Spring Came With A Little Helper and You can WIN It

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2 March 2015 / By / 275 Comments


You know, a little lady who`s addicted to her beauty secrets may be une femme fatale. Emphasis on fatale. Fatale to herself.



Ana Morodan (5)



I don`t know how your story in the beauty world rolled but now that I remember how mine started…it explains a lot.
Ever since I was a little lady my mother was always telling me that natural beauty is the most beautiful and powerful. That I should not over react, as I sometimes tended to do, with make-up and beauty products. As a young woman my mother looked exactly like I do today. Better yet, I look almost identical with my mother in her 30`s.

We even have the same name just to make everything seem more Wes Anderson like. In my mid 20`s I was living under the impression that she did not influence me that much. Even though I was not using make-up at all (check 2010/2011/2012 on the blog), I was not dying my hair (never did, never will, lucky natural brunette bitch) and I was always matching my lingerie and socks with my outfit. Delusional, I thought that was all me.

One day, a year and a half ago, I was in Arad, at one of my parents soiree`s, when discretely mother approaches me – `You should use some blush and mascara for Christ`s sake`

!???@!@?! – wtf ?!@?!@?# You said that natural beauty is the greatest.

Sure. But I always said that some beauty secrets put natural beauty in a more shimmering light. You always hear only the half of the idea.

She turned around leaving a cloud of discrete frangipani perfume behind her.



Ana Morodan (7)

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan (6)

Ana Morodan (8)

Ana Morodan (12)

Ana Morodan (4)

Ana Morodan (11)

Ana Morodan (13)

Ana Morodan (14)

Ana Morodan (2)

Ana Morodan (10)

Ana Morodan (3)I am wearing Adidas sneakers, a vintage cape, a vintage bag -gift for the awesome Noemi and a Morodan Shop dress

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



That was the moment when my journey in the beauty world finally started. A little bit late I might add, hence my lack of dexterity – but since then things got pretty intense. I mean, it`s not enough to have someone to beautify you. I have to succeed in doing it on my own also. The problem is that I have two left hands.

After months of intense training and beauty secrets testing, I can finally emit some expert like opinions and today, I bring to you one wonder mascara: the Volume Effet Faux Cils from Yves Saint Laurent.
You know, I have this recognizable make-up – red lips, cat eye, blush. But what really gives the mysterious and sensual touch of my make-up signature is mascara.

Have been testing it for the last few weeks and my lashes look like they are Betty Catroux`s. As in, pretty mysterious and decadent without being too flashy.


Dear Volume Effet Faux Cils from Yves Saint Laurent,

You get my maximum bullet points for rocking my Mascaras which make me Pouf top.

And because I want you ladies to reach the same conclusions like I did, here`s a Spring gift from Yves Saint Laurent: for 6 lucky ladies, we have 6 precious mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils.


In order to WIN your personal Volume Effet Faux Cils from Yves Saint Laurent, you should leave me a comment in which you tell me how mascara makes you feel when wearing it. Don`t forget to add the #yslmascara hashtag in your comment.


You have two weeks,between 02nd March – 16th March. I`ll let know know the winners on the 17th of March and after the validation, your marvelous mascara will be with you in no more than 3 weeks time.

Good luck mes chers. I wish you an unforgettable Spring smile




UPDATE – and the 6 winners are:

1. Monica

2. Mihaela M

3. Candrea Nadia Alina

4. Andreea Popescu

5. Mira

6. Adina


Congatulations darlings heart ana










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  1. Ana-Maria says:

    I can only describe this feeling in one word: FABULOUS :)) That’s how an awesome mascara makes me feel!


  2. Florentina says:

    Avand in vedere ca Mascara este produsul esential al machiajului meu de zi cu zi, odata ce il aplic ma simt instant “awake”(treaza), seducatoare, irezistibila, feminina si am observat ca privesc oamenii direct in ochi, ceea ce ma face sa cred ca aceasta mascara imi ofera si incredere/ mai multa siguranta in mine..

  3. Alina says:

    When I have Mascara on, I see that I look more awake and fresh which tricks me into thinking that I am actually so full of energy and I don`t need any sleep that day to get everything done. And trust me, High School is the best place where sleep haunts you. Luckily, I know how to fight it by adding some extra volume to my lashes and some dimesnion to my eyes so that I see everything clearer.

  4. Alina Danciu says:

    My mascara makes me feel amazing, like giving me superpowers. I almost feel that my makeup is empty without it, even if it’s only mascara I wear, or if I apply it to complete a look. My mascara is like the ultimate secret, that reveals my inner personality, even when I choose not to speak. My eyes speak for me. #yslmascara

  5. mihaela says:

    Cand ma dau cu rimel, ma simt mai frumoasa, mai ingenua sau mai indrazneata in functie de cate straturi aplic :)) #yslmascara

  6. ELA says:

    Rimelul e indispensabil pentru mine.O privire poate spune multe,asadar rimelul ma face sa ma simt mai expresiva.

