Are We Really Afraid Or Is It Just Fashionable?

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28 October 2014 / By / 20 Comments

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anamorodan comI am wearing H&M Studio boots, tights and blouse, a Cartier bracelet and Mono and Me, Brazilets and Societe Cerebrossa bracelets available on Societe

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev in Milan




I`ve just finished reading another DOVE study about colors (told you that being a DOVE DEO Ambassador requires reading about their researches and studies). About non-colors actually.

It was revealed that more than 75 per cent of the women participating at the study wear black and white because they consider these to be safe and professional color vibes but they don`t really love them. No, nope, rectification, only 12 per cent actually love wearing black and white. The rest of the women who participated at this Dove study consider that wearing colors is not professional enough, not serious enough and even childish.

I for one, I am in that 12 per cent. I really love and feel comfortable wearing non colors. No, it does not mean I am depressed, dark souled, a witch or an innocent (depending on the non-colors I am wearing that day), or any other myth you might have heard being associated with non-colors.

However, my Reiki doctor told me that I should wear some colors more often and he explained me their energetic benefits. Naturally, being focused on everything that involves mind and spiritual growth, I listened and it`s actually not that bad. Yes, I thought that wearing colors is as hard as eating raw.

Not that wearing colors proved to be not that bad but sometimes I feel much more vibrant and empowered when wearing a certain color. Not that black isn`t empowering but being worn every day it might lose its allure. And nowadays, because of Dove being tested on 100 colors, it makes wearing them easy and stain stress free.

If you choose to wear black or white and actually prefer colors, go ahead, take this `leap of faith` Who knows? It might prove to be much more charming and refreshing for you and the people around you than you`ve imagined. And this journey may take you where Dove always desired us to arrive – in the moment we acknowledge our right to happiness and beauty.

Dove wants to give women the confidence to wear more of the colors they like and make them feel beautiful. That`s why Dove created Invisible Dry, the first deodorant tested on 100 colors. From black to white and all the colors in between. Whilst it does not leave any marks on clothes, it contains all the 1/4 moisturizing cream, to keep your underarms beautiful.


Just imagine, a minimalist cut dress in a red blooded color – heads will turn I tell you, heads will turn.







Anetta Dovetta



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  1. queenie says:

    ador culorile! uneori chiar sunt acuzata ca fac exces, dar le ador!

  2. LooLoo says:

    love your outfit! you look great in those thights 😉

  3. Maxine says:

    a red dress just like the awesome boots you are wearing!

  4. Laura says:

    ador campaniile Dove! si da, deodorantul asta chiar nu lasa pete! va spune una dintre femeile care poarta 90% negru si are toate bluzele intacte!

  5. vivi says:

    ador sa port alb, desi uneori mi se pare ca o doar o culoare pentru vara

  6. andra enescu says:

    splendida tinuta, iar pata de culoare chiar e wow!

  7. Margot says:

    GREAT LEGS!!!!

  8. Vanessa P. says:

    Dove campaigns are soooo good! I always feel a boost of confidence after watching one of their videos!

  9. streetstyle says:

    great style! you look French in Italy 🙂

  10. Klara says:

    I will look into that Reiki thing you’re talking about! I think I need it baaaaad 🙂

  11. stanciu ionela says:

    ador cizmele!

  12. Chic&Chic says:

    eating raw is easier :))

  13. flory says:

    tinuta e superba, chiar daca eu nu prea port negru

  14. Nadine says:

    black is such a happy color! :))

  15. Calina says:

    subscriu la ce-a spus Laura. testat si paratestat, nu pateaza

  16. Hermina Stan says:

    Milano e absolut superb!

  17. sunnystyle says:

    gri e culoarea mea preferata . the perfect combination between black and white 🙂

  18. Maria_Stilist says:

    ador culorile si mai ales mixprinturile. mi se par foarte chic

  19. crina says:

    raw food is great for body and soul

  20. MagdaLena says:

    love the photos

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