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30 October 2015 / By / 13 Comments


It`s the subject of the moment and I`m over my head too – did you see the crafting of the beaded pearl blazer?!?! #absolutelove. Predictably, I`m talking about H&MBalmaination,  H&M`s  new designer collab.









I think it`s their most glam and daring designer collaboration in the last 3 years and as you know me, I`m a sucker for glamour so I WANT ALL THE ITEMS. Or if I can`t get all the clothing pieces (the green sequined dress if my absolute fav), shoes, accessories, all in all, all, I`ll settle for the devoree velvet dresses, the embroidered pearl blazer and the chandelier earrings. Ohhhh, and I want that general Nelson inspired blazer from the Men section. Yes, you gentleman have your own line of #HMBALMAINATION so be prepared to see me wandering between your racks also. Insert #RedLadyDancingFlamingoEmoji









In the last months I feel that I`ve grown so much as a human being and things got more clear about what I like and how I want to project my feminine energy and that brought a dose of sexiness with it, so I`ll go for any mini skirt or dress (the styling in this outfit is Flawless). Actually, I`ll go for any item because they all have this daring, sexy/chic vibe so bring them all to meee. #heartemoticon











Did you saw the campaign video? Kendall Jenner – one of the campaign faces, along with Gigi Hadid and Jordan Dunn – looks uber dope –  pay attention here, she wears the green dress I told you about.  And that chandelier earrings which stole my heart.





So, let`s recap, my obsessions  are:

  • The embroidered pearl blazer
  • The green sequined dress
  • The earrings and necklace
  • The outfit with the pink blouse and red mini skirt


  • The thigh-high boots



What about you? Are you excited about this H&M collab? Do you have any favorite pieces? Show them to me by sharing  them with the #HMBALMAINATION  so that I can see them.











And see you all on the 5th of November to join the H&M Balmain Nation in H&M Unirea & Baneasa. Oh, you can also shop the collection online at   HM.COM/BALMAIN


Mini skirts, glamour, daring attitude and chic-ness, here I come. Great job H&M  6b












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  1. Elena says:

    sacoul din catifea cu un nasture e piesa mea preferata

  2. ViViana fota says:

    the dresses are amazing, the green one is my fav too

  3. lucy says:

    the booties, I want the booties :)) and a fur jacket

  4. Magdalena says:

    pana acum cea mai buna investitie din colectiile de designer au fost accesoriile pe care le-am purtat pana cand n-am mai avut ce sa port :))) asa ca ne vedem cu cerceii superbi 😉

  5. cassy says:

    the mini skirts, I want the AAAAAAAALLLLLL

  6. Clara Miu says:

    Sacoul cu perle e cea mai piesa :)) din pacate cred ca toate il vrem :))))

  7. kiki says:

    I think I’ll be seing you at the men section 😉 😉

  8. Paula says:

    Colectia e splendida si e absolut minunat ca putem avea o piesa Balmain in dressing

  9. marcy marcela says:

    the boots are to die for, but i’m a size 35 :(((((

  10. Ioana says:

    Sacoul cu perleee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. mirela florea says:

    Bluza cu alplicatii aurii imi place la nebunie, ma vad in ea si peste 20 de ani ;))

  12. lady di says:

    I want the entire collection toooooo :)))

  13. Selena says:

    Si mie imi plac sacourile. TOATE :)))

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