Color Coordinating with A Superstition

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16 November 2015 / By / 12 Comments

Ana Morodanm

Ana Morodan 2

Ana Morodan 1m

Ana Morodan 4 Ingrid Vlasov dress – Gabriela Dumitran hat – Hardot heels 




  • well, if social media is a`showing everything to the world` channel, here`s me while I was waiting for my skirt to be ironed 



  • Michael Jackson had his shiny glove as a porte-bonheur , I have a red hand. Don`t ask…basically a shaman told me that a red hand is my lucky charm so basically I spent a week trying to find one. I found this on iLUX



  • Did I tell  you that I`m turning into a Justin Bieber fan? I can feel you judging….:)))


  • I kinda color coordinated with a superstition today. You`re wondering, don`t you? And I`m going to tell you. The Red Hand, as calculated according to my sign and birth dates, means for me – The Hand of The Emperor and it`s meant to help me concentrate better on what I plan to achieve. Not much hocus/pocus. It`s all meant to help me focus my mind. Placebo or not, I hope it will work. 



  • I don`t want to keep looking for the light. I want to become light itself. But first I have to wear a skirt.




Goodbye people. See you tomorrow. 











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  1. alexa says:

    e foarte tare mana, iLux e plin de chestii speciale. PS: I would love that dress

  2. Eliza Brezoianu says:

    cred ca si eu am nevoie de un astfel de talisman 😉

  3. despina_love says:

    RED is my fav color, I love it. And the hand is an awesome deco object

  4. Loredana says:

    eu sunt in faza Taylor Swift, l-am abandonat pe Justin pentru ea :))))

  5. radulescu oana says:

    citeam asta zilele trecute si quite, si tu ai un lucky charm 🙂

  6. Irma says:

    am redecorat de curand si iLux a fost my partner in crime 😉 I love it

  7. Anda J. says:

    biroul tau e de poveste <3

  8. Ioana Radulescu says:

    Bluza e superba, pur si simplu perfecta

  9. teo popa says:

    palaria perfecta, as purta-o non stop

  10. koko says:

    white roses, my absolute love

  11. Steffy says:

    Bluza e o bijuterie, pur si simplu perfecta

  12. ecaterina dinu says:

    Eu am cristale care sa ma ajute sa ma concentrez 🙂

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