  7. ileana ene says:

    #yslmascara rimelul ma face teatrala

  8. Veronica007 says:

    mascara makes me feel sexy, it’s always been like this

  9. Maia says:

    mascara is the must have beauty product for me. I feel like a little princess when my lashes are dark and dense

  10. lucia ion says:

    ma simt speciala cand port rimel, parca vad o transformare din fata in femeie #yslmascara

  11. Miha Dumitru says:

    intotdeauna mi-a placut sa port mascara, ma simt pur si simplu altcineva. o femeie puternica si increzatoare #yslmascara

  12. KARLA says:

    Pentru mine mascara e arma secreta. Il folosesc rar, dar efectul e wow #yslmascara

  13. Georgeta Ilie says:

    ma simt luminoasa #yslmascara

  14. alexandra says:

    #yslmascara m-ar face sa ma simt mai frumoasa

  15. Paula says:

    sincer, mascara ma face sa simt ca am gene :)) si inca unele lungi si frumoase #yslmascara

  16. Jessica says:

    mascara makes me feel sexy 🙂 #yslmascara

  17. bianca simion says:

    tinand cont ca eu nu port nici macar mascara zilnic ci folosesc asta ca pe un truc in zilele mai speciale:) sunt convinsa ca mi ar prinde tare bine unul de la voi 🙂 #yslmascara

  18. Andra says:

    Mascara imi este indispensabila, imi face ochii si mai mari si imi intensifica privirea/culoarea ochilor. #yslmascara

  19. Andreea S says:

    When I am not wearing mascara I feel like I have no eyes. When I put it on…instant sexyness! #yslmascara

  20. Dana says:

    #yslmascara mascara ma face sa ma simt ca o vedeta de la hollywood.

  21. Buna! Cand genele mele sunt invaluite in mascara(adica zilnic),ma simt increzatoare,foarte feminina,,iar privirea mea este irezistibila 🙂 #yslmascara

  22. Geanina says:

    I have hooded eyes so for me is essential to wear mascara. It makes me feel alive and noticeable. It completes me!

  23. Adriana says:

    Mascara makes me feel perfect. It’s the one thing I cannot live without.

  24. Bianca Anghel says:

    Besides making me feel awake (which I desperately need to be), a really good mascara is something that gives me enough confidence to go make-up free for the rest of my face. It also makes me feel more expressive, as I just love having my eyes big and beautiful.


  25. Maria says:

    Fara mascara nu ies din casa, ever. Imi place sa am cat eye, blush, ruj etc, dar cand nu am timp, putin fond de ten si muuuulta mascara will do the trick. Plus, ajuta la naturalete sa folosesti doar mascara :). Cat despre YSL Faux Cils, este o mascara pe care o ador si mi-ar placea sa o folosesc din nou. #yslmascara

  26. Catalina Stoian says:

    Mascara pentru mine este unul di produsele cosmetice esentiale. I love YSL Faux Cils, efectul de gene false este fabulos. #yslmascara

  27. Alina N says:

    Am recunoscut mascara imediat! Tubul auriu il stiu prea bine! Effet Faux Cils este mascara mea preferata, face ce promite, chiar imi alungeste genele, life changer!
    Abia astept sa o incerc si pe cea pentru volum, so please God may I have it?. Cand port mascara YSL nu mai adaug si tus, imi contureaza ochii foarte bine si mereu sint intrebata ce mascara folosesc.
    Si eu sunt bruneta naturala, ochii caprui si stiu ca fara ceva culoare sau tus in machiaj ochii nu ies in evidenta. Dar YSL face o magie si ma ajuta mult.


  28. Irina says:

    #yslmascara makes me feel bold

  29. Sonia says:

    Dearest Ana, this message right here is not necessarily about the giveaway. I wanted to tell you, that in the past year that I’ve been reading you, you were more than an inspiration to me, you managed to send out exactly what I needed to hear, each day I was feeling down. And at the end of the day, you’ve reminded me about everything that my own grandmother taught me about the true beauty of the soul and mind. I always believed in the importance of spirituality, not religious, but more than that, and I was disappointed when I grew up and saw the shallowness of the world around me … But “meeting” you, made me realize that beautiful people who cherish true values are still around and I was so happy that I decided I can, and must change my life, bit by bit.
    I am sure that you not only touched, but changed many lives, including mine, and that your beautiful words will be part of your eternal legacy. Thank you Ana! I admire and respect you! Much luck with Morodan Shop and all your exquisite projects!

    P.S. I only use mascara when I wish to slightly emphasize my eyes. I usually use just a blush and some lipstick, and I leave mascara for those special, unforgettable evenings.For me, it creates an effect that I do not show during the day, at work, and I leave it for the times I know I need a little extra boost and most importantly, will always carry in my heart. I would love to make YSL part of my habit. #yslmascara

  30. sorina says:

    Rimelul e un must have pentru mine, parca nu sunt eu fara el #yslmascara

  31. Florentina Dinu says:

    #yslmascara makes me feel

  32. selena says:

    Mascara makes the difference between the innocent me and the sexy me #yslmascara

  33. Sunny Girl says:

    #yslmascara is a face changer 🙂 it’s actually my favorite makeup artist 😉

  34. Ada C. says:

    mascara ma face sa ma simt frumoasa #yslmascara

  35. Ely says:

    Mascara e indispensabila! Cred ca am vreo 3 si niciodata nu plec de acasa fara unul. Am auzit insa ca #yslmascara e pur si simplu wow si m as bucura sa l incerc

  36. cristiana ilie says:

    mascara makes me feel confident

  37. clara_fab says:

    #yslmascara is pure perfection. and it makes me feel pefect

  38. valeria says:

    mascara a fost primul produs cosmetic pe care l-am folosit. si pentru multi a fost a fost singurul. ma face sa ma simt indrazneata #yslmascara

