Why Black Friday Suddenly Became Much More Attractive

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28 November 2014 / By / 16 Comments


And yes, you still have time because this is the Official Black Friday weekend. And here are my opinions on the matter.


Ana Morodan




I never was against American/Capitalist marketing stunts. As long as they don`t hurt the planet or other people (yes, i know that most of the times these two go hand in hand and it`s hard to escape it but there is hope, I`ll extrapolate later next week) they are cool, useful, little bits of happiness bringing so hurrayyy, hurrraaayyyy.

I think Black Friday is super useful for many people. No, I don`t consider it to be uncool at all to save money all year just to buy many things or electronics on Black Friday. I consider it smart shopping so bravoooo to all of the people who can do that (I for one, you lost me at the saving money, for any kind of thing, part #irresponsibleidiot)


Long story short, this is the last and also the real Black Friday weekend so since it started at midnight on Thursday, my favorite buys just arrived and here are some really instant photos of me trying them on. Yes, I think real time photos are fresh from time to time, they give us a restart from all this fancyness we live in.


 Ana Morodan

details ana morodan

details ana morodan

Ana Morodan

details ana mroodan

Ana MorodanI am wearing Steve Madden heels, a Diesel blouse, Moschino leather pants and a Love by Moschino coat – all still in stock at Fashion Days and a Bon Bijou ring, Beauty District hair

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



Of course, I bought clothes, what you`d expect? A carpet sweeper? And from where else than Fashion Days? No, no, please tell me? Where could I have found this amazing Love by Moschino jacket? Or these perfectly cut leather pants? My first pair ever actually. Or these Steve Madden sensual heels? Nowhere, I tell you. I know. I`ve been hunting that coat for a while now. Nowhere. Only on Fashion Days. And they still have two days from the Black Friday weekend so scroll a little and make peace with your capitalist conscience.









Black Ana




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  1. Lidia says:

    Jacheta e intr-adevar superba!

  2. paulina says:

    I love black friday!

  3. Maria Stan says:

    Lasati reducerile sa vina la mine!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I ❤️ Moschino!!!!

  5. laura ivan says:

    oh, Ana, ce-mi faci?! Iar intru pe fashiondays dinsiiiigur gasesc ceva ce trebuie sa am!!!

  6. adriana says:

    sotul meu a facut un soc cand a aflat ca exista black friday la haine

  7. Diana_Di says:

    i love leather pants!!!

  8. livia.o. says:

    Great outfit!

  9. Amalia says:

    Ce cool e inelul!

  10. Stefania Enescu says:

    jacheta e superba, din pacate nu e masura mea 🙁

  11. olimpia says:

    Era si cazul sa avem black friday la haine, pana cand sa fie EI privilegiati? 🙂

  12. DanyEla says:

    you look great!

  13. Cristina says:

    Freza si pantofi = LOVE

  14. dana says:

    Sexy shoes!

  15. Adriana Balan says:

    haina e superba! E cu adevarat o investitie pe termen lung

  16. carmen says:

    I ❤️ discounts!!!!

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