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morodan loves eva culture Morodan wearing Eva Culture detsils smiling morodan

anamorodan comI am wearing and Eva Culture dress, Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes tigh high boots, a Celine bag, vintage pearls and a Cartier bracelet

Photos by Virgil Hritcu




Some say women are weak. Some say powerful women lose their femininity. Some say brains cannot coexist with beauty and some say that having it all it’s a myth.

Well, Aura Cercel, the owner of Eva Culture has it all! Style, charm, talent, the mind for business and strength! A lot of strength! Because to succeed like she did you kinda need a whole lotta strength!  I know for sure that I am right because it’s seven years now since I know and follow Aura’s evolution into the fashion business. I remember that first time I fell in love with her necklaces! They are so royal, precious and lady like. A true statement of style. After that I started to see her dresses on the Hollywood stars and found out that Aura had moved to L.A. and made it big there!

A few weeks ago I’ve met this magical woman and I cannot tell you how much admiration I carry for her. She works her but off day and night, she keeps her studio here and has another one in L.A.. She worked with so many Hollywood stars that if I’m gonna start writing them here I’ll have to read their names a whole hour. And above all, Aura did not forget to be kind and gentle with the people around her. And that for me it’s a hell of a big deal!


I am extremely grateful  for being able to collaborate with such an amazing brand like Eva Culture and I want you guys to stay tuned for the adventures to come because I can promise you one thing – they will be filled with charm and style because Eva Culture does that. This brand makes women feel like they can conquer the world. And guess what? You actually do!



          Now, I’ve prepared this surprise for you. Just the celebrate the weekend. Are you ready?


wait waittt I have a surprise


Ana giffing .


Sure I was making stupid faces. This is what I know best. Au revoir kittensss



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



Eva Culture lover Morodan

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  1. ANA says:

    thigh high leather boots si o rochie cu print de pene din matase, e absolut divin!

  2. gina's cat says:

    “Aura did not forget to be kind and gentle with the people around her” this so important indeed, and so many forget what it actually means…glad you are not one of them 🙂

  3. Stylish Babes says:

    love the post today, kindness and strenght go together, glad you think so dear! very cool playful outfit! looooove the dresssssssss

  4. Luana Toma says:

    ce minunat e sa aflu povesti ale unor femei puternice, “femei” in adevartul sens!

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