  39. Virginia says:

    #yslmascara makes me feel feminine

  40. Doris says:

    mascara makes me feel confident #yslmascara

  41. Diana Achim says:

    Atunci cand port – ma dau cu mascara intreaga fata mi se lumineaza, ochii imi devin mai atragatori si eu ma simt speciala. Imi da o senzatie de curaj si incredere 🙂 #yslmascara

  42. Elena Gheorghe says:

    makes me feel like i can win any trial in Court #yslmascara

  43. Cristina Soos says:

    I want one <3
    Mascara makes me feel WONDERFUL <3
    Mascara,clestisor de gene si blush este ce folosesc zi de zi <3

  44. Brindusa Birsan says:

    Confident & powerfull.

  45. Georgiana C. says:

    De la bunica mea am invatat si sa fiu Om si sa fiu Femeie. Si cica amandoua versiuni ale mele ar trebui sa fie naturale, dar absolut senzationale. Apelez la trucurile de make-up doar cand o cere evenimentul insa niciodata din exces de zel. Da, naturaletea ramane cea mai frumoasa dar cine e impotriva accentuarii acestei trasaturi? Asa ca o mascara buna te poate scoate si din anonimat si dintr-o situatie… prea trasnparenta.

  46. Andreea C says:

    Pana nu ma dau cu mascara ma simt complet invizibila, de parca nu am ochi. Mascara imi da increderea aia in mine de atunci cand imi flutur genele obtin ce vreau, #femmefatale gen.

  47. Diana M. says:

    It makes me feel like a goddess. I NEVER get out of the house without wearing it! #yslmascara

  48. Catalina M. says:

    Sentimentul pe care rimelul mi-l da de fiecare data cand il folosesc este acela de… siguranta. Da, siguranta ca privirea mea este si mai intensa, look-ul ramane natural, iar genele flutura neincetat din dorinta de a fi remarcate. Si de cele mai multe ori sunt, pentru ca am fost inzestrata cu gene lungi, iar rimelul este folosit doar la ocazii mai speciale, cand vreau sa ma simt sigura, frumoasa, discreta.
    Cu toate astea, ar trebui sa il folosesc mai des! Cred ca sentimentul ar fi acelasi oricand,
    te pup!


  49. Miruna says:

    Mascara is my secret weapon. It makes me feel more like a femme than a girl (At 24, I stilll feel I have a childish face) so bring on the sexiness!!


  50. Anda says:

    Mai provocatoare si cateodata dimineata mai human :))) #yslmascara

  51. Ambrosia says:

    Mascara makes me feel… sassy!…


  52. Elena says:

    Mascara makes me a better me! #yslmascara

  53. Loredana_anca says:

    #yslmascara ma face sa ma simt frumoasa, feminina, unica, speciala, poti cuceri lumea cu rimelul potrivit. 🙂

  54. Elena says:

    Mascara este prietena mea care ma face sa ma simt ca o printesa . nu conteaza ca nu sunt , sau ca nu arat asa in fiecare zi , asa ma face sa ma simt . mascara = feeling de printesa.!!

  55. Elena T says:

    Wearing mascara makes me feel…well, awake! and a bit more put together! #yslmascara

  56. Monica says:

    Mascara makes my look more powerful, mascara makes me feel more confident, mascara is a must for me (because mother nature didn’t give me full and long eyelashes :p). And I have been in the search for the perfect mascara for some time now. I bet this one will do wonders! 🙂


  57. Cornelia says:

    Ana esti minunata….descrierea ta despre naturalete mi se potriveste manusa…parca vorbesti despre mine…dar rimel,ruj, parfum recunosc ca folosesc ! Rimelul cu siguranta pune in evidenta ochii si in consecinta sufletul …ochii sunt “oglinda sufletului” nu ?

  58. Ad says:

    It makes me feel like I’m wearing some fans instead of lashes! <3


  59. Cristiana says:

    #yslmascara Mascara makes me feel foxy and indestructible 🙂 #ilovemorodan

  60. Marina says:

    Mascara dă dimensiune ochilor și mă face să mă simt very galmourous. De multe ori când nu port mascara am impresia că am ochii șterși 😀 so let’s pump up some volume!

  61. Mihaela says:

    Mascara makes me feel more confident! And make me slow battle my eyelashes in a very “sexy” way ofc :))

  62. Simona B. says:

    #yslmascara Mascara e vitala pt mine. Nu ies din casa fara mascara, defineste orice tinuta si imi da incredere

  63. Pai…Imi primul rand un rimel imi face ochii mari, deci pot hipnotiza mai usor lumea din jur. 🙂
    In concluzie: seducatoare…

  64. Raluca Anton says:

    Ținând cont de faptul că port ochelari: mascara este Imperios necesară pentru mine. Îmi accentuează ochii și mă face să mă simt încrezetoare. #yslmascara

  65. Mascara is the one make up item i couldn’t live without. It’s the product that defines every make up 🙂 #yslmascara

  66. oprea steluta says:

    very very pretty

  67. Adina says:

    When I’m wearing marcara I feel absolutely irresistible

  68. Greta Stanciulescu says:

    cand port mascara am fata extrem de luminoasa, nici nu mai am nevoie de altceva 🙂

  69. oana says:

