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24 December 2012 / By / Post a Comment
© Serban Cristea

One of my biggest social pleasures is discovering beautiful places. From chic cafe’s (although I’m not a coffee fan) to fancy restaurants and belle epoque tea shops.

Have you ever entered a place and instantly wowed?

Each time I do that I feel like finding a hidden treasure. And is sort of like that because beautiful places are filled with good vibes. They make you marvel at their decorations, enjoy the menu, their staff is smiling and suddenly you feel like you’ve arrived on an enchanted realm.

As I told you above, I’m not a coffee lover, I’m a gin tonic lover instead. And when I’m not gin tonic-ing I go for tea. Fancy, cool, weird named tea.

“Camera din fata” (Mendeleev, 22) is a new tea/coffee shop that worths visiting. In today’s pictures you can see some details from it. What I love the most is that this tea shop has it’s own belle epoque story, along with delicious home made cakes and dozens of bio and organic tea types.

You know that I’m not a trend follower but this season I fell in love with velvet (a major trend).  My favorite velvet colors are emerald green, burgundy and the plum you see on the Lena Criveanu dress I’m wearing today. I paired it with statement gold pieces like this vintage necklace and ADR for H&M twin bracelets (my style signature)

This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you this lovely place. Who knows, maybe you will visit it and you’ll end up marveling and smiling like I did.

Sometimes, when I find a really beautiful and amazing place I burst into tears. My mother used to do that. I never understood her when I was little, now I’m doing exactly the same. The moral of the storyeither we like it or not, we all turn into our mothers, there’s no escape.

Now, the moment you’ve all been expecting for – the winner announcement for the Malvensky Charm Jewelry
If my counting is correct…
Dear Cristiana Daraghici,
Malvina will be so thrilled to send you your wish bracelet. I hope you choose your wish wisely and I’m sure it will become a reality.
This was Malvina‘s Christmas gift for you guys and I want to thank her for being so polite, warm and kind and for making this possible. I hope every one of you who reads this get the chance to meet her, you’ll understand how much positive energy this lady brings to the table.
That’s it for today, I’m off to Arad now.
Dress sexy for Santa tonight!
The Grinch

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