109 hours to spend in Paris

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Morodan is going to Paris with 109





My darling pisici,

I was not posting these two days because of the things that were constantly appearing on my agenda and had to be done but, BUTTTTT, I am quickly writing this to let you know that we (me and you) find ourselves in front of another adventure!

I am still hectic packing (still not organized in the domain) because I have to soon rush to the airport. I am going to Paris with 109 for their 109 hours to spend in Paris” online campaign.

I am going to spend 109 in Paris documenting Marina & Ioana’s brand at Tranoi. How people reach to their products, what the buyers say and how Marina manages to handle all the things there  (Ioana is directing things from the headquarters).

I will also get to see their S/S14 collection and give you a little sneak peak and play dress-up in their clothes.


Awesome, no?

Ok, I’ll keep you posted everyday.


Buckle up, we’re going to Paris and we’re going to smoke and wear black (#evillaughter)


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


109 Morodans

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  1. Diana says:

    Have a great time in Paris! :*

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Bonjour <3
    I wish you 109 minutes merveilleux a Paris <3
    Bisous ma chere :*

  3. Sim says:

    Ana, te urmaresc cu mare interes si apreciez mult ceea ce faci!
    Intamplator plec si eu Luni la Paris 🙂 so, please help! ce punem in bagaj pt o saptamana???
    Bonne voyage!

  4. Ofelia Mirea says:

    ce frumoooooos iubesc Parisul cu toata inima, este orasul meu preferat <3 have a wonderful time ! aaaaand I LOVE 109! YES!

  5. yulia says:

    ceva de-o-se-bit <3 in acest caz, sunt nerabdatoare sa vad poze de acolo, abia astept colectia ss14 de la 109, este unul din brandurile mele de haine preferate, si in combinatie cu style iconul meu preferat #anamorodan #wink,
    rezulta cum supuneam: CEVA DE-O-SE-BIT ! Muah! enjoy and bring a box full of great memories A.

  6. Ginger Girl says:

    pretty collage & pretty news = Sunday fun!

  7. Zadin says:

    Enjoy! Parisul este locul în care ar trebui să te muţi. Eşti de acolo!

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