What Does This Mad Madame Christmas Do In Her Moment of Relaxation

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24 December 2015 / By / 26 Comments

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Just because I know you`re wondering...no…I`m not Netflix-ing and chill. Nope, I`m not eating ice cream and reading Sophie Kinsella. No, I`m not doing yoga, although I should. Nope, I`m not putting together outfits and playing with my accessories. No, I`m not creeping on Instagram and I`m not pinning on Pinterest.  And no, I`m not baking cookies to relax  (that`s Mazetta inima-rosu )


In my ME moments – which by the way, officially started this morning –  I`m reading the future. In a coffee cup. Tarot is so overrated. Plus making coffee in a kettle is so retro chic. Nu gasiti?



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don cafe

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Yes, I`m a Madame Craciun too. Us ladies, we all are. And finally someone acknowledges our efforts during this time of the year.  Santa is cool and all that but let`s be honest everybody…we`re taking a whole bunch of Santa`s responsibilities off  his shoulder every year. 5b



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And just to show you that I can read the future/minds/books/magazines/commercial boars positioned on buildings, I`ll make you a little demonstration:



In 2016 Us Ladies Will Be



  • Powerful. Yes, we`ll change the world. We`ll make things happen, we`ll also take care of our relaxation time and we`ll enjoy it as often as we can. 


  • In 2016 we`ll be focused on living our dreams too, not only on turning others dreams into reality


  • We`ll look and feel elegant, chic and glamorous. And we`ll feel empowered because of that. 


  • And we will support each other. Because yes, we are capable of doing this too. I have faith in us.




anamorodanCristina Savulescu home gown – Smiling Shoes heels – vintage brooches 

 Photos by Catalin Georogescu at the Ignatiadis house




Imi iese firul de la lavaliera si azi, abia azi merg la pensat. Just so you know that I also know 🙂 Si daca mai trag o dubla si mor. Nu inteleg de ce Haribo nu ma lasa sa fiu eu. I am not la stiri Haribooo. Si miros cana non stop pentru ca zatul asta are cel mai intens miros de cafea ever.





You may call me a feminist ( and you`ll be correct ) but I overjoyed about DonCafe`s Madame Craciun. Celebrating women, giving them their moments of relaxation and acknowledging their power and dedication to their loved ones…went right to my heart. 



So thank you DonCafe for reminding me that I and the time I give to myself matters the most. 










#DoamnaCraciun, #momentultau  #doncafe 






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  1. Julia says:

    I adore your outfit, it’s pure awesome.

  2. Edna says:

    We will have coffee together soon. I mean NOW! Can we do this NOW? I know my future will turn out great in a coffee + chocolate cup. I’m sure of it!

  3. Ilona says:

    Cafeaua la ibric e cea mai buna din lume, din pacate nu am intotdeauna timp sa ma bucur de ea asa cum trebuie. Dar ma bucur ca mi-ai amintit de placerea asta minunata, maine dimineata asta voi face

  4. Miruna F. says:

    Madame Craciun e bestiala, o urmaresc zilnic :))

  5. Sorina Ciobanu says:

    Stii sa citesti in cafea? Ce tare mi se pare asta, mi-ar placea sa stiu si eu. Mi se pare soooo mistic si misterios

  6. gina says:

    the brooch <3 <3 <3

  7. Doina says:

    Wow, cum e tinuta asta! As merge si pe strada cu ea, arati minunat, Iar video-ul absolut delicios, esti facuta pentru asta

  8. denisa morar says:

    eu sunt sigura ca Doamna Craciun duce tot greul, Mosul e doar asa, a nice chubby guy in a red outfit :)))))

  9. Elisabeta Stefan says:

    Superbe pozele, absolut superbe

  10. iuliana says:

    eu am un ibric special pe care l-am cumparat special pentru cafea, e asa o mica bijuterie din alama, nu mai pot dupa el :))) e my little sparkle in bucatarie. abia astept sa incerc sortimentul cu vanilie de la Doncafe

  11. Wonder Woman says:

    Women always change the world but most of them just don’t know this 😉

  12. Emma says:

    Sunt sigura ca vom avea un an si mai minunat decat acesta. La multi ani, 2016!

  13. Irina C. says:

    Now this is what I call a sexy capot :))) e superb

  14. rodica says:

    Doamna Craciun e in fiecare dintre noi, chiar daca nu suntem doamne cu acte :)) Craciun fericit, draga mea si un an nou superb

  15. Poison Yvy says:

    I have faith in us too, #girlsruletheworld

  16. elvira popa says:

    un mesaj minunat de la Doncafe cu a lor Madame Craciun. si foarte adevarat ce spui tu, Madame Craciun chiar merita some ME TIME :)) eu am zi full de masaj si pampering maine, haha

  17. Sonia says:

    Amazing outfit, as usual. Glamour in the kitchen, that’s the Christmas spirit

  18. little christmas fairy says:

    have an amazing christmas, darling


  19. Teodora D. says:

    Asta cu cititul in cafea mi se pare foarte tare. Plus foarte foarte distractiv

  20. maria says:

    finally, cineva ne recunoaste si noua meritele. Madame Craciun, you rock!

  21. Florina says:

    Doamne, ce casa superba!

  22. Mara Ionescu says:

    Si mie mi-a placut mult aceasta campanie, ma bucur sa te vad in rolul Madame Craciun. Ti se potriveste de minune

  23. alinutza_tza says:

    such a sexy Madame Craciun

  24. violeta pop says:

    #DoamnaCraciun e in fiecare dintre noi

  25. Anca says:

    Geniala poza in care amesteci in ibric! DonCafe is my favourite coffee!

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