3 Items That Make You Instantly More Attractive

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Costri shot a few candids of me, as part of his unfolding project. Seeing them made me realise, yet again, that fashion and style is  a transformative and revealing affair. To someone that has an eye for it, like I do, it’s the most honest and sincere form of introduction.



I don’t know whether I’ve changed that much since a few years ago or I finally know and love who I am as a woman, but I am really really REALLY into short skirts, blazers worn only with bodies, and sheer dresses. And sheer skirts. SHEER EVERYTHING, LADIES! These items, some time ago, I found vulgar. But today, styled in my own quirk, I can look dashing while dancing to my own tune. And I also look ravishing, dare I say!



Seen.Users jacket – Lancel Charlie bags – Gucci heels 

Photos by Costrut 


So, because the light dawned upon me (through the sheer fabrics) and it set in motion this new era of style, let me present you


3 Items That Make You Instantly More Atractive


  • Something Red…& short – The color of passion, love and romance is the favourite shade for men to be worn by women and for women to be worn by themselves. Surprise, surprise. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology just made official what we already knew.


  • A Bodycon Silhouette – While long limbs (as indicated above) are still high on the list of attractors, there’s no denying of the seductive appeal of a buxom hourglass figure. A paper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior indicates that women with larger bust-to-waist and waist-to-hip ratios tend to catch men’s eyes  faster and keep their gaze longer than their leaner, lankier girlfriends. If you have those Kim Kardashian curves… Let me rephrase in a more KUWTK appropriate style: GUUURL, IF YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT! (ugh, this appalling ‘dash lingo stabs my inner countess in the back every time I hear it)


  • Lipstick  – On a bad day, there’s always lipstick. Nothing provides the instant pick-me-up quite like a swipe of your signature shade—and apparently others will respond to it, too. Researchers at a French University found that  waitresses who wore red lipstick saw boosted tips from male customers. Similarly, a study conducted by Boston University finds that women wearing a moderate application of makeup were perceived as more attractive, competent, and trustworthy. 


Maybe I’m finally a woman. Or maybe I’m just getting old and raggedy thus feeling a desperate need to conceal it just to prove I am still young and fresh, as Pelger puts it. #hahaha #mightbetrue

But on a closing note, the sexiest thing you can be is confident. Whether you’re 21 or 51. Look at Carmen [dell’Orefice] for crying out loud! I just hope she’s not the exception, but the norm.


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  1. manda says:

    Sacoul asta e g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s

  2. queenofelves says:

    loving these candids ?

  3. Manuela Dana says:

    Si mie mi-au placut dintotdeauna rochiile transparente, dar cred ca e o linie foarte fina intre a fi sexy & senzuala si a fi vulgara si niciodata nu sunt singura daca am trecut-o sau nu :))

  4. Ellie says:

    Red lipstick & sheer dresses all the way! I’d also recommend a sensual perfume to do the trick

  5. zuzu says:

    Iti sta suuuper si in genul asta de tinute, mai casual

  6. Mama Vanga says:

    Rujul rosu e clar cel mai sexy accesoriu pe care il poate purta o femeie

  7. mimmi says:

    Ador pozele si tinuta!

  8. Morofan says:

    These photos are indeed different than the grandeur you’ve got us used to, but I really love them. It shows that the true glamour lies within you, not the flamboyant setting.

  9. maryna says:

    awesome outfit as usual dear ?

  10. cara says:

    loving this blazer, it’s oversized, yet those roses give it the perfect feminine touch!

  11. Maria Pandora says:

    ce frumoase sunt gentile, imi place mai ales cea micuta!

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