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anamordan com 4I am wearing a MANOUSH dress and Ana Morodan for Smiling Shoes white heels

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Heritage Auto




I guess no matter how much I love the Swedish minimalism – I have big boobs so it’s kinda hard with that Swedish minimalism… no matter if I adore the effortless chicness of the French ladies and no matter how cool the half masculine trend might be, I’ll always love and buy the most feminine item.  And I think this is one of those style constants that will never change for me. I felt like this 10 years ago, I’m still feeling like this and something tells me that I will feel like this in my 40’s, 50’s and 60’s also.


I picked this Manoush dress to portray my thesis today because it has those 3 attributes that I always search for when buying a dress like this:


  • the special fabric – checked – don’t like the simple mini dresses – they somehow make me feel vulgar
  • the innocent vibe – my mini  skirts or dresses always have to make me look innocent not sexy. Sensuality is for my midi dresses but that’s another story
  • they have to tell a story – the MANOUSH mini dress makes me feel like a modern Marie Antoinette



Perfect for my next summer nights and for my soon to be gorgeous summer body (Lord have mercy and help me), this pink mini dress promises to make me noticed, ingenue (ohh, how I love a woman who can be genuinely ingenue) and most of all, it promises to make me feel like a woman!

Now all I need is one of those cars – I always said that if I would buy a really expensive car it would be a 1940`s one. The beige one if my favorite. Visit them all at Heritage Auto.



Style tricks



.For a more casual look. Let`s say a night on a summer garden, pair a dress like this with espadrilles. Bensimon has some really cool ones.

I would add a blazer and voila. You suddenly look effortlessly chic.







Anetta de Morodanetta


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  1. Beatrice is here says:

    cu adevarat o rochie superba si care iti vine extraordinar
    culoarea te conmplimenteaza foarte bine, iar tu arati intr-adevar atat de feminin, imi place mult de tot cum ai pus pantofii albi cu snururi negre, e un look original si frumos :))) bine ca stiu de unde il pot lua si eu :)))

  2. Raluca Muca says:

    perfecta rochia!

  3. flower says:

    are the shoes comfortable? i really like them

  4. so chic says:

    wow but you already look so good, are you trying to become a (mini) model?? :))

  5. Vivi OH! says:

    parca te vad prin Bucuresti conducand o asemenea masina, insa cred ca cu mai multa grija nu? :))) in acum cateva zile spunei ca you are a crazy driver

  6. Gorgeaously Chic says:

    stunning just stunning!

  7. Rhea says:

    you really know what look good on you!
    this dress looks really nice, and i can imagine it also in a summer garden, but if i would see it in a shop i don’t think i would pau it this much attention, so great styling!

  8. Tamara Rizea says:

    masinile de genul acsta m-au fermecat dintotdeauna sunt atat de frumoase!

  9. Yummy Fashion says:

    you’re so cool!

  10. Les Amies Imbatables says:

    indeed, you should never give up wearing such dresses, they look so good on you

  11. gina malina says:

    gata, imi vand casa si ma mut intr-o masina ca asta 🙂 mai in gluma mai in serios, chiar as vrea in viata asta sa imi cumpar o masina vintage

  12. alina i says:

    hehe rau nu ti-ar sta intr-o masina asa! :*

  13. Hera says:

    dumnezxeule dar zici ca esti intr-o reclama vintage , mai ales in ultima poza eu mi-as pune-o pe perete foarte tare!

  14. Dames says:

    the images of the day, very very nice pictures

  15. Style Alarm! says:

    esti pur si simplu uimitoare!
    ador look-ul

  16. Luna Nanette says:

    killer shoes!

  17. Fete Fine says:

    uau materialul rochiei este ca o opera de arta, m-a captivat total, si croiala este ceva ce as purta, si eu ca si tine am sanii mari

  18. lucinda says:

    incredibil de frumoase sunt masinile astea, ma fac sa fiu nostalgica si sa ma gandesc cat de frumos ar fi sa ne intoarcem la vremurile cand plimbarile se faceau pe calea victoriei, pe jos, iar masina era un lux, si era folosita pentru calatorii in special …

  19. Printesa Lunii says:


  20. The stylish one! says:

    esti superba Ana, imi place mult stilul tau

  21. Ginger Girls says:

    Ana Morodan for Smiling Shoes rules! i would wear all of the shoes you designed they are very feminine and look great

  22. Victory says:

    but it’s ok that you don’t wear that much minimalist clothes, you are a sparkly spot in the sea of minimalist people 😉
    so i can’t wait to see you in your 60s still looking like a cool feminine lady 🙂

  23. Great Style Hunter says:

    OH DA! look-ul tau de azi intra la preferate!

  24. Ophelia says:

    aaahhh… ce masini…cat stil…

  25. Charleston Girls says:

    good point, this dress does have all those assets, that is why i love it <3

  26. Mirasara says:

    This midi dresses absolutely stunning. Comfortable, stylish and wearable at every occasions.

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