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Morodan The Greatest

Ana and her lovely assistant Raluca

Perfect Pisica Morodan

Love my Smiling Shoes

preparing a shoot for anamordan comHere’s my outfit today – Smiling Shoes high heels , Motivi jeans, H&M blazer, Societe Cerebrossa and vintage jewelry, Philip Lim bag

Photos by Ioana Liliana





Do you guys remember that at the beginning of the year I was searching for a new assistant? Well, I was telling you then that Raluca, MY PERFECT assistant  left me for a year of study in New york.

Well, guess what? She came back! (#bundlesandbundlesofjoyyyy)


Here’s the story – Raluca isn’t your average assistant and doesn’t do this because she necessarily needs a job, she does this because she loves it (and me, I hope).

And besides that, how should I put it, she’s more than an assistant for me, she’s my project manager, she remembers details that I forget, she is effective and precise, responsible, polite and most important she loves this job.

After the announcement I received tons of emails and Camelia – do you remember Camelia? – worked with me for 4 months. Then she went to work with my friend Andra Andreescu, the designer, and I remained searching for another Raluca dead ringer.

I had two more assistants between Camelia and Raluca’s comeback but no one got even near to Raluca’s super effective way of work. She does things that I don’t even ask of her. She is a human reminder, she organizes my schedule so well that in the last week I was more efficient and productive than I was in the last three months. And most of all, Raluca is the perfect example of a young woman who struggles to become a self-made woman.

Look carefully at her, she has designer shoes, she dresses like a Miranda assistant and she has the smartest eyes.

There are things you don’t know yet about her. Like the fact that she is a licensed tourist guide for Romania and New York, she graduated from 2 colleges, she studied in New York and Valencia and she will open her own travel business (I just hope she will not leave me then). And all this at 23 years old.


Basically I consider her a model for every young girl who wants to be her own boss and I think you might be inspired by her way of thinking. That’s why I gave her a column on the blog! (Gaga’s applause in the background)



Every two weeks Raluca will talk to you about her experiences when working with me and also give you some of her advice that she considers helpful. And also, o sa dea din casa putin pentru ca as you can see, we also have fun!



We were preparing a shoot and this Halloween prop from H&M kids rocks

The Countess having fun




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anette de Morodanette

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  1. Oana says:

    I wish her good luck! Rarely you find that kind of person… I like you and your work very much, AnaM.!

  2. Oana says:

    And I forgot… I am awaiting for “datu’ din casa” ;))

  3. Soos Cristina says:

    Este tare draguta si blanda Raluca,
    ma bucur ca am cunoscut-o la cursul 5 minute saptamana trecuta si ma bucur pt tine ca sa intors si iti face viata mai usoara ;))
    And most of all e targumureseanca bai 🙂
    Hai va pup :* :*

  4. Soos Cristina says:

    Si nu o mai stresa k are curu mare
    K e sexi si frumoasa rau :))))))

  5. Lola says:

    hey Annete! what can I say, I bet bet are all envious! NOOOT
    I am very happy, it really shows in the pictuires how much fun you guys are realy having and …well you are looking stunning <3 LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE

  6. Sura Ulmeanu says:

    ceva deosebit 😀 doua fete absolut superbe cu zambetl pana la urechi si cu agenda plina SI SI SI in control of it! vestile bune ma bucura!

  7. Chira Zorean says:

    dar asistenta ta arat de vis ! sunteti minunate! abia astept povestile ei!

  8. roxanne says:

    wow, darling you look so happy i am smiling myself 🙂 love your white blazer and Raluca’s pencil skirt! and that last picture with you is just genius, wearing jeans a blazer and a weeding veil! haha! now that is fun @ work! muah!

  9. STYLISH CHICK says:


  10. popescu A. says:

    daca tu te bucuri, noi de ce sa nu ne bucuram ? pai ne bucuram si noi. love your hair

  11. Chic & Chic says:

    adore your shoes, both of you, and she is lovely, raluca! nice match I might say. but what I am writing is is actually something else, I really love it when people tell their stories and share like you do, made my day Ana!
    kiss kiss

  12. Chic & Chic says:

    Congratulations! Imi place!

  13. Zadin says:

    O urmăresc de ceva vreme pe Instagram. Sunt de acord, e o tipă super faină.

  14. Ioana says:

    Superb! rujul e un detaliu incredibil

  15. Georgiana says:

    Si e si frumoasa foc! O invidiez in special pentru cei 23 de ani ai sai!

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