    When I wear mascara, I feel like a model in commercials or like a covergirl 🙂

  70. mioara says:

    mascara is the one beauty product I can not live without. it makes me look joyful #yslmascara

  71. Andreea Radulescu says:


    mascara makes me feel like a doll 😉

  72. Simona says:

    cred ca o femeie frumoasa e frumoasa si fara machiaj. dar o femeie care poarta mascara e foarte interesanta #yslmascara

  73. flory says:

    mascara makes me feel like a movie star #yslmascara

  74. Mariana says:


    Rimelul ma face sa ma simt frumoasa fara sa para ca m-am straduit prea mult

  75. Luciana B. says:

    #yslmascara e rimelul perfect! va spun asta pentru ca l-am incercat

  76. Laura Fronea says:

    mascara ma poate face sa ma simt copila, frumoasa, sexy sau puternica…e ca un parfum, depinde de stare #yslmascara

  77. Hermina says:

    Mascara ma transforma intr-o femeie increzatoare #yslmascara

  78. andreia says:

    seductive 🙂 #yslmascara

  79. ANNA says:

    powerful and sexy #yslmascara

  80. Margot Paris says:

    Mascara makes me feel like a french lady on a constant adventure #yslmascara

  81. Mascara makes me feel dressed and undressed at the same time.


  82. Creola O. says:

    cand port mascara ma simt feminina #yslmascara

  83. octavia says:

    increzatoare #yslmascara

  84. Paula Manescu says:

    cred ca mascara e un produs la fel de important ca si crema de fata. eu nu pot sa ies din casa fara niciunul dintre ele #yslmascara

  85. Ivona says:

    Mascara ma face sa ma simt glamorous #yslmascara

  86. Pinky says:

    #yslmascara like a little diva

  87. Gina Popa says:

    Mascara makes me feel awesome, fabulous and a sexy bitch :)) #yslmascara

  88. Iuliana H says:

    mascara ma transforma intr-o persoana luminoasa #yslmascara

  89. ofelia says:

    amazing #yslmascara

  90. Ioana Irina says:

    Cred ca mascara ma ajuta sa am incredere in mine #yslmascara

  91. Diana Oltean says:

    De tot ce am nevoie ,intr-o dimineata ca sa ma simt fabuloasa si sexi,este de un bun mascara!Nimic nu mai trebuie sa-mi pun pe fata si deja ma simt superba!

  92. Diana Maria says:

    Must have for a winning day, must have for an impresive night, raise the volume, live the legend #yslmascara

  93. Paula says:

    Beautiful #yslmascara

  94. Andreea says:

    Mascara, usually makes me feel like me… I think that mascara is vital in my life no matter where I go or what I do,day or night


  95. Daiana says:

    Mascara makes me feel… like a greek goddess. Which is great, considering that my everyday activities are far from being as glam as those of a goddess (hint: not lounging around all day – wink!) #yslmascara

  96. Catalina says:

    Mascara makes me more confident and I love how I look when I’m wearing it, it’s a beautiful transformation of my eyes. Makes me feel flirty, too.

  97. Craciun Rita says:

    glamorous #yslmascara

  98. Adriana says:

    Parisian, rebel, edgy, couture. C’est ma source d’adrenaline ;).

  99. Theodora says:

    Datorita mascarei reusesc sa am o privire mai expresiva, mai patrunzatoare ceea ce imi da un boost of confidence. Unele femei au nevoie de un ruj rosu sa se simte increzatoare si sexy, eu pentru asta am nevoie de mascara 😉 #yslmascara

  100. Ancu says:

    Mascara ma contureaza, imi arata ochii lumii. Buzele mele nu cer mereu ruj insa genele mele sunt insetate de mascara, haha ❤️ #yslmascara

  101. Andreea says:

    Bold, sassy, sultry with a touch of #yslmascara !

  102. Alina says:

    Mascara imi completeaza travestiul de fetita ratacita in padure #yslmascara

  103. nastase gabriela says:

    #yslmascara becouse i have desh color gene, when i’m wearing mascara a feell like a perfect diva, and my eyes become beautifull

  104. Ruxandra S. says:

    Cum ma simt cu mascara? Ca pisicuta din Tom si Jerry care il avea la propriu pe “vino-n-coa’ ” in gene 😀 . Abia astept sa vad cum ma simt cu #yslmascara !!

  105. Dana says:

    Mascara define my look #yslmascara

  106. Ionela F. says:

    I feel like I can do anything #yslmascara

  107. margot says:

    #yslmascara makes me feel powerful

  108. Ada Mihai says:

    mascara ma ajuta sa ma simt mai frumoasa #yslmascara

  109. Popa Silvia says:

    increzatoare si luminoasa #yslmascara

  110. Doria says:

    seductive #yslmascara

  111. Bianca Ivan says:

    un strop de #yslmascara ma face luminoasa

  112. andreea says:

    #yslmascara increzatoare

  113. Andrada says:

    Arad zici? E tare placut sa sti ca ai in comun un asa punct puternic precum oras natal sau oras in care persoane apropiate personajului pe care il iei drept exemplu bun si motivational, locuiesc! Ma bucur mult!
    In legatura cu tema articolui, well, when I am wearing mascara I feel like I can stand with confident in front of people and also I feel like I am visible, and not invisible for strangers on the street or at work. #yslmascara

  114. Oana says:

    In my ‘not so in the mood’ mornings, transforms me from dull to beautiful 🙂

  115. Edina says:

    Mascara is the only thing i need to feel fabulous, I whip my lashes and the world falls before my knees :)) Yeah I wish…but it certainly gives me a lot of confidence #yslmascara

  116. Ioana says:

    Mascara is a girl’s best MORNING friend, turns me from sleepy face into a big-eyed wonder woman ready to face the world:)))))))))

  117. Ioana says:

    Ooops, and of course #yslmascara

  118. Lux says:

    Yey! Well, I don’t wear much makeup. I’m used to wearing none, which in college was ok, but now I work in a corporation where women could paint houses with the amount of make up they wear.

