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24 August 2015 / By / 19 Comments

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I swear to God I tried. I actually try everyday. Each morning when I step into my dressing room I say to myself: `Morodan, today is the day when you`ll find another obsessive color. One to replace Black.`


And I do find colors. And wear them. But not one gives me as much power as black does. Even today, when I`m wearing a basic dress (with a twist I may add  – notice the lower part_, black seems the perfect option. Except colored sequins which are my big/bigger/biggest obsession – recent evidence 1 evidence 2 – 


 Do you think this is all happening because when I was a child I was more fascinated by the witch than the princess? Negative characters have always been magnetic. And more challenging. They make you look at them closely and observe how they become bad in the first place. Oh, in case you`re wondering…it`s Poison Ivy. My fav villain.



Ana Morodan 3

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Ana Morodan

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Ana Morodan 1

Ana Morodan 8By Designers dress – H&M hat and bracelets  – Calvin Klein from Optiblu – Celine bag

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu




Here are my 3 Supreme arguments for why Black is my Powerful choice:



  • It allows me to go wild with accessories – which are my TRUE LOVE when it comes to feminine nimicuri


  • It always makes me look kind of dressed up. Even when I`m actually wearing a super old item.





I know, I know. I know, I have to tell. And you know I like to share my secrets with you so yeah, not forgetting here. We`re soul mates in this – The Basic black dress with a twist is from By Designers. – a new online shop I`ve discovered recently. Still set my eyes on a few items which need to be mine. Like this awesome blouse.









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  1. Federova says:

    Uahh, cate de faine sunt bratarile!!

  2. Popa Emilia says:

    Black is my happy colour! 🙂 Love it!

  3. Love the dress, adore the bracelets! 🙂

  4. alexa says:

    I love black basics too, they can be styled in so many ways

  5. Elena Nicolaescu says:

    multumesc pentru site, aveam nevoie de ceva haine fresh…si la reduceri :)) sunt super cool, iar rochia ta a fost prima pe care am luat-o 😉

  6. tatiana says:

    black will always be THE COLOR! if you don’t know what to wear, wear black :))

  7. otilia nastase says:

    esti super cute cu palaria 🙂 asa, Poison Yvy super cute

  8. irina says:

    bratarile sunt suuuuuper tari <3 <3 <3

  9. Cristina Kiki says:

    Marlene Deitrich is sooooo amazing, I love her style

  10. andra says:

    I love a great basic, and By Designers is full of great basics, I love it

  11. Lisa STAR says:

    great dress, black is the easiest color to style, and the most elegant of all

  12. Anca says:

    Hmmmm! Ai luat toate bratarile decla H&M!

  13. Ilona says:

    Desi de obicei ma imbrac destul de colorat, mi am dat seama ca black is my obsessive color too :)) pentru ca de fiecare data cand deschid dulapul prima piesa pe care pun mana e neagra :)))

  14. sorina says:

    A basic with a twist, pretty cool

  15. Adina Grigore says:

    By Designers e plin de chestii misto, e foarte tare ❤️

  16. cocco-rocco says:

    i love black and i love love your hat

  17. Violeta says:

    si eu ador rochiile negre, si pantalonii negri, si bluzele negre.. :))

  18. Katy says:

    esti superba in orice culoare, dar parca negru ti se potriveste cel mai bine 🙂

  19. ioana lidia says:

    basicurile negre ocupa cam 75% din dulapul meu, deci te inteleg perfect 🙂 rochia e foarte frumoasa, mai ales partea de jos, very cool twist

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