5 THINGS that should be on your New Year`s Resolution list

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21 December 2012 / By / 12 Comments

So tell me, did you start making your list for the next year?

Well, I did. Although I’m not a big fan of these holidays (yes, I know that you know cause I’ve told you a trillion times) I love making this list every year. Sure that some points from it, like eat more green, go to the gym, wake up at 7 am,  never get done but I write them anyway. It somehow empowers me this fresh new start we build in our minds at every beginning of the year.

Along with the “nerver gonna happen” stuff  I always pay a special attention to the little wise quotes that raised my attention in the last months. Generally they are related to the attitude we should have towards each other and towards ourselves because there’s nothing more empowering in a lady than self confidence.

Here are some of the quotes I will put on my list this year, I hope they inspire you too.


I am wearing Antik Batik dresses from Quoi de Neuf Boutique
© Serban Cristea
Now, the most used question this month is “What I am going to wear these holidays?!”
I swear to God I get asked this at least three times in a day, that’s why I considered it useful to actually show you some options and today I picked two beautifully embroidered dresses from Quoi de Neuf Boutique.
Each time I wear stone embroidery I feel like a Russian doll. You know how their women always had the most beautifully embroidered dresses and the most amazing jewelry…yes, I’m under the Anna Karenina effect.
When wearing short embroidered dresses in winter I think it’s more lady like and sensual to wear them with black tights. Use only some neutral earrings and no other piece of jewelry, your dress already brought the sparkle to the party. Unless you are a delusional person that thinks she’s a little countess, case in which you are allowed to bring your tiara.
I’ve get acquainted with Quoi de Neuf Boutique a few months ago.and you feel in love with their summer selection now it will be a good idea to go and see their winter holidays dresses and cardigans. I assure you you will find the answer to “What I am going to wear these holidays?!”
I hope you guys find your most wonderful dress and I hope you built a great New Year’s Resolution list because this month is about that, about celebration an end and also a new beginning. So if this wasn’t the most wonderful year for you, raise you head high, gather new powers (I don’t care you are beat and feel powerless, find a source of power – highstreetcardigans.com anyone?!?) have confidence in who you are and keep on fighting for your dreams. No dream has ever came true without one putting some hell of a hard work into it, remember that. 


  • Elena, point taken! (wink)
  • Thank you to Maison 13 for letting us shoot in their amazing place

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  1. stilistele says:

    oh, New Year’s resolutions…when you’ve put on 30 pounds carrying a baby, the only resolution you can think of is get in shape and be your stylish self again…
    Btw, you look amazing and your plan is good; it needs work, but what good things don;t?
    Have a happy holiday, dear…:X

  2. sophie says:

    great post!
    nice adices! thnx for sharring!
    p.s. don’t miss my give away!
    Hae a happy holiday!

  3. Maria says:

    You are beautiful, sweet Ana! xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    absolutely love the ‘taste your words’ poster!

  5. Elena says:

    Thank you, Ana 🙂
    Happy hollydays!

  6. Ana says:

    I thank you for your words Elena 🙂
    I wish you lots of sunny moments these month.

    Lots of hugs,

  7. petitegigi says:

    Great post, Ana! Happy Hollydays!

    Georgiana (petitegigi)

  8. merry christmas, darling! best wishes! pupp

  9. Anaivilo says:

    That dress, in the third photo is just phenomenal!! Great post darling, inspiring indeed;)

  10. Emanuel I. says:

    Superbe tinute, geniala locatie.
    Vreau si eu acolo ca mi se potrivesc atatea “zicale”.
    Va pup, s-aveti sarbatori frumoase si sa ne vedem cu bine in noul an.
    :* >:D< <3

  11. Mademoiselle, do you ever look less than perfect?! 🙂

  12. Esti superba! imi plac ambele rochite!

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