    This new environment didn’t change my habbits too much, as in I am still wearing just a moisturizer, but from time to time I spice things up with a little mascara. Lipstick always feels like too bold a choice in the morning, so I go for mascara. I do spend most of the morning trying to resist the desperate urge to rub my hands around my eyes, but it is worth it, because it gives me a very clean and preppy look, without spending hours in front of the mirror.


  119. Marina says:

    Volume mascara, natural shade with a tint of sheer blush and I’m ready to roll!
    There’s something about long, curled lashes that instantly wake you up and make you feel prettier, and the difference is quite striking.
    The mascars is the essential tool that makes me feel prettier, better and more confident when facing the world.

  120. Ioana O. says:

    Mascara makes me feel seductive, mysterious and more confident. I feel like a strong woman who can face the day’s challenges! #yslmascara

  121. Paulina says:

    luminoasa si interesanta #yslmascara

  122. Ana Maria says:

    cand port mascara sunt mai increzatoare #yslmascara

  123. enescu ioana says:

    #yslmascara makes me feel sparkly

  124. Radiana says:

    Mascara e cel mai de pret beauty product pentru mine, dupa crema hidratanta. Ma ajuta sa radiez #yslmascara

  125. Claudia Lazarescu says:

    pot sa-ti spun doar cum sa simt fara mascara- stearsa #yslmascara

  126. Maga Andreea says:

    cred ca mascara ma face sa ma simt misterioasa #yslmascara

  127. Crina says:

    uite ca nu m-am gandit la asta pana acum, desi nu ies din casa fara mascara. cred ca fara mascara n-as fi eu #yslmascara

  128. Adina L. says:

    mascara turns me into a Beauty #yslmascara

  129. flower-power says:

    mascara makes me feel happy #yslmascara

  130. la_bella_contessa says:

    Mascara makes me feel like a little Dita von Teese #yslmascara

  131. Lioara says:

    Mascara e acel ceva care atrage privirile #yslmascara

  132. nicoleta gherman says:

    #yslmascara gratioasa

  133. Diana-Florina says:

    Iti spun doar atat: #yslmascara e inventia secolului pentru blondele naturale cu gene scurte si blonde :))

  134. Sugar Girl says:

    Like Alice in Wonderland #yslmascara

  135. Aura G. says:

    #yslmascara energica si optimista

  136. Marcu Aurelia says:

    awake :)) #yslmascara

  137. Marcu Aurelia says:

    Daca as alege un singur produs cosmetic la care sa nu renunt niciodata, aceea ar fi #yslmascara. Sunt teatrala si #yslmascara e tot ce am nevoie

  138. Ilinca says:

    Daca as alege un singur produs cosmetic la care sa nu renunt niciodata, aceea ar fi #yslmascara. Sunt teatrala si #yslmascara e tot ce am nevoie

  139. Ilinca says:

    de-a dreptul seducatoare 🙂 #yslmascara

  140. Stefania Popa says:

    #yslmascara FULL OF JOY

  141. ALEXANDRA says:

    #yslmascara interesanta 😉

  142. ioana horea says:

    cred ca mascara ma face sa ma simt classy chiar daca port o tinuta sporty #yslmascara

  143. adina bucur says:

    stunning, pentru ca nu gasesc cuvantul in romana #yslmascara

  144. Tina says:

    Foxy, Vixen, Sexy #yslmascara

  145. virginia manescu says:

    Mascara imi face ochii sa para jucausi #yslmascara

  146. alexia says:

    #yslmascara makes me look like a 50’s movie star

  147. Daniela Coman says:

    puternica si optimista #yslmascara

  148. Cristina Claus says:

    Mascara makes me feel graceful and radiant #yslmascara

  149. Malina says:

    stiu ca nu e tocmai ce asteptai, dar mascara imi da senzatia ca am ochii mari si frumosi #yslmascara

  150. Liana Radescu says:

    misterioasa #yslmascara

  151. maia says:

    cu mascara arat ca un momiji doll :)))) #yslmascara

  152. Catalina Stoe says:

    Mascara ma ajuta sa ma simt frumoasa chiar si intr-o zi ca asta #yslmascara

  153. anca says:

    They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. I definettly belive mascara can bring out to the surface all my emotions and make me irresistible. #yslmascara

  154. ene maria says:

    #yslmascara Acest produs este indispensabil din trusa mea si, implicit, din machiaj. Ma face sa ma simt mai frumoasa!

