceasta postura. this is me every morning, cu pampers si suzeta included :)))))

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