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morodan and her perfect boots

THe Smiling Morodan


the black ones

Hello perfect shoes

details of Ana at Smiling Shoes

Smiling Shoes and Ana Morodan

© Virgil Hritcu




Yes, it’s finally here! Thank you so much for waiting, asking about it and even pre-ordering items from my capsule shoe collection for Smiling Shoes.

This collaboration has a special place in my heart because of the adventures we had to go through to finish it and because of the two Smiling Shoes sisters who are highly professional and extremely fun. We matched perfectly!

This capsule collection gathers together my latest shoe dreams and I hope you guys will adore it as much as I do!

I wore them all more than once and they’ve made me feel exactly how a perfect shoe should make us feel – sensual, powerful and self confident.


I always dreamt of finding a pair of boots which inspire sensuality but are not to “in your face” so The Black Eva thigh high boots are just what I’ve imagined.

The Miss Antoinette bow pumps are a combination of lady like design with an edgy vibe.  They will be among my favorite pairs of shoes for a long time.

The Beige Independent Lady pump inspire strength and determination so it was necessary to have a pump like this in my collection – yeah, I’m a little powerful midget (!!??)

The Everyday Statement pump was designed to give that sass to our basic outfits that can make us feel edgy and super fashionable.

The Carine Statement – Well, they won my heart from the first time I saw them in a prototype phase and all I can say is that I’m gonna wear them non stop in the next period of time!





The Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes capsule collection is not a peak of originality, it has its inspiration drawn from moments or pictures that made me tick in a way or another. You know I never claimed I was a designer or an original mushroom. However, this collection is a real evidence of what I like and what makes me happy right now and sharing it with you is a huge of a deal!



*You can shop the Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes capsule collection at Smiling Shoes.com



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Smiling Morodan

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  1. Amanda says:

    Excelenta colectia! Ana, esti o neobosita sursa de inspiratie! As vrea sa am toata colectia:) dar cred ca in final voi alege The Black Eva! Congrats!

  2. Ioana says:

    It is wonderful and it does speak for you! Amazing pieces! Definitely wanna own at least one! Congrats and best of luck in your future endeavours!!!

  3. Lina Maria says:

    very cool, nu sunt un fan al cizmelor peste genunchi, dar pe ceilalti i-as purta non stop

  4. Georgette says:

    ah! the high boots! aaahhhh….

  5. Miruna Ion says:

    ii ador pe toti, foarte bine alesi, foarte pe gustul meu :*

  6. Tache Ioana Paula says:

    si iata raspunsul meu la intrebarea: de unde imi cumpar pantofi romanesti misto?!

  7. Style&Stuff says:

    oh my, the bow shoes! need to add them on my feet! and to my collection!

  8. Ginger Girl says:

    mmm the grey boots are perfect for my red hair 😀 and the whole outfit actually!
    what am I saying, i love all of them, love what you picked out, great style!

  9. carmen del mar says:

    pretty nice collection, i would wear all of them! to start with I ordered the beige independent!

  10. Chic&Chic says:

    you go girl! love them so much!

  11. Samantha J. says:

    you have conquered me with the everyday statement pumps, they look really great.
    and it seems you have also conquered a cab! :)))))))))))

  12. cathy says:

    congratulations, this is a big deal, i am sure it will be a great success because they look amazing! lovely job

  13. kiki J says:

    darling (talking to my boyfriend now), this pair is a must, i do NOT have too many shoes! i do not! one miss antoinette for me please!

  14. ophelia nora says:

    ce sa mai, m-ai dat pe spate, si mi-am si comandat o pereche (the carine statement, of course!) perfecte intr-adevar pentru vremea asta, exact ce imi doream sa gasesc!

  15. mara says:

    felicitari Ana! arata splendid, si faptul ca sunt confortabile suna extreeeeem de tentant

  16. TEO says:

    i am a heel girl, so you got me 😉 they look really nice and chic

  17. E geniala colectia! As cumpara-o pe toata, daca as putea 🙂

  18. Superba colectia! My fav Miss Antoinette <3

  19. Soos Cristina says:

    Wowww superba colectia Ana, am zis !
    No.1 for me : The Black Eva <3
    Pupici :*:*

  20. Oana BARBU says:

    The Miss Antoinette bow pumbs sunt atat de feminini si versatili in cat le-as face un piedestal si un eveniment de lansare numai lor 🙂
    Se vor comanda!

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