  155. Adina says:

    Increzatoare si feminina #yslmascara

  156. Ioana S. says:

    Mascara ma contureaza. #yslmascara

  157. Andra says:

    #yslmascara imi face privirea patrunzatoare

  158. Renata Z says:


    Mascara ma face sa par inocenta 🙂

  159. teodora says:

    seducatoare si misterioasa #yslmascara

  160. MariaA says:

    Mascara is my secret weapon and I use it every day #yslmascara

  161. Ella says:

    Mascara makes me feel like I came out of a fairytale #yslmascara

  162. gratiela baciu says:

    Cand pot rimel atrag toate privirile si cred ca doar rimelul potrivit ma ajuta sa fac asta #yslmascara

  163. O. says:

    mascara makes me feel extremly beautiful #yslmascara

  164. Clara Tintea says:

    Sexy as hell :)) #yslmascara

  165. stefy says:

    Mascara gives me an innocent look #yslmascara

  166. Badea Simona says:

    Mascara cu efect de gene false e tot ce am nevoie ca sa ma simt seducatoare #yslmascara

  167. Ana Maria says:

    Oh,mascara! Cand ma grabesc mascara si lipstick = fresh, feminine, confident. #yslmascara

  168. Gaby Florian says:

    Cum ma face sa ma simt mascara?:))
    Din punctul de vedere al unei fete cu ochi albastri frumosi care cand rad se ascund sub pleoape…ochi strajuiti de gene lungi dar drepte si aplecate?:))
    Daca ar trebui sa plec pe insula pustie 2 din lucrurile esentiale pentru mine ar fii clestele de gene si MASCARA!!!
    …Wish for it!!!!!A lot!!!#yslmascara

  169. Christine says:

    mascara makes me feel like Marylin Monroe #yslmascara

  170. Stefan Denisa says:

    #yslmascara makes me feel desired

  171. anamaria ion says:

    fara mascara ma simt cumva incompleta #yslmascara

  172. Georgia says:

    like I can do anything! #yslmascara

  173. vio says:

    de-a dreptul frumoasa #yslmascara

  174. Cristiana Martin says:

    Frumoasa si increzatoare #yslmascara

  175. pretty_preppy says:

    mascara and I had the longest relationship in my life- 10 years 🙂 it makes me feel joyful and powerful, seductive and misterious #yslmascara

  176. Karla says:

    Simply irresistible #yslmascara

  177. Ileana says:

    Special!!!!. #yslmascara.

  178. candrea nadia alina says:

    mascara makes me always feel COMPLETE! That’s the word! So I can Move on!
    thank you!

  179. Ilona says:



  180. Marieta says:

    ca acum: gata de petrecere 🙂 #yslmascara

  181. Florentina Dinu says:

    Genele lungi si dese imi dau un aer misterios, #yslmascara face asta

  182. camelia says:

    mai tanara 🙂 #yslmascara

  183. Alina Maria Ilies says:

    IMPECABILA #yslmascara

  184. IULIA says:


    uneori ingenua, alteori femme fatale

  185. ana radu says:

    mascara makes me feel special #yslmascara

  186. Nicole says:

    mascara is the best make up a girl can wear #yslmascara

  187. Maria Florescu says:

    Cand port mascara sunt categoric luminoasa #yslmascara

  188. Narcy Narcisa says:

    Sexy, Amazing, Powerful #yslmascara

  189. alina marinescu says:

    #yslmascara Friendly and radiant

  190. Adelina says:

    mascara imi face fata luminoasa si eu ma simt pur si simplu mai optimista #yslmascara

  191. Bianca says:

    Mascara ma face sa ma simt gratioasa si classy #yslmascara

  192. Carmen Trica says:

    #yslmascara is a woman’s best friend 🙂

  193. Angela says:

    mascara imi face ochii verzi sa iasa in evidenta #yslmascara

  194. claudia says:

    #yslmascara like a little Coco Chanel

  195. Greta says:

    mascara ma face sa radiez #yslmascara

  196. Coco says:

    #yslmascara turns me into a sexy vixen 😉

  197. macicas adriana says:

    Mascara ma transforma intr-o femeie increzatoare #yslmascara

  198. magda neacsu says:

    luminoasa si pasionala #yslmascara

  199. Ioana Dragan says:

    Absolut minunat ! #yslmascara

  200. Aurora says:

    like a little fairy 😉 #yslmascara

  201. Paula Iacobescu says:

    Mascara imi tranforma pur si simplu toata fata #yslmascara

  202. Andrada Maria Dumitrascu says:

    Mascara ma face sa ma simt incitanta #yslmascara

  203. ionescu paula says:

    misterioasa #yslmascara

  204. Antonia says:

    pur si simplu frumoasa #yslmascara

  205. Crina Iosif says:

    speciala #yslmascara

  206. Violeta says:

    mascara ma ajuta sa simt ca radiez #yslmascara

  207. cristiana pop says:

    ma simt pur si simplu perfecta cand port #yslmascara

  208. cristiana pop says:

    Mascara ma face sa ma simt glamouroasa in fiecare zi #yslmascara

  209. Popa Carmen says:

    mascara makes me feel like a I can make any man become enchanted #yslmascara

  210. Stefania says:

    #yslmascara misterioasa 🙂

  211. Lacra Lacry says:

    #yslmascara Totul este gata.. pot incepe ziua 🙂

  212. Simion Dana says:

    sexy & mysterious & confident #yslmascara

  213. Andreea says:

    #yslmascara Pana nu am mascara, ma simt de parca nu sunt gata imbracata…am pus mascara si sunt gata de o noua zi. E “war paint”-ul meu! 🙂

