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30 January 2014 / By / 26 Comments


Snowwwwyy Morodan

helllllooooo snow

hellllooo morodan

perfect morodan


Morodan workinggg

fun fun funnn

I am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress

© Serban Cristea



I have decided. I love winter! Well, not love per se – focused on the cold, the dirt, the fact that my car is 3 feet under the snow  I sincerely consider to take a Xanax.


But I love SNOW! Maybe it’s the hormones, fuck knows, but lately I love everything that relates to all these simple pleasures of life – and I was a capitalist lover to the bones – nature’s miracles are on my number one list also. No, I`m not going mad here.


You may ask me why I decided to think so positively towards this “white hell” – I got pretty bored of  always criticizing everything just like most people do. It’s the rain, it’s the snow, the politics, the friends who treat us unfairly, the lover, the gym and so on. I’m sick of all of this judgmental crap. Everybody talks but very few Act. 


Anyways, let’s stay focused on the topic because this morning I have to run to H&M and speak with their visuals about the S/S trends and I’m in a bit of a hurry.


I live in the middle of the city,  in a big mansion with 6 apartments. My neighbors are all young people. Yesterday morning we all met accidentally outside, with shovels in our hands, cleaning our yard and the sidewalk next to our mansion.


We all looked at each other and somehow understood that we’re the grown-ups and maybe, just maybe, we have what it takes to be the change this country needs. #whoknows #wemight #CanIBeEvitaPeron ?



Yes, this is my face when I indeletnicesc in doing something.






music f









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  1. coco says:

    super! te asteptam si pe la noi! 🙂

  2. fla says:

    “every day I`m shovelling!!”and being fab while at it!!:D

  3. Cata Aura says:

    Eu tare-s curioasă… cu ce erai încălţată? :)) Aaa… şi lopăţica aia galbenă e senzaţională! :)) Have a wonderful day, Countess!

  4. Lucy's Closet says:

    cool attitude ana, that IS the spirit 🙂

  5. tania t says:

    great! i do not live near civic minded people but that doesnt mean i didnt shovel the snow! the outfit is beautiful

  6. francisca says:

    foarte tare tinuta ta in contextul asta rochia arata splendid contesa :*

  7. Dianaaaaa says:

    extraordinar sunt foarte de acord ! ador lookul e bestial

  8. Style Away says: <3

  9. Thomas Girl says:

    nice dress and fur loving the color palette

  10. Thomas Girl says:

    nice dress and fur loving the color palette
    i am a fan btw!

  11. lina maria says:

    te pup contesa :**** esti o inteleapta cu un mare stil!

  12. Wanda says:

    imi place rochia, the fur is also beautiful love how you put a sparkle in the look with that red hat < 3

  13. Elenush says:

    ana contesa mea preferata si stilata :)))) optimismul tau e de admirat!

  14. Chic&Chic says:

    mmm looking yummy! like a winter chic human cake 🙂 🙂

  15. popeasca says:

    yes we are, am acelasi sentiment cu generatia asta!

  16. fiona lewis says:

    u r stunningly gorgeous!!!!

  17. Anachen says:

    Nu pot sa cred ca exista atata zapada pe metru patrat! Oricum, poza a doua este geniala. Big, big like countess!

  18. Emanuel I. says:

    Dar lopata… Cum e lopata?!

  19. Draga mea esti geniala si stii asta! iar look-ul asta e bestial si lopata e pata de culoare in mod evident. Fiuh m-am linistit ca esti in bocanci, Go Ana!
    Zi si tu ca dupa 5 lopeti nu iti mai trebuie sala…

    Te pup esti foarte…harnica!

  20. loving the color combo! no matter what you’re doing, be fab while doing it! 🙂

  21. Alexandra says:

    m-ai inspirat! data viitoare cand imi deszapezesc masina o sa fiu mai stilata 😉

  22. Nabil says:

    I can’t belive what you did with this dres….. AMAZING <3 just casual outfit in casual situation… love it <3

  23. roxy says:

    Oh, you “indeletnicesti” bine 🙂 That’s the spirit, this is the style!

  24. Ioana says:

    Uuu..this is one for the books!

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