Did You See Me On the Cover of Psychologies?

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27 May 2017 / By / 8 Comments

This is one of those chances that I am super grateful for. Being the cover girl for Psychologies is one of my top ambitions come true. Ever since I was younger, each and every time I read Psychologies I put the magazine down feeling smarter, more informed, more aware. Psychologies is in the intellectual glossy category so having my face on the cover makes me think I must have done something right. Because being just a cloth-hanger was never my thing. It was just a ramp to get myself out there.

I’m thankful to Iuliana Alexa, Psychologies’s editor-in-chief for believing in me and writing a story which portrays other facets of me; to all the Psychologies team for the work they put in; to Gabi Hirit for the cool pictures; and to RD Styling for mixing up my wardrobe in a very urban chic way. 

Even after all this time, I am still humbled in front of each and everyone of you who are with me on this adventure and for believing in one girl who 7 years ago put her mind to becoming the woman to conquer the world. 

Thank you!



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  1. Cristiana C. says:

    Te-am vazut si mi-a placut ?

  2. daiana vulpe says:

    f fain interviul, mi-a placut tare de tot!

  3. flower power says:

    Ai cea mai inspirationala poveste de succes ever!!!

  4. Laura Chilici says:

    Am citit interviul cap coada, I ❤️ u, dar am si eu o intrebare: crezi ca in ziua de azi se mai poate sa ai un asemenea succes daca incepi un blog de moda?

  5. karlaa says:

    Trebuie sa o iau neaparat! ???

  6. Alina Diana says:

    lovely interview <3

  7. O femeie puternica mereu stie ce vrea si cum sa reactioneze in orice situatie! Putine persoane ale sexului frumos sunt atat de tari ca tine! Bravo, te apreciez!

  8. Bry Jaimea says:

    Such a beautiful cover and such a wonderful accomplishment! Amazing for you xx

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