  214. Mihaela At. says:

    Let’s see, when I wear mascara a feel amazing, like everything is possible <3


  215. Andreea Popescu says:

    I don’t wear it everyday, but I feel like a brand new me when I decide it should be included in my routine #yslmascara

  216. Catrinoiu Ana Maria says:

    Secret weapon #yslmascara

  217. Luana says:

    Nu cred că-s singura care atunci când se trezește are nevoie de o cană mare de cafea și de multe straturi de mascara. Nu numai că-mi ascunde oboseala, dar îmi dă și o stare jucăușa, îndrăzneață…
    Rimelul mă face să-mi doresc să-mi apreciez mai mult ochii, pentru că îi accentuează într-un mod special. Mă simt ca și cum pot concura lumea împreună cu tubul meu de mascara!
    Bisous! #yslmascara

  218. Alexandra Ioana G. says:

    Traim intr-o lume frumoasa…de ce sa nu privim lumea cu ochii nostrii frumosi pusi in valoare de #yslmascara.

  219. Miruna says:

    When I use mascara I fell confident,sexy but still girly and innocent.Mascara makes me fell glamourous, and if i think that, i definitely fell like that. I fell like all the power is MINE, yeah i’m a little selfish,but what can I say?..It’s about #yslmascara , so…

  220. Gabriela says:

    Nu exista make-up complet fara mascara, deci nu exista zi fara mascara. #yslmascara

  221. Mira says:

    It makes me feel confident and most of all feminine, especially because I don’t wear lot of make-up. I prefer a more natural look with a touch of sensuality which is given by wearing a good mascara. The eyes are the most expressive and get the attention, so they must be beautifuly put on the spot 🙂

  222. Ella85 says:

    #yslmascara mă face să mă simt wow în zilele când m-as ascunde sub pătură 🙂

  223. Adina says:

    For me, mascara is a key element. It adds a touch of light to my face and makes me feel enigmatic, both when I use it alone or with eyeliner/eyeshadow. In fact, the ritual of applying is a real little pleasure. One of my personal favourites for a basic daily look consists of mascara, a nice burgundy lipstick and a bit of bronzer #yslmascara

  224. Luiza says:

    It makes me feel “COMPLETE”, that’s the right word in my case:)


  225. Csipkes Monika-Gabriella says:

    Cu mascara sunt mai vizibila 🙂 Si parca si eu vad mai bine 🙂 Nu doar ochelarii roz te fac sa vezi lumea ca fiind un loc mai bun, oamenii ca fiind mai prietenosi, si pe tine mai frumoasa… ci si mascara!

  226. v for verde says:

    Rimelul este produsul de make-up care scoate din anonimat o privire banala si care ma face sa ma simt expresiva. #yslmascara

  227. Cristina Sece says:

    Mascara ma face sa ma simt frumoasa, speciala #yslmascara

  228. Maria Elena says:

    Mascara ma ajuta si ma face cea mai frumoasa ( parerea mea dar si a celor din jur ).

  229. Izabella says:

    #yslmascara Mascara ma face sa ma simt misterioasa, seducatoare, feminina, fabuloasa.

  230. Adina Fiurdean says:

    Am vazut la un moment dat pe facebook o poza cu doi ursuleti panda, unul era cu ochisorii mici abia ii se vedeau , iar celalalt cu ochii mari, expresivi . Mi-a placut tare poza aceea. Cam asa sunt si eu fara rimel :))))

  231. Ioana says:


  232. bianca says:

    Not naked. #yslmascara

  233. Dinu Florina Madalina says:

    Fara mascara ma simt ca si cum nu as avea lenjerie intima pe mine. :)) Cu mascara intorc multe priviri!


  234. Ruxandra Morosan says:

    All I need is Mascara & caffeine! #yslmascara

  235. brezoianu claudia says:

    The only way i can conquer the world, is with my mascara #yslmascara…

  236. Irina says:

    well, mascara makes me feel natural or dramatic. never both at the same time. so, it’s perfect, because this is how my personality works day by day
    what kind of day is today #yslmascara ?

  237. Simona says:

    It makes me feel like..myself. It’s the only thing I cannot live without 🙂 #yslmascara

  238. Ioana says:

    Cand port mascara ma simt mai increzatoare in propriile forte,mai frumoasa.

  239. Ludmila says:

    Cu asa rimel, mi se face o privire ca zau as umbla doar in rimel si restu’ nimica! #yslmascara

  240. Andra says:

    Mascara is the “must have” in my beauty bag. It makes my eyes look bigger than they are and it also makes my make-up complete. #yslmascara

  241. alexandra no says:

    Mascara makes me feel ready to get out of the house…

  242. Dana M says:

    I’m never myself without mascara #yslmascara

  243. Adina Meg says:

    #yslmascara ? ma face sa ma simt frumoasa.

  244. Mihaela says:

    I like the feeling of my eyelashes touching my glasses when i wear mascara, it makes me feel like my eyelashes are enormous. #yslmascara

  245. Andreea says:

    #yslmascara makes me feel like I can conquer the wold !

