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Zara outfit – H&M hat – Gucci heels – Lancel bag

Photos by Costrut 


Mannnn, I was planning to finally write something about style and fashion, and YOU had to ruin it with your anti-abortion protests! So HOW could I talk about anything else right now? How can any level headed woman allow herself to be carefree and act ditzy?

Oh, dear, are you going to call me an anti-feminist now because saying “Mannnn” is further establishing the patriarchy?! Go ahead, I’m used to it. Nowadays, almost everything you say can be considered “offensive”. 

#sidenote: A few days ago someone said I am standardising the ladies who appeared as the white snakes, just to empower myself. All faith is not lost though. There are still people out there who can think critically, giving you the benefit of doubt, and who perpetually chose to see the better chiseled facet of things. Thank you, Corina C. GH. for being one of those people. And that’s the idea, that’s the whole trick. Every story has sides, so why not chose the positive one? It’s actually very easy, you bitter, narrow-sighted humans. Try it, smile, take a Xanax or a shot of gin, unwind. We’re so focused on finding people to blame and shame that we hardly have any time to enjoy what we do.

#backtoreality: Really? People protesting abortion? Really? Maybe I’m the scatterbrained  bimbo who did not get the memo that every other problem in this country was solved. Or am I? 

I’ve recently told you that today, us women, we can be anything we want. I mean that and I believe it, wholeheartedly. And yet, I feel my soul chipping a bit because, well, look at us. Society is telling us – no, it’s shouting at us – that getting pregnant (be it unwillingly, unprepared, or god forbid, by rape) means signing a legally binding contract to go full term. There are so many things wrong with this – let me walk you through a series of questions:

  • what if the fetus is sick?
  • what if you can’t afford caring for a child in that moment of your life?
  • what if you want a career and this is getting in your way of achieving that? Is it so fucking morally wrong to be driven and to love yourself, first and foremost?
  • the most important: WHY “what if”? Why do I have to give an explanation regarding something I want to do to my own body? Why can’t I take this decision for myself? Why do you need to regulate this commitment or the lack thereof?


But do you know what’s fucking heartbreaking and inhumane? Those 60.000 children in the foster care system, that’s what breaks me every time. Beaten, famished, taken into a system that’s severely underfunded. They hardly get a chance to get a solid education, to grow from a nobody to somebody, to a valuable member of society, unless they are adopted. Which also rarely happens, because guess what, there’s a stigma regarding adoptions in Romania; it’s seen as something queer that goes against the natural order of things. No child should have to go through something as traumatic as this. I can’t even begin to imagine what feeling unloved and unwanted for so long does to your psyche.

Why not fight for them, you assholes? You think I’m selfish for not wanting children? I think you are chiefly concerned with you genetic profit for making your own instead of adopting. Two sides to every story, remember?

In a nutshell, just to make sure you get my stance on this issue:


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  1. Floriana says:

    Nice outfit and yes, horrible timing. It’s unbelievable really…

  2. Oana Velea says:

    Personal cel mai tare ma amuza e ca motto-ul marsului e “ajuta o mama, ajuta un copil”. Sunt curioasa cate mame ar fi putut ajuta cu suma banuiesc destul de mare pe care au investit-o pentru a organiza concerte, pentru a aduce oameni cu autocare din sate, etc…

  3. Cammy says:

    Decat sa organizeze marsuri mai bine ar organiza campanii de adoptie pentru zecile de mii de copii care nu au parinti si sunt abuzati zilnic in centrele de plasament 😐

  4. pink rose says:

    Gretos si infricosator ce se intampla si cat de usor de manipulat sunt oamenii…

  5. melvina says:

    can’t stand religious fanatics who think they can tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies…

  6. Laura_Denea says:

    Nu vor educatie sexuala, nu vor metode de contraceptie, dar vor ca numarul de avorturi sa scada… ghici ghicitoarea mea, unde e lipsa de logica aici?

  7. caramea says:

    i’m loving your outfit and what I love even more is how you stand up for this. Romania is going insane in my opinion

  8. gigi says:

    ador pantalonii tai <3 <3 <3

  9. kayla says:

    nu ii mai supoooortttt cu propoganda lor. nu e normal in 2017 sa militezi pentru a limita drepturile cuiva. mai intai comunitatea lgbt, acum femeile, mi se pare de necrezut!!!

  10. Anda Ioana says:

    They ruined my week 🙁

  11. raluca david says:

    Cat de misto e tinuta asta, mama! nimic nu ar putea sa o strice. eu sincer nu cred ca vor rezolva nimic

  12. pan says:

    Eu fac parte din generatia decreteilor si din cauza faptului ca m-am nascut intr-o familie care nu m-a vrut, am traume peste ca si acum ma chinui sa trec. Si din pacate nu sunt singura.

  13. Sweed Sabina says:

    Bravo ca ai curajul sa te implici si sa pui punctul pe i!! We love you for this.

  14. Ioana says:

    You rock woman!

  15. Ingrid says:

    I believe in the freedom of choice but, that freedom doesn’t come cheap. My baby would’ve been 12 today. I ask myself often how he/she would’ve been. I’ve been through hundreds of hours of therapy and medication because that episode triggered anxiety and depression. It was the worst time in my life to have a baby. I wanted it but I chickened out. So, abortion does come with warnings but nobody really warned me about the toll it took on my mental health. Everyone is different. I know. For me, it was the hardest choice I made in my life and I’m still paying the price because this will forever be a wound that never really got to heal.

  16. Foarte interesanta tinuta. O aparitie de remarcat…

  17. Andreea says:

    Foarte indrazneata tinuta ta.

  18. lady marmelade says:

    Eu sunt #prolife dar cu toate astea nu mi se pare ca as avea dreptul sa ii impun altei femei ce sa faca cu corpul ei

  19. carina matis says:

    Iar acesta este exact motivul pentru care am plecat din Romania si nu m-am uitat niciodata inapoi.

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