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21 May 2017 / By / 12 Comments

I might have been born old, be an old sould, or maybe I’m just plain and simple lazy but I really think that an all inclusive pampering, once or twice per year, can de-crimple your brain like nothing else. And if that all inclusive is as peaceful and zen as possible and has a chic art-deco air about it — I am beyond sold. I might even think I passed Heaven’s gates.



I know quite a few sanctuaries like these in Turkey and we come here as often as we can because:


1 It’s really close to home so I don’t have to fly my brains out

2. Turkish services are the best I’ve experienced in the world





Claude and I. And a perv






This particular time I flew out with a part of the M Office, Claude and Costri. Tudy joined us later in the week.

Do I even have to tell you that we had a blast? Costri spent all his time engulfed in foam, in his private jacuzzi. Claude was in the resort’s club, every night, communicating (I can’t say “speaking”) with people of diverse nationalities via Google Translate. I, on the other hand, was glued to my laptop almost non stop because I still don’t like the Morodan Shop homepage and I was working on that like a woman possessed. But at least I did it in a very tranquil surrounding. And I visited a few hammams (which are THE MOTHAF*CKIN BOMB) to get stretched, pressed and distressed — I discovered a new one in Belek and it is oh so divine!


 Petra Nunes heels – Linda Farrow sunglasses

Photo by Costrut in Belek, Turkey 


And yes, even in the current political climate Turkey is still safe, we’ve even wandered around the city to do some sight-seeing, and yes, Prestige really has the best offers. But it’s not for me to decide how you plan to book your all inclusive. All I can say is that you must have at least one per year just to taste that kind of carelessness. AND LEAVE YOUR DAMN LAPTOP AT HOME!


Pictures made with CANON EOS M10 – which is basically the cutest & dopest little mirrorless I have ever seen and which I (not only Costri) can use. 



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  1. nina says:

    ce superb e kimonoul! unde le gasesti?

  2. Magda lena says:

    Enjoy your time there, the resort seems really beautiful! ❤️

  3. dana_borcea says:

    ma omori cu postarile de la mare, abia astept sa ajung si eu la vara ✨

  4. Didi L. says:

    Tudiiii!! New at your service soon? 😀

  5. Anca Dumitra says:

    I hear you, serviciile din Turcia sunt intr-adevar cele mai bune si in cele mai multe locuri si la preturi super accesibile.

  6. karma says:

    love love love your outfit, especially the sandals

  7. Dolly says:

    Iti sta minunat in kimono 😀

  8. Ioana D. says:

    Mor dupa sandalele astea ???

  9. Blue-Andreea says:

    I’d give anything right now for a couple of hours on the beach ?

  10. Such a great post dear! Thanks 🙂

  11. Dana Cimpeanu says:

    Cum a fost vremea in Turcia? Mereu mi-a fost frica sa ma duc in perioada asta din cauza vremii, desi mi-ar placea sa prind resorturile mai putin aglomerate.

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