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helloooI am wearing my favorite item from H&M`s A/W Collection – the red boots, a Prelude body, an H&M skirt and a Cartier bracelet

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev and Veronica Sticlaru



 .Truth is I`ve always loved this concept. To do something forbidden. Something that someone has already established as a Sin. Bite the Apple.

Sins are so much like truths. My truth may not be your truth, my sin may not be your sin and vice versa. Based on this little logical argument, my little mind and I were the only entities who declared  which things are ok to be done in this life and which are not, because personally, I want it all!


Vanity, my favorite sin…

Yes, loving myself may be a Sin but from my psychologist`s point of view, this is the only thing that made me who I am today. And so that you know, I am pretty proud of myself! The conclusion? Being the right kind of sinner may actually result in something positive. Sins may be positive. And good vibed. At least that`s my belief.


My little introspection on this subject was stimulated yesterday, while talking to Ana. Nope, not my alter ego, another person. Called Ana. I know. The coincidence. Not. #commonnamearoundhere

Anyways, she was telling me that Douglas wants you to know that in August – if you are a positive sinner – exclusively in all the Douglas shops, when you buy a Roberto Cavalli, CK, Marc Jacobs or Chloe perfume, you fill a card and with it you enter and run for winning cool and desirable prizes. (I hope they`ll let me subscribe for winning)

Yes, I know the next question will be what kind of prizes? One of the 15 compact Canon cameras or an awesome Roberto Cavalli statement necklace (see why I said desirable?).


So come on, bite the apple, have it all, take a step onto the other side, who knows? You may love the perfumed air, the freedom of thoughts and the sincerity of being exactly who you are!







From Sin City, with delicate smiles, Ana

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  1. Popescu A. says:

    Woooooooow!!! You are like the statement of the modern woman Ana! You are gorgeous, and necassarily because you look beautiful and you know what to wear, but because you are so so confident. I admire that, and you inspire me! Love you!

  2. Karlita says:

    I want it all! And i should right? Thank you for that, so many people blame self confidence, but i think it is wrong, we must have trust

  3. Amalia ion says:

    Splendid lady!

  4. Lilly Jo says:

    Douglas is my love <3 i am in, i am so tired and such a workoholic, that i need things like this 🙂

  5. Teodora says:

    Haha! Mi-a placut metafora Ana! Let’s bite the fuc@&€) apple!

  6. Julia says:

    Nice dress and boots!

  7. Oprah says:

    Sincer, oricum voiam sa-mi iau un parfum bun, asa ca i am in baby!

  8. Claudia Manea says:

    Geniala atitudinea ta, sunt incantata de campania Douglas, mai ales ca primul parfum mi l-am cumparat de la Douglas 🙂 sunt o nostalgica, ce sa zic 🙂

  9. Darlings says:

    your outfit is mindblowing dear, loooove the boots with the tiny black dress

  10. silvana says:

    excelent! imi dorest chiar un canon! merit sa ma rasfat si eu 🙂

  11. Denisa Stylish says:

    this is such a controversed subject, self confidence versus vanity, but i guess it is that small border line of common sense that you need not to cross in order to remain a lady, while wearinf the right fragrance of course. nice campaign!

  12. kiki says:

    fotografiile sunt pur si simplu uimitoare, arati splendid Ana!

  13. Amalia Stanciu says:


  14. Chic&Stylish says:

    great view, great contest, refined countess biting the apple…now that is a beautiful shooting and story darling, love it!

  15. sorina toma says:

    evrybody bites their own apple, that is a truth, that is so well said Ana, love that you talk about these things while looking so gorgeous 🙂 that is power!

  16. eli elena says:

    imi plac cizmele la nebunie

  17. Laurette says:

    iti sta asa bine in fuste scurte! wow!

  18. Amalia Stanciu says:

    ei iata un concurs la care chiar imi face placere sa particip, e cu stil 🙂

  19. Tatiana says:

    esti splendida Ana, si asta vine din interior, sunt absolut sigura de asta! Vanitatea are farmecul ei cu siguranta, este pacatul care face o femeie ce este…si nu stiu de ce dar cred ca parfumul potrivit, are o mare importanta in asta…

  20. Cat imi place foarte mult outfit-ul ! 🙂 Cizmele sunt genialeee


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