3 Effortless Ways to Sass Up Your Fashion Game This Autumn

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30 November 2015 / By / 6 Comments



yvybags Ingrid Vlasov dress – The Morodan by YVY Bags 

Photos by Anca Cheregi 




I`m over-ecstatic about this outfit I put together with this Ingrid Vlasov dress & The Morodan clutch by YVY Bags 9b




1. Maybe you`ve wanted this during every Autumn since you were 25 but somehow you never stepped up and actually do it – to wear warm/creamy shades in Autumn. Whites/Beiges/Camels on dresses or coats look sophisticated and refined. And you`ll feel like Mona von Bismarck during her castle days. You might consider adopting a pet. Think of a white one #haha



2. I`ve given up that `during cold seasons we non-stop wear boots or booties` habit – sure, I`m wearing boots also but not as an everyday rule. I`m embracing my fishnet obsession and I`m wearing high heeled shoes and even sandals. Yes, I feel cold sometimes but I rezist. I feel much more glam this way. And I look chic-er than infofolita pana in dinti. 



3. Sorry Edna but this Fall it`s all about CAPES. Change your usual coat with a cape. I have already four and I adore them. One from Morodan Shop, one from Laura 8 – I`ll show it to you soon, and two vintage ones. They are the absolute show stoppers. I`ll wear them forever. I`m sure. 














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  1. Monica Lazar says:

    Capes are so stylish and aristo, I love them

  2. flori says:

    wow, rochia arata minunat si se potriveste perfect cu decorul, parca esti dintr-o poveste

  3. Vera says:

    As vrea sa am curaj sa port sandale iarna, dar mi se pare un sport prea extrem

  4. Anda J. says:

    fishnets I love them

  5. carina vladescu says:

    ma bucur sa vad ca Ingrid Vlasov a revenit, creatiile ei sunt definitia feminitatii.

  6. Tina says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 the clutch

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