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Steve Madden shoes, the marvelous tights Delia got for me, vintage and Mango bracelets
Pics by Flavius Veliciu



I don’t know about you people but I was so not into Halloween this year!Now, you can see that in the pics I’m smiling and make lots of funny faces. That’s because these pics where actually taken on Friday, when I was with F to buy some pumpkins for my nephew.
And it was a lovely afternoon indeed, we laughed, joked and decided what costume to wear the next day.

The only difference was that we kinda partied hard Friday night so on Saturday we where like zombies the whole day, didn’t need to wear any costume:).

And Eric (my nephew) waited and waited for me to go and chop the pumpkins with him, cause we have this cool relationship, where we live in a fairytale and I always get to be saved by him and after that we make up the next chapter of the story and so on.

If he only knew that I was at home, on the floor with my head spinning and feeling like I was on a roller coaster the night before. I told him that I have to go at the office:(.

Maybe it will be a good idea for me to grow-up someday soon?!?! Nahhh I love being me, with all the craziness and all the idiotic conversations and all the insanely irresponsible weekends ;).

So it’s a fact…I went at a Halloween party, stayed for exactly 30 minutes, then ran home to bed. What did you guys do?

And I told Eric the truth on Sunday.
He said, and allow me to quote : ” Ohhh Ana you’ll never find Prince Charming if you’re acting like a villain”.
…hmmm who made you that smart??!?

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  1. Kalimero says:

    Very nice outfit, I love the electric blue of your dress and the pumkin’s color suit it well, too :D.
    We had a gorgeous Halloween, pics here:

  2. hahaha thoses children are really really smart. a friend’s daughter says that princess doesn’t wear trousers, so “you are not a princess, you are a prince”

    I was thinking about that for a long… she’s only 3 years old

    so lovely in this blue dress Ana!


  3. Andrejka says:

    You look great, Ana! 🙂

  4. Annelie says:

    Great dress!

  5. DeVero says:

    What a nice post:) I felt the same about Halloween this year!

    I love the dress! Is a Snobbish breakfast dress?

  6. Beau Bazar says:

    Dear, arati tres jolie! Rochia e superba, iar tu… speachless!

    Happy Halloween!


  7. Oh, my! Love the electric blue dress and the pumpkin detail:))))). You look beautiful.:)

  8. Diana says:

    this 2 colors go soo great together! I have to have a mini pumpkin necklace to wear with this kind of electric blue! 🙂
    you look amazing and you’re so lucky having such a smart nephew 🙂

    Is there a Starbucks in Arad and I did not knew until now? 🙂


  9. Bianca says:

    I went to a halloween party for kids…I was sad to not be at home celebrating- in costume- with all my besties!

    Halloween aside, I love your dress and jewelry, you have such a great work appropriate wardrobe!


  10. pysyka says:

    This is exactly what I did for Halloween, after spending a lot of time and $ for my costume, went at the party, met a few friends and came back home. Strangely I felt no regret, I just needed to be home, safe, tucked in my bed 🙂

  11. malori says:

    I absolutely love your outfit in this post! So beautiful. I’ve been following your blog for a while and this is by far my favorite ensemble.


  12. J.S. says:

    LOVE that bright blue dress…..


  13. Zuzele says:

    Te urmaresc aproape zilnic si I just Love you!:)

  14. si rochia? de unde e rochia? gorgeous outfit!

  15. Dani Freitas says:

    I love this kind of blue. It suits you a lot!

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