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I’ve roamed high and low, far and wide, from the far Eastern sides of Asia to the South Americas. Yet, there is no place on this green earth that I love more than Italy. I feel like I belong, albeit not in present time. I think I might have been a countess here, way before the digital era. 

 Aunt Endora took her children, Watsy and Chyna. on a road-trip to Tuscany to show them some places where she would like to retire. Because I am (or will be?) old and dictating rules and strategies is my favourite activity, what better way to put the two of them in the context of the Tuscan life of yesteryear than to role-play a little bit?



Here’s the introduction of the legally binding contract they had to sign, written a few days before leaving for our Tuscan adventure.


Dear Watsy and Chyna,

I was very humbled to have the chance to talk about  Ferragamo Parfums line of niche perfumes, the Tuscan Quintessential Collection. After all, you know that Mother Dearest loves luxury and the finer things in life. This new line of perfumes is inspired by Tuscany’s traditions and beauty, so I decided to take you two there to see why I love Italy, and why I so closely resonate with these perfumes. Also, this is where I plan to move in my next years, in the beautifully manicured garden of a villa. Respect my rules and you we will split equally everything I own if we choose to live out our years together, under the Tuscan sun.





Italy is the cradle of renaissance. Tuscany is a historical time-capsule, and Florence is the cradle of Dante, the parent of the Italian language as we know it today. I can’t envisage a better place than the city or its’ surroundings to have our daily tea parties from 9AM to 11AM. Tuscany is like some sort of Eden, after all.





Before that, you have to find a building. I would prefer something built between the 14th and 16th century. Frescos in the main entrance and an extensive orangerie are a MUST. Don’t even dare propose any building that do not meet these conditions. The furniture has to be from the belle époque, in muted colours. Tapestry or chinoiserie wallpapers are a nice addition. Attributes that must be met are quality, creativity and attention to detail — exactly like the distinctive values of the Ferragamo brand. Imagine the perfection of a Salvatore Ferragamo creation.






For my bedroom, I want a mirrored cabinet for my new Ferragamo perfumes. Watsy, every Tuesday, between 5:12 and 5:16 PM you must spritz the curtains with Tuscan Scent Golden Acacia 6 times. After all, the room HAS to have that Tuscan scent, and this one I find very soothing and sensual. 






Tea parties start at 9AM every day and attendance is mandatory. The tea-room has to be spacious, filled with light. Every Wednesday, Chyna is to perfume my hair with Tuscan Soul Bianco di Carrara and my neck with Tuscan Soul Terra Rossa, precisely between 8:48 and 8:53 AM.

From 11AM to 11:32AM you have some time off to do whatever you want. Preferably water the plants, but that is up to you (no, it’s not). In the meantime, I will take a walk in the gardens, unattended. The gardens must have at least: one fountain, 26 lemon trees not taller than 34 inches, 12 pine trees lining the entrance symmetrically. These are the most important features, please find an in-depth list of everything else needed on page 39.






We will be having lunch at 11:32AM precisely and will chit-chat until 3PM. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, Chyna will be dresses in white and Watsy in Black. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, switch. After 3PM we will read the Divine Comedy together, over and over again, because it is the inspiration for my favourite perfume from the line, Tuscan Soul La Commedia. This perfume will need special treatment which I will outline in the second letter, along with the timetable for the second part of the day.

Please find the partition of the estates, fortunes and trinkets on page 78.


With all my love,

Aunt Endora


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  1. Patricia Tania says:

    Vaaaai ce frumoasa e rochia ???

  2. Ardina says:

    Nu am fost niciodata in Italia, dar pare absolut superb din pozele tale. Sper sa ajung si eu intr-o zi 😀

  3. Dorinaa says:

    Loving the new Ferragamo design for their perfumes, it’s so elegant. Can’t wait to see what they smell like too

  4. Anca Pavel Vlad says:

    Toscana is beautiful! ?

  5. polly says:

    Iti ador rochia, iar daca parfumurile miros cel putin 1% la fel de frumos pe cat e Toskana inseamna ca sunt de vis 😀

  6. anda panda says:

    ce pisi frumoasa, dar pe Fitz cand il mai vedem? 😀

  7. MissGrey says:

    Iubesc pozele astea, lumina e minunata iar tu esti asa frumoasa. Lovely!

  8. roaxana minea says:

    in LOVE with these photos & that dress, magical!

  9. Dariana Popa says:

    Oooh, abia astept sa incerc noile parfumuri.

  10. Fashionista says:

    These are some of your best photos ever!!! Wow!!!

  11. karla karla says:

    Nu mai am rabdaare, cand vei lansa noutatile pe Morodan shop? E divina rochia asta, divinaaa

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