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lovely creatures

Morodan having fun

Ana and Roger smiling

josephine necklace


Roger and Ana

ana and roger


ana for jospehine

ana for josephine 2I am wearing an Andra Andreescu dress, Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes Black Eva boots and a Josephine custom made necklace

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev

with the extraordinary participation of Roger – Beatrice Andreescu’s exceptional friend



So, the weekend it is not a weekend per se anymore. Monday is starting to become the weekend for me. Saturday we had to film the next episode of  Kitchen Victim and on Sunday my personal shopping duties were calling.

Well, in between meetings and shops I had a free hour. What to do, what to do? Took my detox juice and went walking in the park. With all the snow, the nature is indeed surreal these days. It was Sunday, I didn’t see more than two people in the whole park. The snow under my feet, the cold silence of winter, the fact that for the first time I was dressed properly and I wasn’t cold, everything seemed to be so beautifully silent, peaceful and somehow weird, that I felt I may be on another realm.

Hey, there’s even a cleaned bench, no snow on it and ready for me to take a seat. Which I actually did. Right out of nowhere, an old lady appeared besides me. She was extremely elegant and refined, like an aristocratic mid-century duchess. We smiled cordially to each other.

“I know youuuuu, I walked with you once upon a dreammm.” she whispers.

Well, great, my only free hour, on Sunday, and I stumble upon another lunatic!

“You have such a beautiful necklace! It looks like it’s from another era, like it has a million tiny hidden stories trapped in it. It looks like it carries your soul in it…”

It was clear, the lady was fascinated by my Josephine custom made necklace but I can’t explain to myself  how she could see that I was  wearing it. I had two blouses and a coat on top of it. And a huge scarf.

In the next minutes she told me almost everything about me and about a few things that are written in my karma. She explained why I feel this obsessive connection with a countess, why I love aristocracy and why I drink my Starbucks latte from a porcelain cup (yes, I do that, it looks better).

I was bedazzled. I didn’t know what to say. I was touching my necklace and feeling that she did something to it. That now it has powers of it’s own.

“It’s the necklace, you dreamt it and wanted it right? And then you found the Josephine brand that custom made it for you, right?”

My mind was blown. How does she know? Am I  drunk? Have I taken any drugs? I’m tired but not quite THAT tired! Why this is happening to me? Again. I am the only person in the Universe that has to put up with so many weird things every month? And so on.

“I am going to go now. Oh, I haven’t asked you, where are you from?”

The internet, I replied and woke up on this blue couch next to Roger, the cartooned dog.






Ana de Morodan, the Josephine necklace lover

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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    Ce poveste frumoasa
    pentru o zi de luni <3
    Rodger este foarte handsome 😉
    Va pup pe botic pe amandoi :*:*

  2. fiona lewis says:

    great look and beautiful ambient 🙂 loving the colors

  3. Gina says:

    wow! i just fell in love with this necklace

  4. Die Style says:

    this story is pretty hard to believe for some, i am sure, although for me it is not. i know there are charming old people out there, i once met an old man who seemed to know things about me and his words still haunt me, these things are just magical 🙂

  5. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    <3 andra andreescu dress

  6. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    fermecatoare poveste, si fermecatoare imagini!

  7. XENIA says:

    uuuu custome made necklace, asta da veste buna, mi se pare un lucru minunat ca pot sa imi fac in sfarsit colierul la care visez! arati splen-did ana! love!

  8. zizi girl says:

    can’t wait for the next kitchen victim episode!!!!! muah!

  9. Ginger Girl says:

    how cute is taht doggie?!! nice story, it’s a sight that i must go out now and then to refresh my mind, i see interesting things occur

  10. camelia says:

    mi-am luat cizme ca ale tale :))) n-am mai rezistat! sunt foarte comode si versatile, le ador

  11. Passion for Fashion says:

    so, you carry a porcelain cup around to drink the coffee in it?? you a strange beautiful countess, i think your madness is what makes me adore you dear

  12. Baby Jean says:

    stunning look and shocking story <3 love it

  13. Fete Fine says:

    foarte frumos colierul, mi se pare fascinanta relatia ta cu bijuteriile

  14. Yasmina says:


  15. teodora z. says:

    esti plina de surprize, clar trebuie sa ies din rutina asta si sa merg si eu in parc in pauze, poate intalnesc si eu un personaj de poveste ca tine!

  16. Eugene Marie says:

    j’aime rogerrrrr <3 <3 <3

  17. Stylish One says:

    you are true sophisticated style ana, love the dress and the whole outfit, not to mention your lovely attitude and smile

  18. Hera says:

    geniala povestea ta de astazi, asa pe neasteptate ni se confirma destinul! arati de vis!

  19. popescu A. says:

    too bad you didn’t take a picture, ar fi fost cool sa o putem vedea pe doamna din parc langa tine, aducand vremurile de demult mai aproape de noi…love ya!

  20. Ilinca says:

    imi place la nebunie cum fotografiaza silvia :))) cata clasa in aceste imagini :)))

  21. Incantatoare poveste si imaginile sunt superbe. O contesa ca tine arata impecabil intotdeauna, deci nu are rost sa te mai complimentez 🙂 Roger e…pufos!
    ai sa razi maxim cand iti spun Eu, ca azi dimineata, zvarcolita in pat te-am visat. Eu chiar te-am visat, locuiai la curte, o curte pe masura si erau multe haine intr-o incapere si nu stiam unde sa mai scotocesc de incantare. Iti dau cuvantul meu de Fusta Cosmo. Are o explicatie logica si treaba asta, aseara m-am uitat la pozele tale de pe insta cam pe la primele…daca ma intelegi. Si treaba cu latte-ul si ceasca de portelan…ti-am zis odata ca asa m-ai cucerit cu ceasca si farfuriuta. Nu trebuie sa iti amintesti, imi amintesc eu 🙂
    O seara de luni, frumoasa!


  22. Diana says:

    Inca o tinuta superba, iar poza cu colierul la gatul pufosului…e grozava 🙂

  23. Oana says:

    You are absolutely fantastic. The story is fabulous and so are even the photos that you attached. I can say that I’m following you from a while and you became a sort of an inspiration for me. You are one of those persons that makes me proud to be romanian.
    Go, countess Ana!

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