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dove and ana


Dove and Ana

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress, a Gabriela Dumitran hat and Smiling Shoes heels

© Serban Cristea



I would have never believed this, but it`s a fact. I am experimenting the 30`s crisis. Obviously, I feel that little panic in my head telling me…well, I am not going to write them here because maybe I will attract them more, but I am sure that you ladies know what I am talking about.

And it`s all age related. Because I didn`t panic when I turned 25. The anxiety of age starts when you turn 30. Or at least this is what I`m feeling.


We believe that in able to be beautiful or remain beautiful we need to be:

  • forever young

Which my mind knows it`s a reckless anxiety because beauty really comes from personality, not aspect (and this is not a cliche,it`s true). But then why after 30 most women don`t feel comfortable to reveal their real age? (I decided to stop forever at 28). Or feel like they are judged according to their age? Or feel like they will lose their beauty if they get older?


These are all facts that Dove found out about with its recent study `How old are you?`

And because this brand really believes in redefining beauty, Dove wanted to inspire us, despite the stereotypes , because beauty comes from our smiles and looks, from optimism, attitude, humor and wit. Beauty comes from that feeling of taking care of yourself, of feeling great in your skin.


And in the end, I think beauty comes from not over thinking things and just live.






Ntz,ntz,ntz, I am still here. Thinking about my near 30`s. Maybe I`ll be optimistic about it. Maybe it will be a great adventure. After all, if I feel much more wiser in my 30`s why wouldn`t I feel much more confident?

What really fascinated me is woman power and despite the anxiety of age what I really know in the back of my mind is as you grow older you grow up! And you become more powerful.


I always wanted to change the world and thank you Dove for reminding me that feeling anxious about age or things that happen to my body is just a waste of time. Time which we could spend by being beautifully happy.


And by the way today is the International Beauty Day and also Saint Ana so Champagne!!! Champagne for everyone!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta almost 30`s Etta

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  1. I felt panicked when I turned 25, I don’t want to know how I will feel when I will turn 30! :))

  2. Lux says:

    La mulți ani, micuțo! Să fii fericită și sănătoasă și fericită cu vârsta ta, când va să vină și acea dreaded day :)) Sunt sigură că o să fii la fel de minunată, cine a văzut contesă să îmbătrânească urât? Never!

    Love, Lucy <3

  3. ana maria says:

    la multi ani noua si pentru ieri si pentru azi! 30 and fabulous, asa vom fi!

  4. andreea popa says:

    eu am plans cand vazut tortul cu 30 pe el. a doua zi mi-am luat o pereche de stiletto superbi si mi-a trecut! cateva luni mai tarziu am inteles ca acum incepe viata de femeie adevarata! enjoy!

  5. carmen love says:

    I love these Dove campaigns! They are so inspiring and they have such a good vibe!

  6. Stefana D. says:

    79 de ani. la fel de frumoasa! asa ar trebui sa ne gandim. ca sophia loren! e un model pentru mine.

  7. RoseMary says:

    my beautiful self sounds amazing! I wrote on a post it and it’s attached to my laptop!

  8. Brianna says:

    5 sounds way better than 35 or 55 :)) but every age has it’s beauty. we must embrace it and we will feel amazing!

  9. Katrina says:

    ai cati ani simti ca ai. varsta din buletin means s**t. PS: eu m-am oprit la 24 🙂

  10. Paula-Maria says:

    palaria e minunata!

  11. Madlou says:

    30 is a lovely age! as they all are! do you feel beautiful? than you are! and you will be at 60 too!

  12. mioara popa says:

    adoooooor campaniile lor! sunt mi nu na te! minunate! pacat ca avem nevoie de cate un video din-asta ca ne dam seama de niste lucruri atat de evidente!

  13. Johanna Mars says:

    age is just a number. you’ll understand that sooner or later 🙂 you are beautiful

  14. madhatter says:

    the hat is toooo cuuuute!

  15. Delia says:

    it will be a great adventure, trust me! you will love every minute of it!

  16. I turned 31 this year, now I’m fine with that the drama was last year when I nearly felt into depression because of my age 🙂 thx God I’m over now


  17. Soos Cristina says:

    La multi ani Ana

  18. Soos Cristina says:

    Am implinit deja 30 si ma simt

  19. Lori says:

    vaaaai, florile mele preferate! arati superb!

  20. the fashion lover says:

    you look from another era in that dress! and the hat… <3!

  21. lady X says:

    am 37 si sunt mandra de fiecare dintre ei! da, nu mi-e usor sa spun peste tot buna, sunt cutare si am 37 de ani. dar nici nu mint cand vine vorba de varsta mea. mi-o asum si cred ca asta ma face sa ma simt mult mai tanara

  22. Giorgiana Fota says:

    hmmm…te inteleg perfect, Ana. si eu mai putin pana la 30. dar cred ca anul viitor, pe vremea asta, o sa uitam de aceste angoase. sper :))

  23. life is beautiful says:

    every age has it’s beauty! we must enjoy it and embrace it! it’s the only way! my grandma is 80 and she always sais she feels 50.

  24. Dia says:

    I love today’s outfit!

  25. Catalina says:

    sooo beautiful!

  26. monica ionescu says:

    cred ca forever young asta devine la un moment dat o corvoada. si desi suna a cliseu, spiritul trebuie sa fie tanar! acolo e magia!

  27. anna says:

    la multi ani!

  28. Cecilia says:

    Loved this post!

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