  246. Sorina says:

    Mascara helps me identify my eyes cause they are so small:)) in fewer words it makes me feel “eyesful”! #yslmascara

  247. Gabriela says:

    ochii mei, care sunt usor camuflati de o pereche de ochelari de vedere, ajung sa…inspire ceea ce imi doresc doar dupa ce imi alint genele cu un strat..ok, doua.. de mascara 😀 altfel spus: “arma” mea pe timp de pace :)) #yslmascara

  248. Nicol Raluca says:

    Mascara mă face să fiu senzuală #yslmascara

  249. Oana says:

    I can say that I’m “addicted” by mascara, I can’t go out without mascara because it completes me. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I consider mascara essential…so I can say that it makes me feel good, sexy and confident 😉

  250. Alexandra says:

    Just fabulous#yslmascara

  251. anki says:

    Mascara makes me feel shiny.

  252. Adriana says:

    Mascara is the only make-up product that I can’t leave without. That’s because it makes my eyes stand out, making me feel seductive and confident.


  253. Alexandra Maria says:

    Momentul in care am inceput sa inteleg ce inseamna sa acorzi importanta felului in care iti conturezi ochii cat si felului in care privesti o persoana si a fost cand am citit Memoriile unei Gheise
    “You cannot call yourself a true geisha until you can stop a man in his tracks with a single look.”,
    mai tarziu am inceput sa inteleg ca o privire puternica si increzatoare nu iti foloseste doar cand vrei sa atragi atentia baiatului dragut de la cafenea (cu care nu ai curajul sa vorbest tu prima ) ci si in mediul profesional si academic.
    Fie ca merg la o cafea cu prietenii, o sedinta la lucru, sau la o cina cu El , rimelul nu imi lipseste. El este micul meu prieten care imi ofera boost-ul de incredere de care am nevoie pentru a privii lumea in fata si a-mi sustine argumentele……… sau in alte ocazii cel care imi ofera o perdea de gene interminabile sub care sa imi ascund privirea nastrusnica.

    in a few words mascara helps me go from secure to demure in a few seconds
    …and loving it !!!

  254. mihet georgeta says:

    #yslmascara!! It makes me feel confident !!

  255. Andreea C says:

    Mascara ma face sa ma simt seducatoare si mai sigura pe mine.

  256. Simona says:

    Nu am avut un mascara bun nicidata.Nu stiu cum ma face sa ma simt.

  257. Simona Voicu says:

    #yslmascara and the world is mine.

  258. Irina says:

    Stii că se spune că ochii sunt oglinda sufletului. Când port mascara pot să spun că sufletul meu are o aură de misteriozitate.

  259. Alexandra Constantin says:

    #yslmascara Cum mă face să mă simt?! Înainte de toate, mă face să mă simt FEMEIE! Este unul din produsele de beauty pe care îl folosesc zilnic, am genele blonde, blonde și fără o mascara (de preferat negru cât mai intens) pare că nici nu am gene! Așa că… I need it in my life 🙂 <3

  260. stefii t says:

    Siguranță. Eleganţă. Încredere.
    Toate aceste 3 caracteristici se combină în momentul în care port mascara pe măsură 😉


  261. Maria Bianca says:

    Mascara makes me feel more confident because I know I can conquer the world with an irresistible look. #yslmascara

  262. Cristiana says:

    It feels like a little thing can do so much for you and your everyday beauty routine. Sometimes the only thing you need is a little mascara, no matter how much makeup you prefer, and you’re done and ready to go. Mascara, the only or final touch every woman needs to do. #yslmascara

  263. Rodica says:

    mascara makes me feel smiley like in quotation of Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez ” Never stop smiling, even when you are sad,because nobody knows who can fall in love with your smile.” #yslmascara

  264. Diana says:

    mascara ma face sa ma simt completa si increzatoare..de fapt, complet increzatoare 🙂 dar in primul rand ochioasa 😀

  265. Alexandra Tanasie says:

    I always feel put together whenever I put on mascara! It’s just fabulous! #yslmascara

  266. Larisa says:

    Prima mea reactie cand ma dau cu un rimel?!
    ”WOW am gene! Bai, dar eu chiar am gene! Si sunt chiar lungi! si dese!” :))
    Mascara este cat se poate de esentiala pentru a-mi pune ochii in valoare, si comic relieful de mai sus nu ma invata decat ca, daca o persoana se uita in oglinda si isi ofera cateva minute de ingrijire, cu siguranta nu va face decat sa se gaseasca, va prinde curaj si incredere. Astfel va infrunta viata mult mai usor si cu zambetul pe buze.

  267. David Andreea says:

    I feel that less is more. Mascara and a red lipstick for a kiss to be remembered.

  268. madLina says:

    Mascara make my eyes speak. #yslmascara

  269. Tina says:

    purely irresistible #yslmascara

  270. Creanga Diana says:

    Mascara ma face sa ma simt ca o papusa de portelan cu ochi de caprioara. Bineinteles ca nu reusesc sa arat asa in realitate, dar mereu cand folosesc mascara ies din casa cu sentimentul ca eu chiar arat asa iar acest lucru imi da increderea si energia de care am nevoie ca sa infrunt obstacolele vietii de zi cu zi. #yslmascara

  271. nastase madalina says:

    mascara- READY TO GO! #yslmascara

  272. Georgiana says:

    Chiar şi pentru un look natural,mascara este indispensabilă. Astfel,mă face să mă simt mai încrezatoare şi mai puternică.

  273. Andrada says:

    S-au aflat castigatorii? Unde, cand, cine, cum? 🙂

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