Zara heels, H&M skirt, Armani shirt, vintage &H&M jewelry, Rayban sunglasses


Can you guess it? C’monnn, it’s soo predictable.

Ok, I’m gonna tell you what I did this week that seemed snobbish and raised a few eyebrows. I wore a what may appear to be an evening garment (yes, the skirt) during the day, and you know what? It helped me beat the heat wave and smile big time (to people’s reactions, ofc)


My Snobbish Advice of the day is forget about the heat and wear something that screams!
Like this WOW skirt from H&M Exclusive Conscious Collection

  1. you’ll feel like a movie star!

  1. all eyes will be on you, that being the reason why you will forget about the heat!

  1. you will feel like Angelina!
You can try to mild it with the large, white shirt like I did.

Basically, what you need to do after this is pick or buy that one garment that makes you feel like a movie star! And wear it whenever you lack energy or your moral is a little down. A little vanity tickling has the instant Vitamax effect!

 Ohh, before I go I have one more advice (yes,yes, I’m full of them, not because I may be smart, it’s because I stupidly think that I know everything!)
Do what you love! Do it often!
If what you love is making a scene on the boulevard, do it! Stop thinking of what other people might say!
That’s it! I’ve reached my limit of smartness for today.
Au revoir,
  1. 1 Adee |

    The skirt is really WOW!
    Thank you for the snobbish advice!

  2. 2 Miss Z |

    Great advice! And, of course, great outfit. As usual.

  3. 3 Silvia |

    Oh my! Tot outfitul este to die for! Si eu m-as fi intors sa ma uit dupa tine pe strada…admirativ!

  4. 4 Joana |

    You look great (though I don’t know why people even had obvious reactions to your skirt, it’s pretty normal to me). I love the look and in some of these shots, it looks like you came out of an advert hehe.

  5. 5 Anaivilo |

    Oh that skirt is simply delicious!! I love it, the color is insane and the look you created is very cool ;)

  6. 8 Anna |

    eu zic ca toata frumusetea acestui outfit este camasa, daca puneai orice altceva in loc de camasa, fusta ar fi capatat o tenta “pitzi” asa, exprimandu-ma in termeni mai putin academici:)). e foarte frumoasa fusta si ma bucur ca iti scoate in evidenta picioarele tale frumoase, mereu am spus ca trebuie sa punem in evidenta tot ce avem mai frumos! iar in privinta sfatului, ma straduiesc in fiecare zi sa fac numai ce imi place, nu-mi iese de fiecare data :)
    te pup

  7. 9 Chaucee |

    Wow H&M made that? I love it! I also like how you paired it with the booties. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

  8. 11 Sing |

    You are giving that leg! Lovely outfit.

  9. 12 ZADIN |

    Imi place alegerea ta permanenta de a pune doua bratari aurii identice, una pe o mana si una pe cealalta mana.

    Combinatia ti-a iesit de minune. Emani sex-appeal.

    Maxi skirt, new post:


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