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I saw something about Twitter on Facebook yesterday (how does this sound?!?!) and got me thinking why I didn’t made a twitter account until now. Actually, I made two  but never used them.

Here’s a truth about me: I was totally against any kind of social network. I never had a hi5 and I made a Facebook only because I was bored that day, boredom always makes me do all sorts of idiotic things, as you all have seen. 

Twitter sounds kind of stupid, although is much more easier to create a community, but writing “I just took my trash”, “I bought this/that”, “Going to the movie” , it’s just not my thing.  Maybe because when I have to say something I have to use lots of useless words.

Instagram is Twitter with pictures.
I got bored of it at the beginning of last year.

I know we live in an era when individuality has never been more accentuated by our choices, the places we visit, the food we eat, the concerts we go to, the books we read. And for this, we have, I don’t know, I’ve just counted my share button and there are more than 40 social networks to share things with just here. But how do you know how to handle things so that you can keep the balance between having fun and becoming addicted?

Instagram has not become an addiction, yet, the proof being that only for these pics I used it in almost a year.

Now, if you guys know how I can get rid of my Facebook addiction, in a manner that doesn’t shock me for life, like deactivating my account, please feel free to suggest. Although I may quit smoking sooner than quitting this F drug.


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  1. Irina Turcu says:

    love to have the recipe to giving up to facebook, but i’m all tied up to it:)
    boredom or a new thing , i guess…

  2. Loving all these shots, sadly I am addicted to instagram, ha ha and Twitter. not really addicted to Facebook anymore though. But I don’t do any other social network sites.
    Hmm, I think deactivating the account is the only thing to do to get rid of your Facebook, or just stop updating it 😉

  3. Esther says:

    I know exactly what you mean, I was against joining interactive social media and have somehow got sucked in and do enjoy it, but and it’s a big but, it has to have its place.

    It’s the difference between being glued to a screen more hours than not and actually living your life out there, and I mean in the fresh air not glued to an iPhone or iPad when your outside.

    It’s a balance but it shouldnt have to become an art that we learn how to live without something electronic in front of us!!

    From someone who has seen hours disappear into days stuck on her MacBook!

    Esther xx

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