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3 January 2013 / By / 7 Comments
Snobbish Breakfast dress,  Moo Piyasombaktul sunglasses (, Mexican traditional shawl, vintage tiara & Malvensky jewelry pinky ring and bracelet
Photos by Serban Cristea



Pay attention cause it’s time to start gather that self confidence everybody is talking about. The one I know you have in you!

Here’s an example from my own life experience. After all, the most accurate advices come from living the good, the bad and the ugly and learning from it.
Fortunately, today, we’ll talk about the good – a small, unexpected, awesomely weird experience I lived this week.
As you know and have seen from the pictures above I am still in Mexico and before visiting other places we stayed a few days in Mexico city. You also know that all the people around me call me “The Dark Countess”.
It started a year ago when a few friends of mine told me that I have an aristocratic lifestyle, exactly like a little countess. And that was it, they started naming me “the little countess”. Then, my obsession with black came and they turn my nickname from “the little countess” to “the dark countess”. And over night it became viral.
Since I have this obsession with aristocracy, belle epoque, old houses, statement jewelry, noire characters and decadent marquises as long as I remember, the nickname didn’t bother me at all.


I can’t say if I live aristo like as everybody says but

  • I do pay attention to my actions, to my manners and to my thoughts
  • I’m focused on having a clean and organized home and life and after that I focus on making it stylish and glamorous (this is the healthy order not the other way around)
  •  I’m not making friends with everyone and I don’t preserve negative friendships
  • I am always grateful for the things that happen in my life and I always make sure that the people who help me evolve are aware of my appreciation
So if this means that I live an aristocratic life then by all means, I do! Sure, I have flaws too but we’re not talking about them today cause today it’s about the good remember?
So The Dark Countess is my story. And I do believe and live it at my fullest.
Did you see the first picture and what the street sign says? That’s the street where our hotel is situated in Mexico city without us knowing it before. That my friends is the Universe telling us that as long as you are telling yourself the right story everything is possible.

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Hurry up and win the yummy miniatures.
From Mexico with tremendous affection,


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  1. superbe fotaografi si tinuta! Iti dorim un an nou fericit!

  2. vandclover says:

    That’s my favorite Countess on the block! Aristocracy in lifestyle and character becomes you. Let’s do that interview soon, shall we? 🙂


  3. Oana says:

    Foarte , foarte frumos. Fara cuvinte! Unde sunt facut pozele?

  4. anca pink says:

    Deareast Countess, as long as your nickname is founded on these values, it’s only normal for signs like this to happen and for you to enjoy them. The architecture in Mexico City is quite impressive, and you look great there! Kisses and love darling ! Thank you for a warm and inspiring post

  5. You started the new year with confidence and good thoughts, so I am doing exactly the same ! Thank you my favourite countess ! Love

  6. stilistele says:

    live it to the fullest, Countess! gorgeous pics and places!

  7. petitegigi says:

    Multumim pentru starea de bine! Asa trebuie sa fie orice inceput de an!

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