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25 April 2012 / By / 9 Comments
We all want this. Luxurious living, champagne in the morning, caviar at noon and truffles at dinner. A driver, Paris nights and New York mornings, Brauner on our walls, a limitless credit card and a life without cares.
And according to the Law of Attraction (the new hipster trend) you can have it all. This law has one notable principle, it says that you attract what you radiate.

I rest my case!

I’m in love with this Kristina Dragomir head accessory, as you may all have noticed by now. It was love at first sight.

Thank you Carol Park Hotel for inviting us to spend the day in one of their amazing suites!
Now, I can go on and add that you really attract what you radiate! But this will only give you the chance to call me an arrogant bitch…again! (yes, I know you did it before, it’s ok, breathe)


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  1. Best photo shoot yet!
    You look like a doll in that second picture! Just beautiful!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. I am in love with these photos! It’s so true, I would love all of that 🙂

  3. LaReK says:

    WOW! What divine, amazing photos! I will train the law of attraction, I’ll be back soon… 😀

  4. Anna says:

    beautiful photos! you look gorgeous ofc! I can understand how you`re in love with the head accesory, it`s marvelous! my favourite photo is the third one!

  5. Mizteach says:

    this one of the best photo shoots you’ve sone so far! congrats!
    i have a dilemma…what happened at Celia’s party? i thing most of us are dying to find out

  6. Emanuel I. says:

    AnA, esti o papusa!
    Imi plac pozele la nebunie!
    Felicitari pentru idee si feliictari lui Claudiu pentru fotografii!

  7. imi place cea de-a doua poza, esti precum o papusa!
    Foarte reusit shootingul, foarte bine aleasa tema si conceptul! La fel ca toate celelalte postari de pana acuma, awesomeness <3

    The Indie Chase Blog

  8. CLPig says:

    love the look!
    Pigalle Passions
    The biggest Louboutin pigalle fansite in the world!

  9. ah, coolness is a wonderful new thing to believe in ;))!

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