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10 August 2017 / By / 16 Comments
You might be wondering what a Countess is doing at an electronic music festival (namely, Untold).  Real Countesses are more often seen surrounded by Art Nouveau buildings, carefully trimmed grass, bushes & everything else nature related (no, real Countesses don’t even tolerate nature when it’s messy & unbending to the strict rigours of high society), other similarly fancy people and lots, lots, lots (…) lots of gin. 

Good thing I’m a Millennial Countess and I’m more fun, huh? 







You’d be surprised, but I actually enjoy festivals. Not necessarily because of the music, I still haven’t discovered one that has my kind, but because of the people. My team always jokes around, saying that I am an old hag – but it’s not really a joke, I really am, sometimes. Festivals are full of young people and their energy rejuvenates me more than any kind of cream ever could. Now, don’t jump to conclusions, I am no vampire nor soul sucking freak, it’s just that the way the youngsters talk, the subjects they choose, the way they see things – all these makes interacting with them incredibly interesting and I swear it keeps me young. 


























Instead of Art Nouveau buildings, we’ve had several entertainment corners that definitely made the visit worth it. The Untold guys really knew how to create that story vibe they pride themselves with. I was mostly hiding from the strong sun at the H&M corner, where besides a lot of lounging places, they also had cotton candy, a booth where you could create gifs that looked as if they were made in the sky, huge soap balloons aaaaaaaaand a jumping pool filled with sponges. Yes. I jumped in. You don’t believe me? That’s fine, I’ve got proof. 






H&M outfits




I don’t know much about trimmed bushes and nature that’s arranged to perfection, however Cluj’s Central Park was quite pretty & manicured as it is. I respect nature, to begin with, so I think it’s a lot more beautiful au naturelle than how a human could ever arrange it anyway. Similarly fancy people I met. Lots of them, might I add. From my team, to the H&M team (Addams, Sanzetta, Adriana & Alina) to Romania’s only Drag Queen, Alexander, these 4 days were filled with noteworthy encounters.

As for the gin… we might not be living in the Belle Epoque anymore, but honey, we’ve had lots, lots, lots (…) and lots of gin at Untold.



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  1. Gabriela A. says:

    Prima tinuta, cea cu mult print pe roz e super frumoasa. Ma bucur ca te-ai distrat, te mai asteptam pe la Cluj 😀

  2. Raluk says:

    Offff, nu stiam ca ai fost si tu, mi-ar fi placut super mult sa te intalnesc

  3. Pisica says:

    Hahahaha, Contese la Untold, super amuzanta postarea, chiar am ras 😀

  4. Gabi Nechifor says:

    I love summer festivals and this one looks super nice 🙂

  5. Bibi says:

    La anul trebuie sa ne petrecem impreuna!!! Ai fost superba la Untold

  6. Adelin.a says:

    Daca pana si o contesa se distreaza la Untold, la anul trebuie sa ajung si eu.

  7. eu iulia says:

    Te-am vazut intr-una dintre zile, stateai cu celelalte fete. Erati toate superbe! Mi-ar fi placut super mult sa facem o poza impreuna, dar mi-a fost rusine sa vin la tine. Maybe next time!

  8. Mary says:

    Loveeee that last photo!

  9. Daya says:

    I love Untold ma bucur ca ai venit si ti-a placut!

  10. daria paduraru says:

    this looks super fun ❤️

  11. Carla says:

    iti ador tinutele, una e mai frumoasa ca cealalta! Nu vei mai face cursuri de styling? Mi-ar placea super mult sa particip, esti geniala

  12. ladyinred says:

    cat de cool e tinuta rosie ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Love your mini floral dress! x

  14. Te bucura un astfel de eveniment. Si anul acesta UNTOLD s-a ridicat la nivelul asteptarilor. Sper ca la anu’ UNTOLD sa fie si mai si!

  15. Ce pot spune poze superbe si un festival cu adevarat reusit! Great outfit:)

  16. Tinutele sunt absolut incantatoare. Imi place rochia rosie si salopeta cu motive florale deasemenea rochia scurta din ultima poza

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