Confession Nr. 5

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6 February 2018 / By / 7 Comments

 Have I ever told you that each year, both in January and around my birthday, I visit tarot readers, aura reading and reiki specialists, even bio therapists? I can’t remember. I may have. I’ll ask my fortune tellers.

So, this is what I’m freakin’ doing each year. I say freakin’ because some of you may  freak about it. A bit. A bit more if you are Cristi Misti from #TheMoffice. I have a mystic side and I am a Capricorn, for God’s sake. Mystic in a mystic way, not in an occult one. This frantic situation doesn’t last too long. Fortunately. And this means that I don’t take for granted all the things they predict or suggest I should do. Actually I may not pay attention at all, therefore this year I started to record these meetings just so I would remember what I was told. Thing is I get to know myself better during these meetings. And no. I do not sacrifice any type of animals for a better future. To be honest the best thing I love about this mystical tradition of mine is that it gives me that 19th century feeling. You know that in those times this was their social activity, right? Like their own social media? Might be. Remember my visit at Iulia Hasdeu? Well, her father talked with her through…never mind, you’ll freak out?

 Told you I’m a old flower babette #forLIFE

Before I go, here’s a dose of realness from the office.

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  1. Doina Paraschiv says:

    si eu sunt innebunita dupa horoscopiste si tarotiste. <3

  2. Gabriela L. says:

    Nu esti babetta, esti o minunata cu suflet batran. Te iubesc.

  3. Paula Dan says:

    Ce tare e postarea de la Iulia Hasdeu. Nu stiu cum de mi-a scapat. cool!

  4. Oana Pop says:

    si eu sunt tot Capricorn. Doamneeee, cat suntem de minunate! :))

  5. Diana says:

    Iti sta perfect in rosu. Imi place la nebunie camasa

  6. Andreea Lupan says:

    M-am tuns ca tine si ma simt minunat. Multumesc ca ne inspiri.

  7. Ramona says:

    Ola, chica! <3

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