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My favorite Manoush outfit

Ana and her favorite skirt from Manoush

Contesa Mordan loves Manoush

Bye Byeeee

yes, today it’s about the hand at the ear – showing you my new earrings – tic

Anette Bananette wearing Manoush

Ana loves Manoush

Close up on the little Ana

Anette de MorodanetteI really love my Manoush outfit today – especially the skirt which I promised to treasure for ever and ever. It’s eternal, no?

 © Serban Cristea




You know, one of my power assets when it comes to personality is the fact that I have a very accurate self-analyzing sense. I always admit when I’m wrong, I take criticism constructively, I know exactly what I feel in a situation and why I feel it and so on. To sum it up, I am pretty aware of myself.

Well, with the help of this characteristic I realized that it doesn’t matter how mature, old, serious or dominatrix we are, deep down, we women still preserve that joy of…being a woman. And I do, sometimes, I feel the urge to celebrate that! – not to be confused with the saying that deep down we are still little girls. That’s a cliche I don’t believe in.

Yep, I love the fact that I can buy and wear tons of statement jewelry, that I can wear bags, scarves, rings, dresses, skirts, colors, high heels and so on. I also love how sensitive, emphatic and diplomat we women are (well, some of us).

I adore black, that is a well known thing around here but at the same time, I have moments when I love to feel and dress like an urban doll – in a colorful, chic and fun style! I knew about MANOUSH for quite a while now and last week I paid a visit to their coquette shop.

Needless and without me pr-ing you, I bought this skirt! No, it has not been gifted to me and I did not borrow it. I bought it because I think it’s eternal and has a super chic print on a high quality material.

I have really got  to adore and appreciate this brand because they succeed in delivering us tons of colors and a multitude of prints without overdoing it. MANOUSH clothes are indeed colorful but the colors are combined in a natural and balanced way. This brand is fun, colorful and playful but not girlie. MANOUSH has that maturity touch that enables us women to play with clothes.

MANOUSH is for women who believe in themselves and want to have fun with clothes. Well, I agree with that too because at the end of the day, fashion is meant to make us feel positive and happy!

Don’t let anyone turn it into something else for you!




5 MINUTE - Style Trick



Buying two or three printed skirts will prove very helpful in your wardrobe.

Pair them with tops or blouses with touches from the same color palette as the skirt and only accessorize them with some delicate jewelry. The focus should point to the statement piece – the printed skirt.

You can also pair them with a beige, silk shirt so they will mild each other and you will be so Carine Roitfeld like (#woop, #woppp)






If you waited for this season’s Sales, know that MANOUSH has some pretty great offers. Take a look


Holiday Sale at Manoush




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anette de Morodanette

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  1. Mihaela Costea says:

    Tinuta asta este cu adevarat minunata, si se vede ca iti place la nebunie, intra-atat incat imi faci pofta. Oricum, iubesc Manoush, este unul dintre brandurile mele fashion preferata inca de cand l-am descoperit in Baneasa acum cativa ani, tocmai pentru ca este jucaus, dar si si rafinat, si imi permite sa ma simt ca o lady! Muah!

  2. Louise says:

    Too beautiful today! Adore the outfit! And Manoush!

  3. Lady All Day says:

    Oh dear! I think I am dreaming, this skirt really exists???? LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE it

  4. Constantina says:

    Buna Ana, astazi arati extraordinar, imaginile astea sunt parca rupte dintr-o revista. Te inteleg, btw, Manoush e one of a kind, like a true lady de altfel 😉

  5. Miruna Tomescu Marin says:

    Haha bine spus, lady superba ce esti! Urban Dolls asta suntem! Manoush e un desfat oricand, i agree

  6. Amelie Benson says:

    ” MANOUSH has that maturity touch that enables us women to play with clothes.” YES! well said Ana, this is exactly what i love about this brand, and it is quite a sweet surprise to find out you love it too

  7. Ana - Maria says:

    Buna dragele mele :* Ana, tocmai mi-ai dat o idee pentru un cadou, cum am putut sa uit de Manoush ?!? O sa iau in considerare sfatul tau, fiindca imi place ideea de fusta cu print, si adorrrrrr look-ul tau de azi e divin pur si simplu

  8. Princess of Style says:

    Your blog is a delight, and today it is yummy! Go printed skirts & Manoush!!! Excuse my excitement, but i have always been mad about this brand

  9. Oana K. says:

    Hey, am nevoie de bluza aceasta, neaparat, nu mai pot sa traiesc fara ea, am decis. Vorbesc serios! Si fusta! si sandalele si cerceii! #smile #same smile

  10. Theodore says:

    Hi Ana, hello girls! I do not know about you guys, but the discounts announced here are just the news i needed today, I AM ON MY HAPPY WAY to Manoush

  11. Malina Ionescu says:

    Dumnezeule mare, reduceri la Manoush <3 foarte frumoasa tinuta de azi #wink

  12. Bluza e foarte frumoasa! Ma bucur ca am avut ocazia sa vad live making off

  13. Claudiu says:

    Flower power 😉

  14. Zadin says:

    Mobilitatea pe care o ai în aceste fotografii m-a dus un pic cu gândul la Karla Derras ( Mi-a plăcut!
    Nu oricine ar îndrăzni să poarte această combinație, dar văzându-te pe tine sunt sigură că ar prinde curaj.

  15. Soos Cristina says:

    Oh …nu stiu care imi place mai tare …fusta sau bluza … Cred k daca ar trebuii sa aleg nu as sti pe care :)))
    Superba Ana <3

  16. Anaivilo says:

    And it’s a beautiful skirt with an adorable print!! I so love this outfit, so in my taste! 😀

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